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Hermitcraft 6: Episode 5 – Base Plans, TAG and Redstone!

December 4, 2019

Hello everyone, this is Mumbo and welcome back to another episode on the Hermitcraft server. This is episode 5 and today we are starting things off By checking out the slime farm drops. Now right now The slime farm is currently running in a bit of a slow mode I mentioned this in the episode where I built it but essentially the slimes are kind of jumping around on their Platforms and then eventually falling off the edges Whereas we need iron golems in the fences so that the slimes get attracted to them But as you guys know as I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to Minecraft 1.13 I had a little bit of trouble actually Creating my iron golems because I didn’t realize that Pumpkins now come without a face that they don’t have faces to them You have to shear them to give them a face and then when you give them a face That’s when you can create an iron golem. That’s completely crazy and also makes total sense. I actually really like that feature So we’re definitely going to work on that. But before we do anything Yeah, someone’s definitely switched off Oh Ladies and gentlemen, we are born now control How many diamonds is that? Six diamonds nine diamonds twelve diamonds? Fifteen diamonds Which will be stinking rich, I feel like there’s a slight chance that I might have set my price a little bit too low that I guess right we now have a massive Incentive to actually get our slime farm working really quickly because otherwise we are going to be selling slime balls Faster than we can produce them. Come on. I really need some fun vine farm. So how does this work then? Oh, Nice and that gives us pumpkin seeds and loss off them, too Hey, that’s not bad at all. And There we go now we actually have an iron golem Okay, so we need to push them across a little bit like this Get that fence post in and then somehow make our own way out. I guess by going out through the corner That’s not a bad idea And we are now all set. So if we place all those in and then we can get these ones in and that guy is now all in place and hopefully Hopefully the slimes can see him and now all four of the iron golems are all in place So this thing is now running at maximum efficiency essentially for the size of it and for the way that it’s all been built so any slime that spawns here is Going to see that iron golem run towards it died in the magma and then have all of his items picked up by our mine Cars. Oh nice nice. We can actually see it happening Right here. Look look see look. There’s a slime he is trying to attack at that iron golem And there he is dying in the magma So this is actually functioning at this point in time and then look there go the little ones and They’ve all just died straight away ah We got like a live view and this looks great from above the ocean as well, this is cool Anyway, the first thing I want to do in today’s home and craft episode is actually start work on my proper base. Okay? So what I’m going to do is I’m going to pop into a creative mode testing world And I’m going to start work on the actual Structure of this thing because I have a pretty crazy concept and I wanna make sure that I get this right Okay, so things that are coming together pretty nicely here I’m just in the process of building up the first little section of my idea And as you can see this season, we are going to be going relatively high up in the sky So in the previous season of hermit craft don’t see, you know, our base floors are kind of a bit pancake II whereas now We’re going to be getting bigger at least on the central island now I’m thinking okay. So if we Okay, so we have that We have that set up. So if we have four of those Set up and then in the center we have our big area in the middle How will that look and then this is just going to be on this island So once again this season, we’re not going to be being symmetrical or anything like that but I want something cool on our central island and I think this is a Good way to do it because then in the middle there we’re going to have something coming up through the center now I feel like it’s worth mentioning that for me personally mcedit isn’t working for Minecraft 1.13 Which means that everything that I’m doing here is being built manually in creative mode With absolutely no world at it or cloning or anything like that All of these blocks are being placed in by hand, which makes it extra specially heartbreaking when you make a mistake like that This is just to ice on that side as well You know what I think that mistake has actually helped out because when I placed in the blocks to fix up the mistake I know it’s actually look quite cool with the double thickness of the concrete. So that might be something that I roll with Anyway, I’m now in the process for filling in the glass as well So here’s what I’m realizing from building this thing. I think the central circle that we’re actually building around needs to be bigger I’m talking kind of like this soft size So it almost takes up like a large quantity of the island and then the arms come off it there and also I prefer this side to this side that sides flat this side actually has some depth to it and that makes a