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October 10, 2019

I am Dr. B.V.Pattabhi Ram. We are talking about soft skills. What is meant by Attitude? Let us discuss what should we do, if a man
wants to grew from one status to another. Greetings! Every week you are watching my channel.. ..and expressing your opinions
in comment box. I am so happy. This week we are talking about..
How wife and husband should be? Why because in my viewers most of them are..
wife and husband.. ..and writing letters that my husband is
like this.. and my wife is snobbish. If my wife wants to speak to me she In some cases, my mother in law
interfers in every matter. Even, if my husband wants to
buy a hanger in India then he.. ..calls to her mother and asks whether
he wants to buy a blue color or red color. I will get angry and why am I here? If I am listening to this,
I do not know whether to laugh or cry. If there is a good awareness between you,
why should a third person come? What we should do is..we should
learn to adjust after marriage. Naturally, now a days no one is
marrying untill after 25 years of age. It means, for 25 years
we grow up in one environment.. ..and after getting married
If they want adjust.. ..irrespective of wife and husband in this new
enviornment.. they should make some sacrifices. They should control emotions. They should change negative
emotions as positive emotions. Apart from this, it is not possible to stay
here like in your mother’s home. It leads to problems..
it shows variations in childrens also. Usually a boy supports a girl. A daughter supports her father. This leads to misunderstandings. It was a belief that Indian family is.. …made up of great values and culture. but now a days it is deteriorating. So, If they want to live
happily again there is.. ..small questioaire in which
wife and husband have 10 questions each. Just you make a tick for a yes or no. Wife and husband should take a paper and.. ..write 1-10 numbers.Ih wife and husband
are sitting together, .and wife should not see her husband’s
answer and similarly the husband. They should independently
answer the questions. They should not copy the answers from your wife. These are 10 simple questions
and first husbands choice. Very small questions you may laugh but
answer the questions honestly…just yes or no. 1.Will you discuss financial matters
with your wife.. savings in bank, for children
education. Yes or no? 2. Will you help your wife in cooking? whether you know how or not,
while cooking will you cut the onions.. ..Vegetables, keeping the cooked rice down. These are very minor works which
we can do without saying no. I will be doing. Doing so, I make her feel that
I know everything in cooking. That is support. 3. Will you meet your in-laws frequently? Meets refers not meeting directly,
you may talk on the.. and knowing about their
relationships and family matters. 4. Will you console your wife
when she feels sick? If she suffers from a headche, applying
Amurthanginam balm and make her to take tablets.. not sitting and advicing to rub the balm
and to take the tablets. Will you do this kind of emotional support? 5. Do you wish to have only a baby boy? Will you like it only if baby boy is born. 6. You want your wife to be clean
and as well as your home.. Will you help her in cleaning up
when guests and friends arrives.. like bringing the coffee cups inside…
Will you do these type of things? 7. Do you have inner feeling that you
should have the upper hand in final decisions. You have unknown ego inside that
your word should be final. 8. Will stop talking with your wife when you get angry? Write honestly. 9. Will you say sorry
when the fault is yours? Do not say anything I will tell you..
I know husband’s behavoiur.. Do you apologize? No need for sorry,
Or do you behave like nothing happened. 10. Will you take your wife shopping? Whether it is a small shopping or
big shopping, will you take her? Now how many yes and nos.. If you get 8-10 ticks then
you are A golden like husband. If you make honestly. If you get 5-7 ticks they
you have some ego in you.. I am a male, I am husband
and upper hand is mine.. You may fall into difficulties and in final stage.. one will serve you along with your wife. For this egoistic husbands,
family members do not help.. ..they should get a maid from outsdie. Finally If you get 1-4 then
you are a stubborn husband. You will experience hell. It means after 60 he
will see hell no one will care for him. Not even his children. Then how to make a change? Learn from
8 to 10. What I have said,
rewind it and note them again. Now ladies. You should also be honest. 1. Will you talk to your husband
by seeing his mood? When he comes from the office and is tired.. soon as he comes will you say that
your sister asked to send 2000 rupees. Your mom in law is saying something,
and your mother is saying like this.. Or else without talking will you
get him a glass of water and speak slowly. 2. While speaking will you give
respect to your in laws? While speaking about the in laws
remember this as a secret… If you want your
husband to listen you.. ..then you should
praise your mother in law. Why because he gives
first priority to his mother. Many people who come to counciling say that.. Why sir she is behaving so snobishly..
what is she thinking about herself.. if I say something she says I will divorce you. Let her do so, how could I leave my mother. I can not get another mother,
I can get another wife. They will be like that,
so you should learn to adjust. 3. Will you complaint to your parents,
if there are any clashes between you.. by calling them any saying
my mom in law said like this.. 4. Will you keep your house clean? Will you try to clean the bedsheets,
curtains, sofa covers.. Either wife or husband should
habituate cleaning twice a day. 5. When you are angry with your husband
do you stay away from him? Some women use this as a weapon.
This is not good. This may lead your husband to be annoyed and
stray away from you. 6. Will you say sorry when
the fault yours? 7. Do you wish your husband
to play into your hands? Finally my word should be up.. like If we
want to go shopping.. then we should go, If you
want to join that school then.. Will you see that your word is
be final in each and every matter. 8. You know your husband’s income. Is it sufficient for your expenses
or do you have to go into debt? 9. Husband and family members..whoever
may be will you have a family outing? Atleast once in a month
we should go to a restaurant.. ..why because children should be able to say
our parents had taken us to a restaurant. 10. When your husband is at home.. do you two watch the same channel on T.V or
do you watch independently? If you see together then you say yes. Count the score here too. If you get 8-10 ticks then
you are A-golden wife. If you get 5-7 ticks then
you have ego problem. It does not happen long because your
husband will choose alternates… does not manage.. He cannot manage stress and for manipulation
he can get habituated to some addictions. If you get 1-4 you does not
have an adjusting nature. If you do not have adjustment
nature it may leads to problems. It is just a casual score.It is not exact score
and it may have some plus and minus. By seeing that you try to
change yourself because.. ..divorce cases are becoming
more now a days. By taking divorce their children
are suffering in society. Divorces are given to wife and
husband not for children. If every one wants to live happy we
should try to make ourselve adjust. ok, greetings. After watching this program
if you have any doubts, comments.. ..suggestions. you can post your
opinion in comment box.. So that I can give you answers. Greetings, yours Pattabhi Ram.

