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Gurkha Movie Super Scene | Yogi Babu saves the kid | Plans formed to free the hostages | Ravi Mariya

November 30, 2019

Hey, my son! – He is a small boy.
– Mom, please save me. Thyagu, I won’t be quiet, still.
Leave the child. Maran, listen to me. Enough of the collected money.
Come, let’s go. This is the last casualty. I’m telling you. We struggled only for money. Only, I know how to get the money. If anybody hinders the plan… Mom, I’m afraid. Hey, No! Mom, I’m afraid. Commissioner sir,
ask all the media to cover up. The time given to you is over. – I need the money…
– Listen to me. Mom! If anyone comes close,
trying to save him… – No one will be left alive.
– Wait. Don’t be hurry. Dad, save me. Whose child is that? Tell me, whose child? My kid, sir. My kid, sir. Somehow, save him. If anything happens to him,
my wife will die inside and I’ll die here. Why they made the child hang? Even actor Vishal can’t save him. What’s this, undertaker? They did like this! What to do? Searching. Hey, I’ll show who this
Bahadur Babu is? Come on. Dad, where are you going again?
Just now, I told you not to go. You may think,
it’s someone’s child. But, he looks like
our Ashwin to me. Get lost. Dad give this too. Thyagu! The policemen couldn’t save, But this Gurkha will save, definitely. Because, this life is for the people. Undertaker! Come and help me. I’m going to save that child. I don’t know will I see you or not. Gulbir thapa! Grandpa! Oh, no. Mom! Save me! Look there, the spider man! Save me! I can’t.
It’s paining. Why are you looking at me
as if in butcher shop? Save me! Sir!
what happened? Sir, the money getting
deposited is stopped. What are you saying? The server has crashed as multiple transactions
were done for the same account. Nothing can be done. Thyagu, the money getting
deposited is stopped. Is this is how the people of Tamilnadu
have concern on a life? Uncle, don’t leave. Uncle, I’m afraid. Uncle, don’t leave. Let’s have a talk,
whatever it is. Take the child inside. Listen to me. Uncle, no…
Uncle, don’t leave me. I’m sorry, Commissioner sir. I’m not responsible for the child’s death. It’s you and your people. Don’t ever blame me. Mom! Harris, look there. Look there. My kid! He saved him. Hi! What is your father’s name? Aah, animation doll! Sorry, we don’t even know
your name. Thank you very much
for dragging us inside. Do you’ve the phone? Here it is. Don’t talk for long time. Only three rupees left. Please, untie the knot. The blood circulation was stopped. Sorry, sir! I thought him as an ex-serviceman,
and started this mission. If known that he is a ISIS terrorist,
I would’ve killed him at first. Tell me, what I must do now? Untie the knot. Else, speak. Shall we them immediately,
getting inside? How are the possibilities? If we step closer, nearly
20 to 30 casualties are possible. Okay, what to do now? – There is a plan, sir.
– What’s the plan? With no casualties. But, it can’t be done from outside. Can do it from inside. What’s that? In 2002, in Russia,
a terrorist group hijacked a theatre… Ask the commissioner
to recharge after speaking. Using the A.C vent, they spread
the anesthesia in theatres. Then, the terrorists and the hostages
fainted in the theatre. The Russian army took over them. Okay, but where to get large amount
of anesthesia immediately? Sir, a dental clinic is there
in second floor of this mall. The chemicals used for
local anesthesia… …is in the maintenance room
along with the gas cylinders. We can use the chemicals
and the gas. How much money is transferred so far? Ninety crores of rupees. Transfer to this account, immediately. Whose account is these? Do what I say,
don’t ask questions. – Come on, boy.
– I’m coming. – Hey.
– Yes. Connect this gas cylinder
to the A.C vent… …and pour the chemical in it. Again, I’m telling you,
we must pour the chemical in the A.C vent. I’m experienced in pouring out. Won’t I do this? Don’t say perfections
just because you saved me. – Yes, give me the bottle.
– Take it. Hey, why did you break the bottle? It’s just plain water. He told to pour this in the vent. You’re farting, right? Not to stuck,
he told to pour the water. It won’t stuck.
Leave it. Is it? Yeah, I scored centum in Physics. What to do with this? Throw it away and come. Go. I’m listening to you
as you’re an educated. Come on. Why Napoleon is giving
action and reactions? Have you connected
everything perfectly? Yes, perfectly done. No terrorist will escape. All gone. Sir, we’ve connected the
gas cylinder to A.C vent. In two minutes, everyone
will be fainted. – They’ve to.
– Be ready, sir. Sir, the phone is mine. Give me. Don’t even have a phone. Have you done it perfectly? We’ve done. You’re worst. You gave a cylinder of your height. But, why did you give
the water in the bottle? You would’ve given in a can. He broke it. – Hey!
– What? Hey, that’s not water.
It’s chemical. Chemical? Dumphead, did you pour it
properly or not? Where to pour? He
broke it well before. Hey, you broke it and
said as water. But, it’s a chemical. Hey buffalo, when you didn’t know,
How could I know, being a child? You said, you’re the centum scorer. ‘I’m a little star’ ‘I’ll be a super star’ – I’m actor Simbu’s fan.
– I’m actor Vishal’s fan. Shut up. Sir, don’t mistake me
as I repeatedly ask you. Was that a chemical? How many times to tell you?
That’s a chemical. Sir, what will happen there? – I can’t bear, sir.
– Get lost. Get lost. I plead you. You’re banging me in mouth. You’re the reason for everything. – Kill you.
– No need, sir. What are you enacting? What are you doing? Why are you laughing?

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