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How to Be Productive: 5 Time Management Tips That Really Work

October 12, 2019

– If you wanna survive and
thrive in today’s culture and business, you have to
increase your productivity. So in this video, I
speak with productivity and peak performance expert, Peter Voogd, and he breaks down his five tips on having unstoppable productivity and getting more done
in less time, comin’ up! (upbeat music) – Hey, what’s up, Sean
Cannell here with Think Media, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your
influence with online video and we’re in our business-minded content creators series
here with Peter Voogd. How’s it goin’? – Amazing man, excited to be here. – Man pumped to have you back on. Peter’s the author of Six
Months to Six Figures, hit $8 million in sales,
building team by 27, now has an eight-figure business total in everything that he’s done, and has done one thing
that really accelerated him and that was mastering productivity. And I know that as content creators, we need to do the same. We need more outputs, and not necessarily overtaking our life and
working all the time. That’s what I love about Peter, is he has a great lifestyle. He’s got great balance. But when you can boost your productivity, you can get more videos out, more social media and ultimately drive more revenue in your business. And so we have five
unstoppable tactics here, and the first one starts out with powerful and purposeful intention. Peter, what are you talking about there? – Really setting the intention, understanding that your calendar is a reflection of your integrity. And the most successful people I know, in terms of fulfillment,
results, influence, income, videos, business,
they’re the most productive. And when you’re productive
and you’re efficient with your time, you have more
times for things you love. And it’s just a overall better
lifestyle in fulfillment. So for me I want people to know, first of all Sean, I was
horrible at time management. That’s one of the reasons
I decided to master it. I really had no other option. My back was against the wall. So when I got into sales, I
was working 80 hours a week. I was getting nothing done. I was always overwhelmed, my to-do list would always keep growing. I felt like time was running
me versus me running my time, and I was stressed out. And from that moment
of being stressed out, I became, almost in a scary way obsessed. Like I have to figure out
this time management thing. ‘Cause I saw people working less than me getting better results,
with a better lifestyle. So first I wanna share with people, there’s people right now that are busier than you, getting bigger results
with more peace of mind. And that drove me. I gotta figure this out. So I became obsessed. I hired a time Management coach. I read every book I could. I watched videos, but more than that, I actually got in the trenches and started testing and
figuring out what worked. From years of research and
years of trial and error, these are the five things
that really resonated, that stuck with me, that translated to really any industry. So that’s why I created these five steps. Let’s let’s dive in. Powerful and purposeful intention. Realizing that there’s 10,000
ways to get to an end result. But there’s one optimal
way, based on your industry, who you are and what your strengths are. And you always make time for
what’s most important to you. People always used to tell me, it’s not about working hard, it’s about working what? Smart.
– Smart. – It’s not about either. It’s about working right. ‘Cause I know people
that are really smart, working smart, that are broke. I know people working
extremely hard, that are broke. – Yep, – But very few people
I know that work right, based off who they are and
what their industry is, almost all of them are thriving. I want to teach people how
to actually work, right. Just to let you guys
know recommended time, this is an actual system
you can use at anytime. I do this once a week. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes. I’m gonna give them the tools and tactics. They can do it on their own time. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes. What you need is a
journal, no distractions, and you need to be in a
topnotch state of mind, which we’ll talk about Sean. But when someone’s doing this activity, they need to be in a good state of mind, so they can actually execute these things that they’re gonna learn from me as well. First thing, powerful
and purposeful intention. You have to invest all
your previous experience, all your past failures and successes into your future preparation. The first thing I do when
I’m planning my week, the first thing I’m doing
is really thinking through where I was at my best last week? When was I maximizing my time? Where did I lose track of time? When was I not at my best? And thinking about everything from the previous week or month, and making sure I don’t
