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September 12, 2019

Pattabhi Raamabaanam. Hi everybody. Greetings to everyone. You have been watching ‘Pattabhi
Raamabaanam’ regularly without losing aim. Thanks to everyone. Day by day the number of
viewers have been increasing. It has already crossed the 1 crore mark. Due to this, my responsibility
is also increasing a lot. Today we are going to discuss
about the latest subject, It is, Civil Services: IAS, IPS and IRS. The Telugu people who are
achieving success in it, And the people from the ordinary family
background who are achieving success, After watching the recent news, They have revealed some wonderful things which
are surprising and amazing to the entire world. They are, Only scholars can get these
kind of opportunities. It is wrong. The people who studied well and took training
in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad… Nothing works out. When we are observing the
results of the year 2017, The kind of people who
succeeded were, In a village,
where they couldn’t even get a newspaper, A woman who was married
and having a 4-year-old son, There is no availability of
newspaper in that village. The husband has to cycle very
far to get the newspaper. That woman had a job in an
insurance company for few years. Later, she stayed in their village. But due to her husband’s encouragement, She has written this exam. She is 31 years old and she achieved
all India 2nd Rank recently. She is from a small village
near Chandigarh. Her name is Anu Kumari. Similarly,
our Telugu boy achieved the first rank. This time,
more than 20 candidates did wonders. It means, The fist which is closed till now, They have opened it. This is not a complicated thing. This is not a great secret. If you study with will, As stated by the rule of law of attraction, The day when you have a strong wish, You would do wonders. This time,
their interviews were very motivating. A boy who achieved a good rank said, “You need not study for hours to crack it.” “I had fun during my free time.” “I have chit-chatted with friends.” “But still I have got this rank.” The number of wonders which we can do is… It means, the secret which we have to
know today in the YouTube channel is, If anyone thinks that IAS and IPS exams are not
for everybody and consider it as a mere dream, There cannot be people who
are more innocent than him. It is wrong. It is so much wrong. The opinions that you have till now, Watch the clippings
which I am going to show. These are the clippings which I have collected
from the newspaper in these 5 to 6 days. Getting them passed on
minister’s recommendation, Or doing some or the other thing
to get it done.. this does not happen. This is how we think. Actually,
there is no such scope in UPSC If you know how they have passed, They had a strong wish. So they did wonders. Civil services examination. In the past that we know,
in the olden days, There was Burra Venkatesan. He was from a poor family and faced
many hardships to reach this stage. Today, he is the principle
secretary of Telangana state. Similarly, Addanki Sridhar, who was the son
of a rickshaw driver crossed all the hurdles. Addanki Sridhar worked as
the collector in Uttaranchal. He is currently working
in Tobacco Board, Guntur. He even scored high marks. He gave numerous speeches on
‘How to crack IAS exam?’ And they are available on YouTube. His name is Addanki Sridhar. He even gave some lectures on ‘Do you
want your name to be prefixed with ‘Shri’? We would keep it anyway, but the others
should prefix our name with ‘Shri’. Addanki Sridhar gave extraordinary
speeches and he is a great motivator. He even gives his lecture in
our programme, ‘My impact’. Similarly, 2 years back, Ira Singhal, who is differently
abled woman, But she made wonders. She said, “My disability is nonsense.
It is not related to me.” “My brain is working good. That’s it.” Similarly, last year, Ronanki Gopalakirshna, He stayed in a small village near Rajam. He did not attend any big training camps. By doing small jobs, He said a good thing stating that
all these points will help us. “There is no need to take
leave and study for this exam.” “Just study during your leisure time.” “But completely dedicate those
precious hours only to this.” You should not keep other things
beside you at that time. You study thinking that ‘I need
to study this subject today.’ The son of a constable became IPS. This is in the latest news. Similarly,
Sai Nath Reddy is the son of a farmer. He too achieved a top rank. It is a misconception that only scholars
would crack the civil services exams. He declared it. Back then,
they used to say ‘he would become IAS’, ‘He would become a collector.’ That is wrong. All the educated people
would become such officers. “The teacher’s daughter
who didn’t miss her aim.” Right Madhuri achieved 144th rank
in civil services exam. Then, I have mentioned earlier,
Anu Kumari. She is even holding a baby. The owner of a tea-shop achieved 82nd rank. Think about it,
is it really tough? You have to put your will. Similarly, another person studied
by staying on a railway platform. Right. For 2 years, he distanced himself
to study after intermediate. As they say ‘there is no subject
that is ineligible for poetry.’ Similarly, there are no persons who are
ineligible for the IAS examination. One should get into it with passion. Sumita Dawra worked as the
collector in Karimnagar. Sai Krishna got inspired by her
and achieved good rank recently. Similarly, Alekhya who was already a DSP,
thought to get good rank in civil services exam. So, she has written civil services exam. So, wherever you see in the newspaper,
it is filled with their interviews. The joyful thing over here is, Mahesh Bhagwat, who is currently working as
commissioner in Rachakonda commissionerate, He is very proficient in Marathi. He has learnt Marathi language well.
