How to Become a Self-Sufficient Trader

September 9, 2019

– What’s up? Tim Sykes here
with another video lesson. I am here, in Santorini, one of my favorite cities in the world. Look at this. It is the sunset right now. By the time I finish this video, it might- the sun
might be all the way down. But I need to make these
videos while I’m traveling (a) to show you that you
can do this from anywhere. I have stocks trade running back in my hotel room. It’s actually a pretty pimp suite. Click the link below. I’m gonna give you a special offer, a special deal for stocks trade, just as a thank you
for watching my videos. I wanna make this easier for you. Because you’re finding me 20+ years into my journey, but it wasn’t an easy ride, okay? I’m self-taught and
that kinda sucks because I never really knew my
risk management early on. I made a lot of money, yes, but I was kinda like, right place, right time back in 1998, ’99, 2000. And now I wish I could go back in time and teach me, teach the younger me a lot of lessons, to be more conservative. Even thought I made a lot of money, I learned a lot of wrong rules, which set me up for some
big losses later on. I hope to prevent that. I’m very proud of my five
millionaire students so far, but also the fact that
they’re self-sufficient. They don’t need me anymore. And even thought they have losses, they’re not losing as big as I did, and they’re winning
percentages are also higher. So, I hopefully can transfer
a lot of the lessons that I had to learn the
hard way on my own to you to speed up your learning curve, because I’m here in this beautiful place but you’re not. And I’m not saying that to rub it in, I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying I want you to get here too. I dreamt of traveling the world when I was younger and I did’t have a lot of money. I didn’t grow up with a lot of money. And now all of my dreams have come true because of my hard work, because of the strategy
that I wanna teach you. I’m gonna put a few more
links underneath this for some free video lessons. Watch them, okay? You can learn everything online. Sorry, my arm is a little tired. I’m not the best at this. But- it’s just so freaking beautiful, the world. And I know many of you guys, you can’t do it, you’re watching my video lessons, you’re living vicariously through me. You can get here. I really need to reinforce that point because I’m not special,
I’m not that great at math. I just have taken
advantage of opportunities and now I’m experienced, which does give me an
advantage over other traders. Never forget, 90% of traders lose and it’s because they’re trying to pick hot stocks, they’re trying to follow
hot chatroom alerts. It’s all about preparation. What is your process,
what is your pattern. And this is why I now
have 6000+ video lessons showing you all of my patterns, showing you all of my rules. It’s not about any one trade. If you look at the way that I’ve now made 5 million dollars in the market, it’s like a thousand, two
thousand dollars at a time. And those small singles add up over time. And yes, sometimes losses too. I lose roughly 30% of the time. Some people are like- I see these sarcastic comments, “Oh, Tim, you’re perfect, you never lose, we should just learn
from you to be perfect.” No, not at all. If you wanna mock education, then do it on your own time, don’t fucking waste my time with that crop attitude. But I do lose and I’ve learned how
to minimize my losses, and I have learned how to control my risk. And it’s all been very gradual, and that’s why I can’t
teach you everything, all in like six videos. People are like, “Just summarize it.” No, you gotta learn the nuances, you gotta learn the subtleties. That’s how you become a millionaire. That’s how you avid being
just another statistic. That’s how you come to
beautiful places like this. Look at this. And I’m up here, in the hills, just doing a little jog, cause I’m eating a lot
and enjoying myself. And my friends are all chilling, relaxing. But I like doing these
kinds of little narratives, these little monologues for you. Leave a comment underneath this video, do you like these kinds of videos, where I’m just talking
to you with my iPhone? Maybe it’s a little too windy, but I just gotta show you that I’m real. There’s so many fakes in
this industry these days. They post, like, “Oh, look at the millions of
dollars my student has made.” Show me every, single trade. Don’t show me a month end screenshot, don’t show me one screenshot of your overall account. I need to see the process because a lot of these traders who make a lot of money, they also have big losses. They don’t share everything on They’re not fully transparent. And they’re just fooling people, and newbies don’t really
know who to trust. So, hopefully when I make more, just real videos- I have
no script or anything, I’m just talking about what I feel. You can start to see why
I’m a little different, probably why I have the
most millionaire students out of anybody. And, not just millionaire students, my students also follow rule number one: cut losses quickly. I know there’s a lot of traders out there who say, “Tim’s a dinosaur, he takes profits too quickly, he takes losses too quickly.” I mean, I’ve seen a lot
of gunslingers come and go over the years. They rip on me on twitter, they say that I’m not aggressive enough. And they blow up, and then they lose 50, 75,
100 percent of their money, 50, 75, 100 percent of
their subscribers’ money, because especially when
you’re shorting a lot of these penny stocks, like I used to do. But a lot of people have
