September 29, 2019

Hey, bonjour YouTube, Would you like to achieve more have better health have more meaningful relationship or bring more joy in your life. Sounds too good to be true. Keep watching. Hey, I’m Hugo and I help busy entrepreneurs and managers be more productive and be back in control of their own time. And once again we are with Dr. Cheli. Hi. I’m Dr. Cheli. I’m a behavioral and wellness coach and I’m also a psychotherapist under supervision. And what I do is I help people get unstuck and take committed action towards their life-altering goals. So what are we going to talk about today Dr. Cheli? Today we’re going to talk about gratitude and how it can help improve your well-being and in turn can also help you be more productive. If that sounds good. Then we have a lot more content like this bringing Dr. Cheli talk about psychology and productivity. So subscribe to this channel and don’t forget to ring the bell in order to be notified every single week with new content. Your focus and productivity may be impacted when you don’t feel so good both physically and mentally and life can be challenging. Sometimes we experience grief and loss in our lives. We have relationship difficulties. We have problems with our kids. Financial struggles. We get a new diagnosis or were a caregiver or many other life circumstances. Yes, when you experience difficulties in life, it can make it challenging to identify what you can be grateful for and it may affect your productivity at the end. Did you know that expressing your gratitude can actually improve your productivity and your well-being? So gratitude is defined as the quality or feeling of being thankful and it’s also a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness and there are some researchers. There’s a research study by Wood, Froh and Geraghty in 2010 that suggests that gratitude is an orientation to life and this is where we notice and we appreciate the positivity in the world. Research also documents the positive effects of gratitude and its impact on our emotional and physical well-being. Gratitude can improve our mood, it can improve our physical and mental health. And in addition when we express gratitude, it can lead us to have better relationships with others such as our loved ones or clients or colleagues and our peers. For those that may struggle with symptoms of anxiety and depression gratitude is a great way to practice breaking that cycle of automatic negative thinking and it can help promote positivity in your life. So when you say breaking that cycle, is that reversing that momentum from a vicious cycle to a more positive cycle. Yeah, so we can reverse it or we can just kind of stop it. So if I’m having an automatic negative thought that just comes super quick because that’s how our automatic thoughts come both positive and negative. I can intercept that process with thought of gratitude and then I can start reframing my thoughts is what we call it. So cognitive reframing and to something more positive. So for example, you and I could experience the same exact event and you can experience it as a very negative thought process like. Oh, why did this happen to me? You know, this is terrible and I could experience the same event and to say wow. That was a really powerful event. What can I get out of this? Now, I’m grateful that that happened because now it helps me be more mindful of you know, how I how I interact in life. Everything is about perspective. Yeah, and as a lot of people say and I completely agree with like you cannot control what happens to you the events that happen to you, but you can control your reaction to it. So everything is about the perspective. Yeah, I can choose how I want to respond to something. Maybe I’m not prepared in the immediacy of it because there are things that happen that can be traumatic. And so we we go into our automatic response fight, flight or freeze but then I can choose once I have time to process it. I can choose how I want to respond to that and when the quality of your life and your well-being improve it makes you more motivated and also more productive at work or in other areas of your life. So the key here is to make a daily habit of expressing gratitude. And so what is it gratitude practice look like Dr. Cheli? Sure so I can look in different ways. So there are different tools that you can use. There’s a lot of journals that gratitude journals out there that you can buy. You can get a notepad a simple notebook or even download some worksheets. And what you can do is write down what you are grateful for and you can create a list if you’d like and you can do this in the morning when you first wake up, or you can do it right before you go to sleep. The key here is to try to integrate it into your morning or night time routine just like brushing your teeth and you can actually go ahead and watch the how to create new habits video, Let me on that corner right here. Be careful and it describes how you can actually add new habits to your currents daily habits. So at work, for example, you can practice expressing gratitude. For example, when you are entering the building you can tell yourself I’m grateful for I don’t know an engaging in the work in the meaningful work that allows me to provide for my family and to a pay for my needs and you can also practice thanking colleagues for things that they help you out with. You’re welcome. So if you want to try something more fun, you can buy a gratitude jar or a shadow box. You can use a large mason jar or go to your local craft shop and look for a shadow box and a shadow box is just basically like a wooden box with a glass in the front and you can find that it has a little hole on top kind of like a piggy bank. And basically what you do is you cut out these pieces of paper, they’re blank papers, or you can have them in a pre written form. And what you do is you just write what you’re grateful for and then you fold the piece of paper and you drop it into the jar or the shadow box and you can watch it fill and sometimes if you need a little reminder maybe life is thrown a lot of things that you what you can do is you can go into your jar or your shadow box and just kind of pull them out and I think you did a video on this too. Yes. I did a video about the Memento box. That’s something that I do with my wife and weekly basis where we just write it on a sticky that is very pragmatic way. It’s a shoebox and sticky notes. So I don’t have to actually go to craft store. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Right? So it just I like I like cutesy things so that works for me. So on the weekly basis, we actually add we write on the sticky note something that we appreciate about our week. So we do is on weekly basis not necessarily on a daily basis, but what I like about your suggestion is that you can see you can visualize your the pot I can you say pot. Yeah, the pot or the jar or it could be a cup. Whatever. A container you just need a container. So here are some sample prompts. Something I accomplished today. Three friends or colleagues that I appreciate and something that made me smile today like recording this video. Thanks everyone. I hope this was helpful. We hope this was helpful and we hope you will start or continue expressing and cultivating gratitude for better health and productivity. So, Dr. Cheli where can people find you? Sure so I am on social media. So Facebook and Instagram with the handle ganasandgo and you can also find me at Don’t forget to subscribe to the TimeFlies channel and see you next week. Thank you. Merci. Au Revoir, Gracias y Hasta Pronto.

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