lot better and it’s gonna look even cooler once we get some form of light sources in Alright, we’ve tried out a whole bunch of different things I’ve been working on this over the past couple hours now, so I would say that this is my personal favorite so without the thick walls of the glass, I think that looks the best I Definitely think that cool needs to be bigger in the center there so when we if we end up building this on a hermit craft server because I’m still 100 since her and The circle would definitely be bigger I’m trying to work out what I’m going to do for this thing Now that there’s a bunch of ideas that circle in my head So the first thing is that I was considering creating a full globe having a power beam going through the center right here and then having an area in the center just wrap around like this Potentially is a hexagon or an octagon I guess that’ll be an obvious one in the center there and that would wrap around like that and Then apart from this circle it would all be filled in and it would have its own terraformed landscape on the top But then it will also have an upside-down landscape on the bottom So the pattern would kind of be acting as like gravitational thing. So it would have like an upside-down landscape Yeah on the bottom of this thing. So you’d have like a two-sided world on either side of it bad good look cool, and that’d be super futuristic or Alternatively if we go with this kind of like half half globe idea. I was thinking about having two individual platforms So we have one hexagon or octagon in the middle And then we have another Octagon on the top level and the one on the top level is where my storage system will be going so basically all of this Is just the wrapper for my storage system. That’s it You know what? My head is so much of a mess and after messing around with this stuff That I think it’s time for me to just kind of cool off for a little while So I’m going to do a one-hour rizal scattering session. We’re going to see how much we can get in that time So in today’s super fast time lapse chat. I just want to shoot through some ideas of What I’ve had with my base because of course, you know ever since booting up that creative mode testing world My mind has been flying through all sorts of different concepts and my concept has actually changed as soon as I started that world I changed my idea so originally I was gonna have some spikes popping up out of the ground and then That was going to be what was holding up the thing in the center But I actually quite like I’m starting to really like this globe idea. I Think the globe could look really cool with like the discs in the middle that then has one correct way up world and the other way is I upside down and we could even get we could even get scar to help us out with the terraforming so both sides look amazing That could be really really cool 🙂 Now that I’m thinking about it, but outside of that I mean, I don’t know if I want more floating islands like if we had some more flying stuff going on around the base or if we just keep it as Islands and then we have just things dotted around in the area and then things popping up left right and center I don’t know I do like though now that I’ve said that about that disk idea though with scar that would be so cool A I’ll be so so cool. I have to ask him if he’d be up for some upside down terraforming I don’t know if he’s ever really done that before so that’ll be an interesting project to work on hmm There’s too much too much for one brain Blimey, hey, I gotta say that was that was a pretty successful one. Let’s back up to the base and let’s regroup What are the resources because I’m pretty excited about this. So this is where we’re currently sitting in terms of resources We’ve got over two stacks of diamonds now We’ve got I mean the only thing that we’re really struggling with it’s kind of Ayad and we’ve got loads of cold loads of redstone We’ve got a decent ish quantity of gold But yeah iron iron is going to be the main killer for us here But still kill it anyway back to the base now, whatever. We’re planning on doing in the future It’s going to involve quite a large quantity of glass so what I’m going to do is I’m going to set up this little small super smelter right here and We’re going to get this thing up and running. So it looks like yeah one of the items I’m making their way in nice and quickly there and that’s going to be going overnight so I’m going to afk we’re going to know that the slime foam we’re going to load up all the other farms and hopefully we Get a ton of resources. But before I go afk, I’ve had she just come up with an idea For something that may or may not be in the rules, but could work quite nicely and we all know that Green likes to come down into my base and there’s a few other members of the server that like to Come into my base occasionally, so I thought I would create an automated tagging machine so the idea is is that it punches the player and Then tanks them with an item. I think those are the only two things that are required I will reread the rules, but I imagine this is totally okay. And you know how else am I going to tag them? I’m a redstone guy Just as big of a FK Please please please please All right. Let’s see how this evolved. Hold on It’s just