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    సార్ నా భార్య నేను ఎమ్మానా వాళ్ళ తల్లిదండ్రుల కి చెప్పి నాపైన వాళ్ళకి కోపం వచ్చేలా చేస్తుంది.ఇక పోతే మా అత్త అన్న కొద్దీ ఊరుకుంటే అంటూనే ఉంటాడు.ఎదురు తిరుగాలి అని చెపుతుంది నా భార్యకు.దీని వల్ల మా ఇద్దరిమధ్య గొడవలు అవుతున్నాయి.ప్రతి విషయం చెబుతుంది.ఇక పోతే మా మామ కన్నతండ్రిని నాతో కాకపోతే ఎవరితో చెపుతుంది.అంటాడు విళ్ళవల్ల ఇటు నాకు అటు వాళ్లకి మాశాంతి లేకుండా పోతుంది. మీరే మంచి సలహా ఇవ్వండి.మొత్తం మీద నా భార్య నేను లేకుండా ఎక్కడికి వెళ్లకూడదు.మా పెళ్లి జేరిగి1హియర్ అవుతుంది ఇప్పుడు నా భార్య ప్రెగ్నెట్ డేలివరికని తొలుకపోయారు.అప్పుడు వెళ్లి నప్పుడు నా గురించి వున్నవి లేనివి చెప్పి వాళ్ళ తల్లిదండ్రుల తో బెదరిపింస్తుంది

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    ఇది ఎలా సాధ్యం?

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    1. పుట్టబోయే బిడ్డ అబ్బాయే కావాలనుకున్నారా?
    2. ఇంటికి సంబంధించిన నిర్ణయాలలో మీమాటే నెగ్గాలనుకుంటారా?
    3. కోపం వచ్చినప్పుడు ఆవిడతో మాట్లాడడం మానేస్తారా?
    పైన చెప్పిన మూడు ప్రశ్నలకు అవుననే సమాధానం చెప్పిన భర్తలు బంగారం లాంటి భర్తలెలా అవుతారు?

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    చిన్న సందేహం
    5)వ ప్రశ్న మీకు అబ్బాయి పూట్టాలని అనుకుంటున్నారా అని అడిగారు కాని నాకు అలాంటి ఉద్దేశ్యం లేదు. అంటే ఆడవారు అబ్బాయి కావాలని కోరుకుంటారా..

    7) ఫైనల్ గా నాదే సాగాలనే ఈగో
    ఉండాలా వద్దా

    ఉంటే అవును లేకపోతే కాదు కదా

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    Maga vaallu eppudaithe bharyani thoti manishiga bhavistaro appude samsaralu baguntayi.

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