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Home Efficiency: Home Owners and Energy Codes

November 16, 2019

The construction of your new house needs to
meet the minimum state and national energy code standards for energy efficiency. It is
important to know your energy rights as a home owner. Having your home up to date with the energy
code is not only a requirement, but will save you money, protect you and your family, reduce
pollution, increase reliability, and it is a cost effective investment. During construction, it is important to be
active in the process. Communication with your home builder is key to making sure that
your home meets minimum energy code requirements. Good communication during construction will
also help you know what features make your home efficient and how to appropriately operate
them. Energy codes establish a series of rules,
ratings, features, and/or performance standards that homes must meet. To achieve an energy
efficient home which meets or exceeds the energy code, home owners and home builders
must pay close attention to details including: insulation, appliances, lighting, windows,
air sealing, heating and cooling. You may even ask to have an energy auditor to test
your new home. Some builders may only meet the minimum requirements
for your new home, but going beyond the codes will benefit you by having a more efficient
home which can save you more money in the long term. For best success speak with your
home builder and establish your goals for energy efficiency early in the design and
construction process and follow up throughout the building process. For more information about your state energy
codes, go to your states energy website.

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