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How should employers approach millennials? Who are they sociologically?

October 11, 2019

The problem that we see nowadays and a
lot of companies is that Millennials and Gen Z’s aren’t sticking around so one of
the problems that I’m trying to solve is you know what makes them stick around
and from the research of Millennials and Gen Z’s it’s been about
values right. They’re very much a value driven demographic.
Number one, sociologically speaking, they get married later they have kids much later, less burden, parents are better well-off, so they can you know live in their parents basement
for a little longer. 2018 Deloitte study of Millennials and Gen Z’s is if you don’t
find them to be nurtured, if there’s not enough diversity in the company, if the
company’s values do not align with theirs, then there’s really no point in staying,
right, other than paying the bills and if paying the bills and you know you know
the family pressures that keep you grounded don’t make you stay then there really is
no reason to stay at a company. If there’s no intrinsic satisfaction. One
distinction, sociologically speaking, is the
difference between what we call you know adults, and emerging adults. The
traditional markers of adulthood is number one you own property, number
two you’re married, and number three you have steady job. That’s the
traditional marker of adulthood and we’re talking like 1960s, 70s. Emerging adults what that means is it’s a demographic where
you know they’re they’re you know in their 30s, but they actually don’t have
any of the traditional markers of adulthood which is marriage, job, and
property. So what we’re dealing with fundamentally is a different
demographic when we speak about Millennials and Gen Z’s, because they’re
different from Gen X’s and baby boomers. So in this case then, how do you
make them stay? Well you make them stay by having your company’s values align
with theirs, or have their values align with, whichever way you want to do the

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