repeat that mistake. The trick to productivity is deciding what you’re gonna work on, at some point, other than in the moment. And then practicing that high value work over and over until it’s habitual. A lot of people make
decisions based in the moment. And that’s almost always
the worst decision. So why you want to do this
time management tactic is when you plan your week and you think things through strategically and you’re intentional,
you’re planning your week, Sean, in your best state of mind. And a lot of times people
will plan the perfect week, but what happens? Life hits them. So, Tuesday comes along, they said they were working out at 7:30, 7:30 comes along, I don’t feel like it. No, no, no, remember
you make bad decisions. Watch the other video to learn about what we talked about. But you make bad decisions
when you’re tired. You have to remember back to when you were in an
intelligent state of mind, when you were at your best. On Sunday, I planned to work out. I was at my best then,
I’m gonna follow through with what my best said. The first thing is
understanding that you’ve got to choose what to do
other than in the moment, from strategy and intelligence. That’s like purposeful
and powerful intention, is really thinking through what you’re gonna do for the week. That’s the first step. The weekly summary. I always write a
paragraph on my idea week, what the week looks like. I reflect on my previous week. Like I said, it’s just a free flow. Take five, 10 minutes,
I just write it down. There’s no wrong answer here. Just write down whatever’s on your mind from the week before, good or bad. Then I start getting into questions. I ask these questions every week. What did I get done? What went well? What didn’t? Where did I waste time? When was I in the zone, and why? And did I add enough
value to the marketplace? I don’t know if you can
translate in your industry what would some powerful
questions be to ask yourself, to make sure you’re on
track for your next week. How many videos did I create?
– Yep – How many subscribers? Give them some examples
of what they should ask to make sure they’re progressing. – Yeah, I think, outputs is the foundation for video creators. How many videos did I
actually get posted– not necessarily.
– That’s huge. – Shot or even edited, but
it’s when it’s shipped. It’s in the mail, like it’s out there. You gotta get that thing published. I think also, it could
be, setting a target for how many people you wanna reach out. You talk about networking. You wanna do collabs. People get discouraged
because they asked two people, they get to nos. You need to ask 200 people. – [Peter] Yep. – But if you set a target
to say I’m gonna try to network and reach out
to five people a week or 10 people a week, then all you know is that you’re following that system. And I think that beyond that, would be those personal rituals as well. Content creators, we do need to get into the right state of mind. It’s probably one of the
most overlooked things. One of the reasons why people
don’t end up shooting videos, is they talk themself
out of it, right before, because there’s so much self-doubt and dread and different
things that can hit you. You have–
– 100% – To have a results ritual to get you into the right state so you
can deliver on camera and say, look, I gotta get this content out. People overthink videos. They think that one video, they put too much weight on it, like it’s gonna make or break their brand. No, you gotta just hit your targets– – [Peter] Yep. – And and that’s what
real game changers do. They show up no matter how they feel. And so, yeah, following this– – Tracking the videos is huge, especially for your industry. So how many videos did
I put out last week? Not did I think about putting out. Not that are in my Dropbox. How many got published and got seen? I like it, that’s huge. Then I also think about
what am I 100% committed to making happen this
week, no matter what? No matter how I feel, where I’m at, what mood I’m in, what
am I committed to making? Then I ask, what am I most excited about? What are my top wins from the week before? And this is something they can
pause and write these down. Who am I waiting on? Who do I need? These are questions I ask myself before I dive into number two, which is scheduling out your your work. But this is what I do every single week. I have not missed this for years because I know the importance of it. Every minute spent planning saves 10 or 20 minutes of execution, right– of wasted time.
– Yep. – So what are your commitments? What are you excited about? What are your top projects? What are the actions that move it forward? And then, something that
always stuck with me that I learned is doing
something unimportant, well, doesn’t make it any more important, because you’re doing it well. – Busy work man.
– That’s everybody. – We think we were on
Instagram for a few… Of course you should comment on Instagram, network with people,
but we make the excuse, you’re just dabbling on Instagram–
– Yeah. – You’re not actually
building your business– you let it.