about to leave the studio and I looked on my recording and I’ve noticed that this slime block has moved Now me see is it I’ve just thought he’s a chicken done it as a chicken cause this there’s no chickens in here So surely Someone must have actually checked themselves I don’t know what he was looking for, but he comes running back All right, I’ll check to him and I’ll see if that was in the rules but Redstone tag, oh my word. I mean that is His confusion is just so so visible in the clip Oh fantastic. Hello. Hello. Hello mumbo You’re looking very official oh yeah, I’ve put some I’ve put on a new suit because Hold on. Let me come over to you. Okay? I’m a bit confused by your is this is this just an addition that you’ve made to my base? I’ve got the business deal of a century Sure looks like it man Salesman yeah, I’m the sort of salesman that lives in your house the best deal possible You look more like a hotel doorman. I have to say I mean that’s Okay, so I got two questions, yeah, well not really question first of all, how dare you I just got rid of this thing That was I I’d say, I mean, you know, what’s hilarious is is that I kind of set this up I was I I wonder if this will catch anything and then I came back to my computer I was literally just about to leave the studio and I saw that the cobblestone had been pulled back by the slime block and I Was like No And over obviously because you know, I’ve got super surveillance since you came along I was recording my AFK session and I managed to catch you he must have also caught me getting stuck because I couldn’t open this door and I got my styling but I think I might have done. Yeah, I’ve got I’ve got How does this work? Where was the tag? The tag was just in this little dropper down here So it just it just went straight into your inventory Of course it did. Of course it did. I mean technically you I mean you can’t get me back because it’s surely this is the same episode. So I’m safe for now Yeah, no, I can’t. No, you’re right. I can’t get you anyway, and I have to wait until next episode to get someone else Yeah, oh, of course here. You can’t just retag someone. Yeah, of course The next the next question I have was did you hear my afk song that I sang you when you were standing there? Yeah. Yeah, I’ve actually heard I’ve heard I’ve heard a remix of it as well. I believe there’s multiple remixes being worked on I mean, I think that might be a thing that has now become a thing So anyway, follow me follow me follow me to you follow me to my office Yeah, let’s get away from the sound of all the zombies and the chit I’ve got like the noisiest. This is. That is not an official entrance that there’s not. Okay. That is. That is the official entrance. I thought you were meant to be a builder, man. This is the reception area and if you just come downstairs, we’ll carry on with the meeting shall we okay? Oh wow This is very fit. I like the gravel wall. That’s nice. Yeah, alright. So take a seat there. Yep I mean, right these are quite big but yep That’s like what we’re big men. We’re big strong men. We need strong chairs. Okay. Okay. So here’s my business proposal This is the big the big thing Yeah So I’m new to hermitcraft and it’s pretty safe to say You’re probably my closest friend as we’ve done a few videos before you’ve even been to my house. We recorded cats Yeah, that sort of thing, you know the sort of standard things. That friends do right? Yeah. Yeah and There are already some pre-established Sort of groups on the server already Operating and doing their thing the NHO & Cub and Scar are doing their thing and there are already little groups forming and I feel Like I want to propose to you a new group called: Buildstone. -Buildstone. -What do you think me and you? Buildstone. Red stone building teaming up. Okay build I mean we can change the name if you want No, I like it. I like the way you say it as well. Do you have to set like this: *emphasis* Buildstone? Exactly. It has to be said like that every time. Buildstone. Buildstone group. Okay. Yeah No, I mean that sounds interesting -Yeah, that sounds like something I’ll be interested in for sure. -And I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I’ve gone and run the statistics I’ve talked with my analysis and my Marketing team, which is me. Yeah, and I’ve come up with -A logo! -Woah! -The Buildstone. Buildstone’s gravel sort of… -This is why I need you. This is why. This is why I need you. -Let me just take care of this. -Building. I do the building you do the redstoning and I’m not gonna lie. This is probably the worst -Logo ever it was a bit of a It’s alright, it’s Buildstone. I like it. I mean it looks does it come with the torches? -Are these, are these necessary? -No. I actually just needed some light. -Okay. Yeah, of course, of course. -Ignore that. -Got it well No, I like and I especially liked your reveal that was very nice. Do you have anything in mind to start off with just out of interest? -I got as far as this proposal I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. -Okay. -Just in case you said no, you know what I mean? -Oh, yeah Yeah, you don’t want to invest too much time I mean you’d already I can’t I can’t imagine how many hours that took you to build this I mean It took me a little while