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How much is UCC Downtime Costing your Business?

November 30, 2019

How much is downtime costing your
business? And by downtime I mean communications downtime: calls stuck in a loop, websites crashing, phone stopping working – your customers can no longer
talk to your team. When companies enjoy 99.9% uptime or even more the cost of
downtime gets downplayed. So what’s the value of the 0.1%? And what if the 0.1%
affected happened to be in the 20% most valuable customers, worse still – the top 5%? But before we get carried away let’s take a look at the numbers in a typical
scenario: let’s say an organization has 10,000 employees and 4,500 of those are affected by downtime in a year at 99.9 percent
uptime that equates to 525.6 minutes. Now if the
average knowledge worker salary is $70,000 then the annual cost of downtime
per employee is 301 dollars. Hmm could be worse right? But now let’s go ahead and
multiply that by x 4,500. 1.35 million
dollars a year! It’s not such a small number anymore and that’s before we even
take into consideration if they were to top 20 or 5 percent. But I’ll let you do the numbers on that one. What’s bizarre is that some CFO’s discount
these a soft dollar costs because they don’t show up on a balance sheet. I don’t
know about you but if I was running a business I’d be pretty concerned about
losing 1.35 million dollars every year! You see the thing is
there shouldn’t be a 99 percent it should be 100%, all of
the time. To find out more about how much downtime is costing your organization on
how you can have your communications operational costs
download the Nemertes Research report here you

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