– Strategically. – Dominate you, instead of
being really intentional. I like that. Well, the second tip is
pre-determining your outcomes. What do you mean by that? – So now you have all this information. Now you’re taking all your past experience and putting in your future preparation. This is how you never have two
or three bad weeks in a row. I’ll never forget the Michael Jordan stat that literally drove this
home for me years ago. He averaged 30 points a
game his whole career. In every game he averaged less than 15, the next game he averaged over 45. Aka, he never had two bad games in his entire 15-year career. Now is that by luck and chance. No when he had a bad
game, what would he do? He would dive into why. He’d watch the film. He’d leave the gym and go to
the gym and keep shooting, to make sure he, no matter what, did not just have a bad game,
he crushed it the next game. Same thing with entrepreneurship. If you have a bad week, shame on you for having two bad weeks. There’s people on our site
that have a bad month, another bad month. There’s people that have bad years. What are you doin’? Figure out why and don’t do that, right. Right.
– Change. – That’s why I take this so sacredly and it’s so important
to me ’cause it’s like, I don’t wanna have two bad weeks. Not just for me but for my family and– people that I impact.
– Yep. – That’s why people need
to take this serious. And as free spirits,
as creatives it’s tough to be structured, I’ll be
the first one to tell you. This is the one thing I
will never, ever, ever miss. Because I have to have
some type of structure for results or you’re at the mercy of your mood and feelings. – [Sean] Yeah. – So that’s why it’s important. Predetermine. What are my most valuable
priorities this week, period? Most Valuable. Top three. Profit-producing. I talk about this all time. Top three, non-negotiables And this is not just results. This is lifestyle, family, business. Top three non-negotiables
it could be health. It can be working out every day. It can be morning routines. It’s different for everybody. But what are your top three
profit-producing activities? You will not believe the amount of people that reach out to me, and
I audit their business, or they talk to me what they’re doing. They’re working 50 hours a week and doing everything
except what drives results. – [Sean] Wow, or what drives– revenue too.
– Revenue. – And you probably see this– all the time.
– Yeah. – They maybe have influence. I know influencers that
have a million followers, and they have no money. ‘Cause they’re doing the things
that don’t make the money. That’s why it’s always
profit-producing first, period. Then, who do I need to
reach out to this week that can help me cut my
learning curve in half. I’m big on networking because
it’s not about age anymore, or experience, it’s all about networking. Every week I’m like,
who can I connect with to help me cut my goals and
my learning curve in half, and help me advance my mission quicker? You were one of the people
to connect with this week. Me and you connected
the last couple weeks. Who am I committed to serving this week? What am I committed to
giving to the marketplace and who am I committed to serving? This might not be relevant
for everybody watching, but it definitely is for your audience. What are they committed
to putting out this week? – Yeah. – Who are you committed
to reaching this week? And that’s really
pre-determining your outcome, is thinking things through of what you’re gonna do this week, regardless of feeling or emotion. – And the stuff that really matters. I know you’re big on–
– Move the needle. – The 80, 20 rule whereas, you know, typically 20% of our energy
produces 80% of our results and the flip is true. 80% of our time out of your 40-hour week, 50-hour week is only
producing 20% of the results. So if you can drill down on those things that move the needle. You call ’em IPAs, Income
Producing Activities. Focus your death star laser on that (fist smacking) and just crush it, so that you’re focusing on the most important things, which brings us to number three. But hey if you’re getting
value out of this video, smash the like button ’cause
Peter’s droppin’ some fire. Number three– – This is my favorite of the video when he says smash the like button. And I want you guys, don’t
just hit the like button– smash it.