so don’t. Don’t shame me, dude. No, I’m being serious. -Well it took me a while. -I mean I know you struggle With this sort of thing. That is a genuine statement -So the other thing is, I’m not too set on the logo or the name. -Yep. -So what I’ve been sort of saying in my episode is Why don’t we open it up a little bit to the audience and they can submit Some designs for a logo and even a name and if there’s something that sort of resonates with both of us We could like take it and then you know say look at this Minecrafter123456789 Came up with this. -Yeah. -It’s a really long user name But. -Yeah. -What do you think about that? -Buildstone123456789 That’s that’s gonna be the new name of the company Now yeah, I like the idea a hundred percent So I guess yeah We’ll have to ask people to submit things like that on in the comments and down or on Twitter and things like that I’m assuming. -Best way’s to tweet us a picture With a name. And if you like the name Buildstone by all means use that. Yeah, and yeah, I think I think that was the proposal so far (Mumbo) Aha, you know, this could be our problem So I’ve just I’ve just come back into the studio and it looks like zombies can spawn on this edge here Which means that maybe they might be able to spawn on the other edge this edge here which means that maybe they might be able to attack us, but it’s Probably quite rare Okay, I’ve got to stay away from that guy. I Can’t tell if the efficiency of the farm is improved or not, but this looks okay, dude We are quids in again More amoled quids in a small quids in we are doing okay though Anyway, next up put on the hammer craft server. What I want to do is build up a silver smelter system So obviously we left the smelter running overnight and that’s melted up all the glass by imagine This space is going to be using tons of glass So in the early days, it’ll be smart to just get a small little system Maybe eight maybe ten furnaces in total that will sort us all out And this is the beginnings of it so you can see that we’ve got all of our hoppers in place we’ve got two eight furnaces in total and what we’re going to have is we’re going to have minecart rails which travelled back and forth across here So the only thing that I need now is obviously we need the minecart rails in place But these right here are going to be our input chest. So we’re going to have one hopper going in that direction and Then we have another hopper Which is going to be dropping the coal down into this one. So this one’s going to be the cold one This one is going to be the items one and when we fill this up with items Yeah, so that just fired and we should see this redstone activate Yeah, so that will power this powered rail that will also power this powered rail So our coal will go back and forth and also our items will go back and forth as well So it’s quite a simple little system. Look we go We only have one little cerca involved and if you want to see the tutorial it’s on my youtube channel It’s a very old video It’s called the super smelter industrial furnace station And it was actually offered over four years ago now which is terrifying cause I remember recording it like yours yesterday I would be confused. Did I use up all of my there’s no way I use all of my iron To make those iron golems. There’s no way I Don’t seem to have any that’s bizarre Thankfully we managed to cobble enough together to create all of the minecart tracks so now let’s just create one of these a hopper chest and one auto help adjust a minecart chest and This should just about round everything up when it comes to this build. So we place in one of them over here and One of them goes here. That one is for the coal and that one is for our items So we now have a fully functioning super smelter system fully built all we need to do now is just grab ourselves some wood for that chest down at the bottom there and That will be all completed I guess Green just just uses my basis like a pass-through How rude he doesn’t even close the door on his way through But anyway, ladies and gentlemen, I think that just about rounds everything out for today’s episode on the hammock craft server It’s been a fun one We’ve done a whole bunch of different stuff some of it on the server some of it not so on the server So I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the base plans I mean, this is all way up in the air at this point in time So I’m going to continue working on that over the next couple days because I’ve got a lot of thinking to do But anyway, if you did enjoy, please go to that like button and if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe But thanks for watching guys. Remember, I’m oscillating

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  • Reply Gwyn Marschman December 2, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    You’re not really dead to me. But I’m still mad at you ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply Yam Waheed December 2, 2019 at 4:52 pm


  • Reply Got KARP December 3, 2019 at 2:29 am

    I’m watching the season over again and I think I noticed that Grians voice has changed. Isn’t he 20 tho…

  • Reply swaranjeet kaur December 3, 2019 at 5:31 pm

    How about architecture

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