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Hector and Alvin execute evil plans | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)

December 3, 2019

Who’s this? It’s me, Maureen.
Your classmate. Why’d you call? I’m at the bar with Marga and she’s really wasted
and drunk. What?! Can you please
pick her up right now? Alright. I’ll be on my way. Mikoy! You’re here! I told them not to leave me! Where’s everyone? Marga, the party’s over. I’ll get you home now. No! I’m staying here! Marga, I need to
get you home now. I want to stay here! Marga, your parents
will worry for you. They’ll be worried for me? They don’t care about me! They only care about
their own problems! They don’t have time
to worry for me! – Marga, that’s not true.
– It is. If they really care about me, they wouldn’t keep us apart. They’re being selfish! What about me?! What about my happiness– [THROWS UP] Where am I? Oh my god! Hey! What’s wrong? How did I get here? I brought you here.
You were wasted last night. Your mom would’ve been
furious if I took you home. Did you… What do you think? You puked all over your dress. Oh my god!
Are you serious, Mikoy?! – I’m going to kill you!
– Wait! Wait! Miss Myrna changed your
clothes, okay? Do you think Hector wasn’t
kidding about hurting Romina? He’s been released. Nothing’s impossible
for him now. What do you want me to do? Make sure Romina and
Cassie are safe. We need to stop whatever
Hector is planning. And if necessary, have Romina
transferred to another flight. In that case, I should go now. They’re leaving today. I need to stop them. Hello, Romina. Where are you? We’re just about to
leave the hotel. Hector might go after you. Don’t leave yet. Jepoy already checked the car.
We’ll be alright. Romina, keep an eye
out for them. Be careful. Marga?! – Marga!
– Daniela, wait! – Mom!
– Daniela! Stay the hell away from
my daughter! And you, young lady, didn’t we already
talk about this?! I warned you! Why won’t you listen to me?! I barely know you anymore! You’re the one who’s
not listening, Mom! All this time, I just
wanted your attention! And now, you’re keeping me away from the only person
who’s always there for me?! Mom, I’ll feel lonely again! Don’t you trust me?
I’m not a child anymore! Then stop acting like one! I didn’t raise you
to be like this! You didn’t raise me properly
to begin with! You and Dad were always away
when I was growing up! Remember? It’s like I didn’t
have parents at all! Marga… Marga! Hey! That’s our bag! – Hey!
– Cassie. Cassie, what’s wrong? Ma, he switched our bags. Ma, he switched our bags. Wait here. – Romina, we have to go!
– Neil, wait for me here. Excuse me! Excuse me! That’s our bag! That’s our bag! Hey! Hector’s out to get you. Cassie! Neil! Mama? – Neil! Cassie!
– Ma?! Cassie! Neil! Cassie, run! Ma?! Run! Ma! You will all pay for
what you’ve done. Unfortunately, you were
the first one to die. – Help!
– Cassie! Cassie! – Cassie!
– Romina! – Cassie?!
– Neil! Help! Help! Please hang in there, Cassie! Ma’am, excuse us! Please save my brother! Save them! Hang in there, Cassie! Neil, hang in there!
Don’t leave me! Not now after everything
we’ve been through! – Ma’am…
– Romina… Ma’am, you’re wounded too.
Please seek treatment. I can’t leave my daughter
and my brother! We’ll take care of them, ma’am. Romina! Romina, I informed them
that we’re here. What happened? We were leaving the hotel
when something exploded! What?! Could it be a planned attack? Bernard, I’m worried for
my brother and daughter! They’re my only family left! Miss Romina, how’s Cassie? She’s inside. Mrs. Mondragon? Doc! How is my daughter?
And my brother? Good news, ma’am.
They’re both safe now. Their vital signs are stable and the results of the CT scan
and X-ray are normal. We’ve already removed the
shrapnels from their bodies. But we’ll still have them
under observation. Thank you so much, Doc! Can I see them now? Of course, Mrs. Mondragon. They’re awake now, but please give them
time to rest first. Based on our investigation, the bomb exploded in your bag. Sir, it wasn’t ours. Someone switched our bags.
I tried to follow him, but then the explosion
happened. If that’s the case… We were targeted. Someone wants us dead. How did this get into
my bed last night?! Which one of you
entered my room?! Don’t mess with me! Nanny? I don’t know, Daniela. I don’t know either, ma’am. If you don’t know, that means you’re not doing
your job right! [PHONE RINGING] Hello? Daniela, Daniela. Hector! You’re beautiful even
when you’re asleep. You looked like an angel, unlike when you’re awake. Did you get the flower? Go to hell, you crazy bastard! How’d you break into my house?! Come on. You should be happy