– Smash it! – Like hit your keyboard hard. – Yes, thank you or your phone. Smash it, break the screen! (Peter chuckling) Number three Peter,
putting in your schedule. – If it’s not in your
schedule, it’s not real. Your calendar is a
reflection of your integrity. Your schedule’s a reflection
of your integrity, period. So now it’s putting it actually
in and penciling it in. If it’s not on my schedule
it doesn’t get done. If it gets in your schedule, it gets done. And this could be in your iPhone, in your journal, in your whatever. Here’s what I put in
my schedule right away. Everything I can’t change. Stuff I can’t change. Meetings, calls, weekly master plan. When I have a son, it’s
gonna be basketball game. Whatever it is, taking my kid to school. Things that no matter what don’t change. That’s always in your schedule first. Second, what are you 100% committed to making happen no matter what? And then it’s your
profit-producing activities. If you’re making phone
calls or prospect calls, okay, figure out when the most efficient and effective time to
make those calls are. Don’t do it based off your schedule. Do it based off efficiency of what the most effective
time to call people is. We used to do 7:30 to nine in the morning, was a great time to get ahold of leads. So put in your schedule, when you’re gonna make the
profit producing activities. Monday through Thursday,
7:00 a.m., to nine, whatever it is for you. Reaching out to prospects,
doing marketing campaigns, creating videos, collabing, whatever. Top three non-negotiables, put in and then who you’re gonna reach out to and when and what the agenda is. That’s it. Now you’ve thought about your week. You’re purposeful, you’re intentional. And now you’re thinking about what your highest priorities are. Now you’re putting it
all in your schedule, and now you finally have
your week locked in. That’s step three. – That’s super powerful. What’s gets scheduled gets done and so we want to pass
a question off to you. How do you schedule your week? Do you use Google Calendar? Do you have a physical planner or would you be transparent and say you know what, I’m actually not planning out my week. Let us know in the comments. I know that, that’s where I was. And I know that everything changed for me, really when I started
using Google Calendar, and when I started putting
block time on my calendar. Heather on our team always says, “You gotta block the time to
actually get projects done.” And so we’ve been compounding
our momentum, Peter, with scheduling, looking ahead
and thinking things through, which then, once it’s
actually in your calendar and scheduled though, now number four, you gotta protect your
time and create boundaries. So what do you do in that area? First of all, the more
you protect your time, the more valuable it becomes. And if you don’t respect
your time nobody else will. That’s just the bottom line. So if you don’t respect
and protect your time, no one else will. You have to teach people
how to communicate with you. What I mean protect your time, now you have your schedule mapped out. But for most people,
they have their schedule perfectly mapped out it
never happens that way. Well, for real successful
people, it does happen that way. ‘Cause they’ve defined it and their most important
priorities are locked in. They don’t let outside
circumstances affect them. Here’s some for me. I create technology_free zones. What that means is, if
I’m writing in my book or creating a mixtape or doing something that does not involve internet
it’s just a distraction. And I will never, ever open my laptop, unless I know exactly what
I’m doing on it first. That’s a big one. Because I used to open
it, oh let me check this. – [Sean] Sure. – Never open your phone or laptop unless you know what you’re doing. ‘Cause either you control
your time or it controls you. Second thing is don’t be too accessible. I haven’t answered my phone, when I don’t know the number in years. Leave a voicemail if it’s important. – Yeah. – And just being strategic
and not being accessible where everyone can reach you. Limit your access. Make your access more valuable by becoming more valuable. Be unorthodox. For me, I value my time so much, with family and with my
wife and with my team that I try to do everything unorthodox. I don’t like going out
Friday, Saturday nights because it’s too busy. I don’t like being in crowds. I’d rather, I was gonna get gas, but I no longer need gas. Electric, but I like to do things when no one else is doing them. So grocery shopping, traveling. I do everything the opposite of society. I’m tryin’ to be unorthodox
so I could save my time. I always call ahead for my meals, so they’re ready when I get there. Just weird stuff like that. – [Sean] Yeah. – That’s probably obsessive. But teach people how
to communicate with you and no email, ever, first
thing in the morning. Never, so I don’t ever
do email right away. That’s protecting my boundaries. It’s just making sure that
I’m in control of my schedule and not someone else or
external circumstances. and you could do that any way you want. And another thing for me, I’ll
talk about in the next tip. – Huge key for productivity, and actually we did a video
over on Peter’s channel that’s part of this series that talks about some billionaire– time management.