and he is an IPS officer too. He was given guidance by
Sachin Tendulkar’s father. What he did was, he thought
“Back then, he has guided me,” “I should also guide people.” Even now, he sends WhatsApp messages to
those who are attending the civils exams. He will be giving guidelines. Most of the candidates who cracked
the recent exam were his disciples. They came to him and complimented “Sir, we
were able to crack the exam because of you.” If some of such people flourish, How good our country would be… However, here,
what I wanted to say is, In order to do such wonders,
what should I do? Especially, those who are watching it now,
remember 3 things. 1.) Read the newspaper daily. If not international news,
read at least what is happening in India. Because they have said that paper 1 and paper
2 can be cracked by reading NCERT books. But…
I mean Prelims and finals. They can ask any question in the interview. Recently, they have written few questions. The liquor shops which are on the both sides
of the roads, why are they always busy? They have asked this question. He answered it in his own way. Similarly, Give an analysis of pros and cons of
Telangana state formation due to bifurcation? Similarly, if you become a
collector of a certain district, They were asking it to a woman
who studied in Kadapa district. They asked her what would she do if she is made
the collector of Karimnagar district, Telangana. It means that they have to know
the places and issues in it. And they are satisfied with her answer. Similarly topics like naxalism, India-
Pakistan conflicts, Demonetization, GST etc You would know about them
if you read the newspaper. Don’t miss reading the newspaper. This is the first point. 2nd point.
Don’t be scared of an interview. What most of the people think is, They think that they would be asked with
numerous questions when they enter the hall. They don’t do that. This time, what most people said was, We will enter the hall,
sit and get settled. And after I said ‘I am peaceful’, Only then, they have asked questions
after watching the calmness on my face. There wouldn’t be anything like
making you anxious or turn you away. They want good people who
can analyse the situation. Those who consider the problem as
an issue but not as a problem, Those who consider a
difficult issue as a small challenge, They want these kind of people, Hence they would ask some questions, And don’t worry whether they
expect right answer or wrong answer. They only bother about
the way you present them. So, mock interviews would
help you in this aspect. Have a mock interview with your friends. The third point which is
the most important point is, Visualization. I have told you earlier in
‘the law of attraction’ episode. Visualization means, I wrote all the exams very well. I went to an interview. I have attended it very
confidently with a smile. They said, “Please take your seat.” I said ‘thank you’. They have asked questions. As I already know it… That is an
advantage for those who visualised it. I have answered to every question. Finally, they said ‘congratulations’. I said ‘thank you’. Due to this visualisation, There is visualization in yoga. Hypnosis… Today, even in internet, a lot of
hypnotic relaxation CDs are available. Even I have uploaded them, Self confidence and Relax-relax are
the programmes which I have made. My videos are available on YouTube
in Telugu as well as in English. So, practice them…
They are nothing but mental preparedness. It is like conditioning my brain. After conditioning it,
I am ready to face a friendly interview. If you think ‘oh god!…’ They would know the difference on your face. They would see some kind of
confusion in your body language. I am going to get it.
I am going to get it. If not this one,
I have many opportunities out there. I want to serve the government. I want to serve my people. God will definitely accept my service. Hence, I will get selected. You should go with this
positive mental attitude. Definitely you will be selected. So, I wish all of you to do wonders. This time, in way that all the other
states were surprised and shocked, They are still unable to
come out of the shock. The success achieved by the Telugu
people from the 2 states is wonderful. They are like that even in IIT, NEET
and Civil services exams. And there is no looking back for us. We shall encourage our children without
giving them any pressure and move forward. And parents,
you shall give them confidence, And give them proper encouragement. Instead of telling them
‘you have become at any cost’, Tell them
‘I would like to see you in that way’. Ok.
Thank you very much. Farewell. Since you have been watching this programme
regularly, I feel very happy. To make this programme more wonderful, All of you do keep watching, Comment on this and
suggest ways to improve. Along with this, the thing you
shouldn’t forget is that, You share this with your
friends and relatives. After you share it,
make them subscribe to it. As a result, the benefit reaped by you, me
and the society is tremendous.

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