just taken it where, “I’m just gonna short
all these penny stocks.” They go up in size and they make some big wins but they also have some big losses, they also have some big fees. And you need a big
account to even partake, because these stocks have
been spiking and squeezing a lot more lately. There’s a whole bunch of newbie shorts, who are just entering too early when there are shares available to short. And they just set up a squeeze. It’s great for me and my students, we’ve been participating in a lot of short squeezes on the long side, but I just don’t like
seeing anybody lose money, even like, my greatest enemy, or, like, biggest hater. It does me no good when people blow up or lose big trading penny stocks. Even if I’m right, I don’t want anyone to lose. By the way, the sun is setting. The sun is right there. This is a Santorini sunset, for those of you who haven’t been here or can’t come here yet. You should all set goals, especially travel goals, no matter where it is in the world. Use Instagram, use Pinterest, use YouTube, and just start writing down places that you want to go to. And use those visual pictures or videos, or- I don’t know what else, tweets? (laughs) or posts, to inspire you to get to places like this, it’s not cheap, okay? You can’t just come to Santorini on like five bucks. You gotta buy air fare, most people are working at jobs, they can’t just take time off. So, if you have a family, you gotta bring the whole family, that’s more money. I get it. So, I’m trying to show
you this beautiful world. And I’m trying to show you the potential that you, you, have. I know you probably don’t believe me. You’re like, “Yeah, yeah,
yeah, this happens to you, Tim, this doesn’t happen to me.” I get these messages, where you don’t think that you can do it. Yes, you can. You just need strategy, without strategy, I guarantee you’re not
gonna get here, okay? Some people are like, “It’s just not gonna happen to me.” Yeah, I mean, if you have
that attitude, it won’t. I don’t really like the Lotto, I don’t like gambling, but the Lotto does have a good slogan, If you don’t win, you can’t play. Wait, fuck, I’m so behind (laughs) I did it in reverse. If you can’t- if you don’t play, you can’t win. I told you I’m not that smart and I might have dyslexia, cause I was so sure I
said it the right way. But if you don’t play, you cannot win. And if you don’t learn, you cannot win. So, if you understand that, leave a comment below, saying, “If you don’t learn, you can’t win,” because that’s the truth. Its not about just playing, it’s not about just picking stocks. I see people who are like, “Oh, I’m just gonna trade, trade, trade, and play, play, play.” It’s not a freaking game. If you take this seriously, if you treat it like it’s
the business that it is, you’ll learn the process, you’ll be meticulous. I know this isn’t a very technical video, but sometimes I just need
to give you pep talks. And I need to show you
beautiful stuff like this, cause I feel guilty just
experiencing this myself. I already had one student- as I was walking out of my hotel room, some guy was like, “There’s Tim Sykes!” and I gave him a high five, and I just kept walking. No offense to that guy, I just knew I had to make this video lesson from this spot. I’ve come to this spot
in Santorini a few times. You can check it out. It’s nothing special
but there’s a rock here, so, that’s how I know where this is. And I think I’ve been here- I know I’ve been here like a dozen times, but I remember this rock specifically. When I was writing my book, An American Hedge Fund, over a decade ago, and I was just like, “I
want to teach my strategy, I wanna just share what I’ve
learned over the years.” Ans so, I come back to this rock and I think about that
promise that I made. And that’s what I’m trying to do, that’s why I have so many YouTube videos, that’s why I have so
many webinars and DVD’s. It’s not cause I like hearing myself talk. You just need to see
these patterns play out, month in, month out, year in, year out, decade in, decade out. The patterns don’t change, because the beautiful thing
about penny stalks is that most people on Wall Street, most big hedge fund managers, most serious managers, they don’t care about this niche, so it’s a lot of freaking idiots who are very naive, who are very non-meticulous, who are very emotional. And I’m grateful for it. Don’t try to convince serious people to trade penny stocks because they’ll just ruin the game, they’re too smart. I don’t want big hedge funders, I don’t want algorithms, I don’t want a lot of the smartest people as my competition. If you do trad penny stocks, you don’t have the smartest competition. I don’t know if you’ve seen
some of my Twitter battles with some promoters and some idiots who go down with the ship on these pumps and they’re like, “It’s not a pump, Sykes!
The technology is great.” And I’m like, “They sent
out promotional emails, it’s a freaking pump.” But anyways, just look at this and get inspired, and leave a comment. If you don’t study, you cannot win. You will end up just like
the 90% of traders who lose, they’re unprepared, they’re lazy, they’re emotional, they’re gamblers. I don’t want that for you. Do better and get to beautiful places like this on you own dime. Hey, Tim Sykes, millionaire,
mentor, and trader. Thank you for watching my videos, I hope that they help you. I wanna share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there. And also click subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge, and become my next millionaire student.

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