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HASTUS – Planning Platform Overview

January 19, 2020

Here is a short video to give you an
overview of NetPlan part of the HASTUS planning platform. NetPlan map based
network design tools allow you to easily create a new route by selecting existing
stops as terminals or creating new ones. You can also combine segments of
existing routes to create new routes. You can quickly add service on your new
route or copy service levels from an existing route. While you work the
powerful algorithms used in HASTUS scheduling run in the background to give
you a precise estimate of bus requirements. Once your route is created
it’s easy to add existing stops or you can create new ones. You can also modify existing routes which are obtained directly from scheduling data it’s easy
to modify itineraries and service levels and bus requirements are always updated. You can also access census data and
calculate statistics related to your catchment area. The walking distance from
the stops is customizable and can be radius based or network based. Netplan
also lets you import your ridership data and visualize it on the map, common
trunks can be some to view global ridership or separated by route. You can
also compare ridership to your occupancy guidelines to determine crowding and
quickly identify overcrowded segments. Use reach map to assess customer travel
times on your different Network scenarios based on an origin or a
destination. You can even compare the difference in travel times between your
current and proposed networks to see which regions are advantage or penalised
by a project. And if your data allows it you can go further with NetPlan
customer impact simulator to model the impacts of a project based on your
customers travel patterns and build dashboards to present these findings to
stakeholders. This is just a quick overview of NetPlan don’t hesitate to
contact us if you’d like to see more.

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