How Russell Brunson Hacked Affiliate Marketing With This One Tactic

September 11, 2019

– So I learned this
whole process from
being a stage seller. Getting on stage, traveling
around the country, and doing that. And then after like
three years of it, I was actually in
the Boise Airport, it was like one
o’clock in the morning, I was flying out somewhere
and I’m sitting there in the airport, all by myself, and I was sitting there
on my phone depressed. And I was like, “This
sucks really bad.” I mean my wife, I just
had twins at the time, like my wife, my
kids are at home, I’m flying out again
to go someplace with a bunch of people I
don’t wanna hang out with, to go do a thing, which is fun, and then go back to the
hotel room and sit there for another, you know, 18 hours
before I get to fly back home. I was like, I don’t,
like I don’t want this for my life anymore. So, I texted my wife
at one in the morning. I said, “I’m quitting speaking. “This is my last time.” And she wrote back, “Yeah right. “Love you, see you
in a couple days.” (laughing) And so then my mind, the
whole rest of that trip, was like, how do I stop
speaking and traveling? I don’t wanna keep doing that. So then I start transitioning to like well how can I do
this more and more online. And so, the time,
teleseminars is a big thing, so they’re gonna do
teleseminars, and
then webinars came, and it got better and better
at doing it on webinars. But, for me, like
that was only way it kind of worked was
just webinars, right? And the pitch and
everything went through yesterday was something
that’s been evolving for the last 10 years for me, and it’s to the
point where now it’s, like there’s always little
things were changing, but it pretty much works. That’s why we call it
The Perfect Webinar. Like, it’s perfect. In fact I’ve had probably
four or five of you guys who were like, “I did
The Perfect Webinar,
it didn’t work.” I’m like, “Oh, why not?” And then they show me, like, “Well, I changed this
and I tweaked this.” And I’m like, “Are you telling
me, I give you something “called ‘The Perfect
Webinar’, it’s perfect, “and then you changed it.” Like, duh. Anyway, so it’s just perfect. It works in every market
that we’ve ever tried it in. But recently over the last
probably year and a half to two years or so, the first time it happened
out of kind of a fluke. One of my friends, Mike Phil
Sims as you guys know him, he was launching a new product, and he wanted us to promote
it and I wasn’t going to, but he’s like, when
I first got started, he’s like my first friend, we
got started at the same time and for the last 12 years,
he’s been my closest friend in this whole business,
and so, he’s like, “I really need your help man. “We’re trying to do this thing.” He said, “We’re doing
a Philly contest “and the winner gets a BMW,” and this whole thing, right. And I’m like, “Mike I
don’t wanna promote, I don’t have time, we’re
doing all this other stuff.” And anyway, so kind
of left it at that. And then, he did the launch
and people were coming and there’s leaderboards
and everyone’s fighting and all this stuff’s happening. And he’s like, “Man, you
gotta help, you gotta help.” And I’m like, “Everyone
else has already promoted. “It’s kind of too late.” And then, I think it was
like three or four days left in the launch before it ended, and he’s like, “Dude,
what’s it gonna take? “Like, is there something?” And finally, I’m like,
“All right, I’ll do that, “but there’s only
one condition.” I was like, “I don’t
really want a BMW,” but BMW costs, I think about
$50,000, the one he had, I’m like, “I do want a
cryosauna, which is $50,000. “If I win, will you buy me a
cryosauna instead of a BMW?” He’s like, “Dude,
you are so weird.” And I’m like, (laughing) He’ like, “What is it?” I’m like showing him pictures. He’s like, “So, what do you do?” I’m like, “You get in it
and you freeze yourself “for like three minutes. “It’s really cool.” Anyway, he’s like, “Whatever. “If you win, I’ll
give you that, fine.” I’m like, “Cool.” So then I was like, well
I gotta promote this, but everyone and their dog’s
been promoting this thing for the last three
or four weeks. Like, everyone I
know’s already bought. Like, how am I gonna
come and compete in this short period of time? I was like, “Oh, I’m
gonna do a webinar.” So I had this thought,
I’m write a webinar, but then I got to the
office and the day went on, there’s so much stuff happening and it takes, for
me, a couple of days to really do a good webinar. And finally I was like, “I
don’t have time to do it.” And he kept messaging
me, “You gotta help me.” Finally got down
to 48 hours left. He’s like, “Come
on man, help me.” Finally, I was like, (grunting). And then I had this
like pop in my head. I was like, “What if instead
of doing all these slides, what if I just opened
up Facebook Live and just did a webinar
off the top of my head and just see what happens.” I was like, that’s the
only shot I had left. So, I’m like, “Okay.” So I sat down, in
front of a whiteboard, here’s a picture of
it, and I was like, “Okay, what’s my one thing?” And so he was selling
automated webinar software. So this is not
perfect, this is with like three minutes of prep
time, so it’s pretty dang good. So I’m like what’s the one thing I gotta get ’em to believe? I gotta get ’em to believe
that webinars are the future. So, how to make that sexy? How to make at least
eight figures a year with this new webinar model? So I’m like, “Okay.” So I wrote that
on the whiteboard. “All right, that’s
my one thing.” “Okay, what are
my three secrets?” “Okay, what’s their
fear about that?” And I wrote down secret number
one and I wrote down that. “Okay, what’s their internal
fears and secret number two.” I wrote that down
and wrote that down. And I was like, “Okay,
if they buy from me versus everyone else,
what should I give ’em?” I’m like, “Okay,
here’s my offer.” I wrote down this and wrote
down all the things there and then I took a little
piece of white paper and I covered up each
of those little things. Milton’s like cutting paper
and taping them in the back and we’re like taping ’em up. And then, within like
five, 10 minutes, we’re like, “Okay,
we got the webinar.” And I was like, I can’t
remember if it was Bret, whoever had it, we had
one phone on Facebook live and one was on Periscope,
and they stood there and they went click
and they started it. And I was like, “Hey
everybody, welcome “to this Facebook live!” And I just did the whole thing. I’m like, “I’m gonna
talk about nanananana.” And I talked about that. And I’m like, “Secret number
one,” and I talked about it. “Secret number two,”
and I talked about it. “Secret number three, and
if you sign up right now “you’re gonna get,” and
I pulled off the thing, “You’re gonna get this and
you’re gonna get this.” And I did the whole stack
and whole everything. I think it ended
up being 26 minutes and 32 seconds was
my entire time. And it ended and I
was like, “Whoo.” I’m like, “Dang.” I was like, “Did
anybody buy yet?” And then they’re all, “I
don’t know, let’s log in.” So log in to Philly
account and sales are like, “Doon, doon, doon,
doon, doon, doon.” And so then John jumps
on and he’s like, “Man, sales are
coming like crazy.” So he started boosting it. And over the next 48
hours they had over 150, 160 thousand
people watch this. We did over $250,000
in commissions, and
I won a cryosauna. Which was awesome. (clapping)

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