I gave you a flower. Aren’t you going to
thank me at least? I’ll put you back in jail! Oh, I’m scared! If I were you, I’d be more careful. Do it again and you’ll see
what I’m like when I’m angry Daniela, I know what you’re
like when you’re angry. The problem is you’re all talk. Don’t you dare me! Why didn’t you finish
her off last night? Come on, Alvin. Let me have fun with her first. Leave me be. I’m still enjoying myself. Ma’am, we have retrieved the
CCTV footage of the incident. We have identified the man
who switched your bags. The video showed him
talking to another man before the incident happened. Can you help us
identify him, ma’am? I know this man. He is Alvin Mangubat. Do everything you can
to catch him. I almost lost my
daughter and brother. He needs to pay for
what he has done! Dad. What? Dad, I need to hire
added security. Why? Hector is threatening me. He broke in last night
without us knowing. Who knows what he might do?! Okay. I’ll have Bernard handle it. Bernard? Why do you have to
let him handle that? Dad, I’m your daughter. I can handle your finances
while you’re here. Bernard will handle it. Among the survivors in
the bombing incident are the CEO of Camila Sardines
Romina Mondragon, her daughter
Cassandra Mondragon, and her brother
Neil Andrada. Based on
the initial investigation, the primary suspect
regarding the incident is a man named Alvin Mangubat. The police has also been
searching for Mangubat after he escaped from prison
a few months ago. Back to studio. We need you to
answer some questions about your brother
Alvin Mangubat. Alvin? What happened to my brother? He planted a bomb
in a luggage bag which went off inside a hotel. The intended victims were
Mrs. Mondragon and her family. We believe your brother
is involved in the incident. Do you know
anything about this? Did your brother
go to you or contact you? Sir, ever since
you locked me up, I haven’t heard anything
about my brother. I’m just glad
I got out of there, and I was able to start anew
with my daughter. My brother never contacted me
after I got out. So I have nothing to do
with whatever my brother did. I’m living
a peaceful life now. Yes, we need new guards, and I want them on duty
around the clock here. Okay. Was that the agency, Daniela? Here. Please deposit this
for the agency. I need to make sure those
guards will arrive. Daniela, about the maids’
salaries… You don’t have to
pay me right away We also need money for
the utility bills and for Carlitos’ needs. We’ve been sent a
notice of disconnection. I’ll take care of it to
prevent another power outage Okay. Maybe we can just wait
for the guards. I’ll just contact
the agency first. Use the money for
our house expenses. If it isn’t enough,
I’ll do something about it. Enjoy your drinks, ma’am, sir. That’s enough, Marga. I’ll take you home. Mikoy, no! Are you going to be like them?
You’re controlling me too? That’s not it, Marga. You know that’s
not good for you. What if you came home drunk? Do you think your Mommy
would like that? Please Mikoy, don’t be
such a killjoy. Just drink with me. I don’t drink. Suit yourself then. That’s more for me. Mikoy! Are you happy now? I told you. I’ll do everything
to protect you. I don’t care what
happens to me. So let’s go. Dude, what the hell?! Sorry, dude. We’re in a hurry,
and you’re in the way. Dude, you’re drunk.
Are you saying it’s my fault? If you can’t handle her,
then just leave. You don’t suit
each other anyway. She’s probably just
using you as a toy. You’re like a dog
chasing after her. Right? Mikoy! Boss, that’s enough! Kick him out!
Don’t come back here again! Ouch! – I’m sorry!
– It hurts! Marga, I hate seeing you
like that. It’s like you’re carrying
the weight of the world on your shoulders. It hurts me, really. I’m sorry you got into a
fight because of me. Marga, I did it to protect you. Like I said, I always got you. How are things in the mansion? Is Daniela treating you well? Actually, Daniela’s seldom home. She’s working hard
to suffice their expenses. But she’s planning to
hire more guards. Why? She said someone managed to
sneak into the house. She seemed really scared. But from what I see,
karma’s already got you. You’re so scared of
sleeping here now that you hired more
security guards. Who would’ve thought… …that demons also get scared? Or should I say, get scared of their own kind, like Hector? I’ll wait for it, Daniela. I’ll wait for you both… …to destroy each other. Yes, Savannah, I’m on my way. I’ll take whatever
position you have, as long as it’s
executive-level, okay? Dad’s offer isn’t enough. Yeah.

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