– This is the next. – That’s the the next level stuff. – [Peter] If you wanna reach
the seven, eight, nine figure. – So if you wanna learn
some of those principles, we’ll link to the whole
playlist on the YouTube card and we’ll put a link
to the entire playlist, including that time management
secrets of billionaires. But this brings us to the fifth tip here and being fully present,
while leveraging your time. And I like that you brought this up. Because sometimes when
we’re watching productivity, it can almost feel like,
are you over optimizing? But this is for a reason. This is so that you can have more peace of mind and more presence. But what do you mean by this tip? – So when you finally have
your schedule mapped out and you finally are protecting your time, you could do all that perfectly, if you’re not fully present
on what you’re doing, you’re not gonna ever be in the zone, you’re never gonna create your best work. Wherever you are, be there. If I’m focused in writing in
my laptop creating content, I’m all the way there. If I’m eating dinner with the family, I’m all the way there. A lot of people when
they’re with the family, they’re thinking about work. When they’re at work, oh
damn I should be with family. When they’re on vacation,
damn I want to be working. When they’re working, damn
I wanna be on vacation. It’s the is worst way
to live on the planet– – [Sean] Yeah. – Is not present. I finally learned to just
be present with what I’m at. Right now this is the
only thing I care about is this video and giving
as much value as possible to your audience, because I
love that they’re dedicated to greatness and they’re
watching this, I love that. But a lot of people aren’t present. Wherever you are, be there. Morning routine, in
the gym, in the shower, just be fully present wherever you are. That’s the first tip. Second is, this has changed my life. Sell myself before I take anything on. Now I look through my schedule and I look through
everything I’ve just done. If there’s something I’m not
fully sold on, I take it out. Because if you’re not fully sold on it, that’s how procrastination happens. A number one key to procrastination is not being sold on what you’re doing. Don’t take on any activities unless you’re fully sold on
it to begin with, period. Why do people, I mean, the
divorce rate’s so high. If you’re not 100% sold
on your significant other, if there’s like one percent doubt, there might be someone else out there. It’s not happening. Smoking if you’re not 100% sold on how smoking’s bad for
you, you’ll still smoke. It’s like fully selling yourself on the importance of this. This book took me eight months to write. I wasn’t sold on it. I went back and forth. Finally, when I was like
this is not about me, it’s about the people that I’m impacting. It’s about people that tell
me it changed their life. Right when I was sold on it, it only took me another
month of create it, because I was fully sold. So sell yourself on every activity. If you’re not fully sold on really being a video influencer creator, a CEO, you’re gonna take the easy route, and probably going to settle.
– Yeah. – So unless you’re fully sold. How do you sell yourself? Stack up a lot of reasons, and make sure it’s the best
thing for you in that moment. Next, be open and observant
to the present moment. You wanna to be able to adapt and adjust. But you wanna make sure that
if you’re sold on that thing, no one can persuade you. This is kind of a billionaire tip, but I’ve seen a lot of people that are at the seven figure mark, Sean, that are very hard to persuade and very hard to influence. A lot of people make decisions, super-slowly and change their mind fast. Successful people make decisions promptly, and you can’t change their mind. Be the one that it’s tough to influence. These days, people are
influenced so easily. They’re manipulated easily. They’re sold on hype easily. Don’t be that person. Be the one that’s tough to sell. Last is standards and
intelligence versus emotion. We talked about this
in a lot of the videos. But now it’s just making
intelligent decisions, not emotional decisions
throughout the week. And one thing that I’m
leaning towards here is, like I said at the beginning, you’re not gonna always feel like doing what you’ve already planned, but the intelligent you, was
in the perfect state of mind when you planned out your week. Realize that if you don’t wanna make this decision, then who cares? You already said you were gonna do this. You already sold yourself on it when you were making your plan, and that’s your better self, ’cause you were in the zone. Here you’re not. Listen to the most intelligent self when you made that schedule. And then, I always ask
myself, in the moment, is this the most intelligent
decision to make, or was this the most
intelligent decision to make, because making emotional decisions killed a lot of my progress
in business, early on, so I don’t want to make
those decisions as well. And then, of course, Parkinson’s Law, as time decreases, intensity
and resourcefulness increases. I put time limits on certain
things to make sure I don’t, I don’t have that perfectionism stage and something that should
take me 20 minutes, just took me an hour and a half. So I put time limits on things too. And that’s really the focus on that tip, is just making sure that I’m
present, I’m fully focused. A thing for me too is being in the zone. It takes 17 to 20 minutes
to get yourself in the zone and when you’re in the zone you’re three times more productive. There’s been a ton of studies,. Your endorphins are sparked. So, if you’re interrupted, and everyone’s been in the zone. Athletes get in the zone. Entertainers, entrepreneurs. When you’re interrupted
before that 20 minutes is up, you’re not in the zone. It takes you 20 more minutes. So, most people are never in the zone, because they have so many distractions. – Constantly being interrupted. Constantly having notifications– go off.
