How to Be More Productive with Timeboxing | Time Blocking

October 17, 2019

in the next five minutes I am going to
tell you about timeboxing Hey Self-Helper, so in this video I am going to tell you
about the importance of time boxing time boxing is basically you setting aside a
certain amount of time to do a particular task within a given day Elon
Musk is famously known for using five-minute time blocks now what are you
doing in your own life with regard to setting these kinds of time limits if
you fail to plan you plan to fail and this is one of the best ways to actually
going about planning something and actually getting something done a lot of
the world’s successful people use this and now it’s up to you to use it as well
have some kind of idea as to where you are going about with your time use how
do you become more productive you structure your time you need to manage
yourself you need to have everything in place now this might eat into your
unstructured free time which a lot of people tend to have but sometimes we
overestimate how long things might usually take there is something called
Parkinson’s law which tells us that work tends to fill up a lot of our free time
so even though we may have you know not that much work to do it tends to eat up
our free time so having a routine and mind start off your day with you know
getting up in the morning blocking out maybe 25 minutes to take a shower and
get things done eat your breakfast and then head out to work maybe six seven
hours come back exercise do some reading and so on and so forth you have some
kind of well laid out structure in mind so that you can actually get going it
doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing like a lot of people assume oh but
it’s going to eat up all of my time well this is actually going to save you more
time because you are focusing on starting and stopping your particular
tasks but within a certain time frame that you assign for yourself so it’s all
laid out now how do you get started with this
timeboxing it’s important to remember that you are always going to be
over-optimistic with regard to how you set your timeframe you always tell
yourself that you can get more done in a short span of time then you add that it
actually is possible this is called the planning policy where we over estimate
everything that may be possible within a certain time frame it’s important to be
realistic when you are realistic this way then you are more likely to be
productive rather than putting a lot of pressure on yourself and feeling guilty
about not completing a particular thing instead of getting frustrated all the
time get excited about a complicated problem understand that you are going to
struggle a little bit here and there with regard to actually getting
something done it is always going to go haywire but when you have a plan in mind
at least there is a great improvement with regard to your focus there are
always going to be these distractions that are always going to be things that
want to take you away from your plan but it’s having that laser-like focus it’s
about sticking to what you start with and then going and achieving what you
want for yourself that is the key when it comes to time boxing you are required
to recalibrate you need to be able to restructure with if a plan is not coming
through if it takes a little bit more effort you need to put that much more in
and that is ultimately going to translate into what you do so start time
boxing have something of a plan in mind as to how long you might take to get
something done reassign what you need to do if the things are not going according
to plan and then recalibrate for future time
blocking schedules that you assign yourself those are three takeaways that
I would like you to have from this video don’t worry about having too much
unstructured free time have something of a structure in mind if you want to
actually go about getting things done and that will
translate into everything that you do in your life and it’ll leave you to
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