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Gulf Business Machines Uses EcoStruxure for Efficient Data Center Operations | Schneider Electric

February 26, 2020

My name is Vittorio Brini I am Director for Strategy and Business Development at Gulf Business Machines We are most likely the largest IT system integrator in the region Our goal is very simple. We want to facilitate, accelerate, and be together with our customers during their digital transformation journey We need to give the best to our customers it’s about putting together the right skills, the right technology, and the proper vendors. They have a very simple requirement: They want things that work and would work forever. So, quality, reliability, consistency are key and for us no one better than Schneider to deliver these promises. We are involved at every level in the data center from the application to the network, and the partnership with Schneider is critical for us to make sure that we deliver the infrastructure level that our customers expect. The relationship between GBM and Schneider, it’s a no-brainer for us. We found a perfect match in terms of offering and culture. In terms of culture, you are a multinational company, extremely well-organised, present in all the countries we need you to be present together with us most of all, present with the same level and consistency. When it comes to the offering, you are going as a company exactly in our direction. Your Edge offering and your EcoStruxure offering are extraordinarily facilitating our journey toward the hybrid cloud. Schneider is the only data center vendor that I see rapidly moving toward what is happening in the market. We couldn’t be successful without Schneider.

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