– 100% – Constantly having people walk through. They haven’t set up boundaries– or put on airplane mode.
– 100%. – And it’s they’re living a
fractured life, rather than– a focused life.
– 100%. – And think about it,
nothing they have online is their optimal best. Nothing. Now it could be great content. That shows how talented you are. We only use 10% of our potential. When you’re stressed these three percent. And when you not in the zone you’re creating great content
’cause you’re talented, but it’s not close to what it could be. Imagine never being in the zone and knowing that all your
content is 70% what it could be. – [Sean] Wow. – So that’s like a crazy thought. I’m like, I always wanna be in the zone. That’s why I’m so focused
on not having distractions and thinking about what
interruptions could come in my way and disrupting
those before they happen. If you don’t have a plan to
interrupt your interruptions, your plans will always be interrupted. – [Sean] Mic drop moment, right there. Think Media, this is
some challenging content, but I think it’s so important. And I wanna think for a second, just imagine, do you
believe that right now you could be two times as productive? Do you believe that actually right now, you could be 10 times as productive and effective as you are right now? How about 100 times? I know that, that’s actually possible. That actually probably most people could elevate their
productivity to such a level, but it’s got to take work and action. so I hope you can check out some of the other videos in this series. A lot of valuable content so you can go further faster in your
business, your brand. So make sure to watch that. We’ll link to it in the description below. Peter, what are some
of your final thoughts on going out there and crushing it and staying in that peak
performance productive mode as content creators and entrepreneurs? – I think just understanding
that activities without purpose are the
drain of all fulfillment and they’re the cause of all frustration, so just being more
purposeful and intentional and moving with massive
strategy and clarity, versus taking random acts of action, is gonna help you live a more fulfilled and a better lifestyle. And getting tactical,
thinking about how important it is to live a designed,
inspired, world class life, and most people let the
design of their life happen from someone else. So who should design your life? You should. So be more purposeful about that. But tactically schedule 30 to 60 minutes in the next week of when you’re gonna go through these activities. Literally put it in your schedule. Protect your time, create boundaries. Be 100% present and do all
you can to stay in the zone, and always start with your
highest value priorities. I would challenge people
to not start their week till it’s written on paper,
until it’s scheduled first. That’s my challenge to people. Do not start until it’s planned
out and mapped out first. – Powerful challenge, Peter Voogd. There’s some bonus
resources you have here. If you haven’t checked out the book, Six Months to Six Figures,
highly recommended. I listened to the audio book, but there’s a few bonuses where you actually go through
some different worksheets– and some things.
– Yeah. – To help people go through this. – It’s very action-focused. There’s a lot of fill-in the
blanks and stuff like that. – Very cool, so if you want to check out all those details, we’ll post those in the description below. Peter, if people wanna
follow you on social, where can they find you? – Instagram @peterjvoogd, peterjvoogd pretty much everywhere. Twitter’s PeterVoogd23. And yeah, I’d love to help out. If you have any questions
or need anything clarified reach out and I’d love to help you. – Think Media appreciates you. Smash like, if you haven’t yet. Subscribe for more content like this and we’ll see you in the next video. – Smash the like!
– Peace! (upbeat music)

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