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Guess My Sexual Orientation | Lineup | Cut

October 19, 2019

– [Interviewer] Are you
getting queer vibes? – Because of my assumptions
I think that you’re straight. – You rundown for me why exactly you think I’m straight, again. – I’m sweating. (bouncy orchestral music) – Hi, I’m Woody Shticks. – My name is Debra Jansen. – [Interviewer] Do you know
what you’re doing today? – I do not. – [Interviewer] You are guessing people’s sexual orientation. – Okay. – [Interviewer] What are different sexual orientations that you know of? – Like straight, gay, bi. Pansexual, is that one? [Interviewer] Why don’t you know? – I would say I’m not
super educated on it, which is crazy because it’s
like a huge part of my life. [Interviewer] What’s
your sexual orientation? – I am gay. – Straight with a little bit of curiosity. – Queer. – Capital Q, queer. All the way. [Interviewer] You ready? Let’s get our first person out. – Hi.
– Hello, hello. – I’m Sammy. – Nice to meet you, I’m Forest. – Forest. Right off the bat, I think you’re queer. – Oh. Why do you think that? – Well, everything fits nice. – Thank you.
– Yeah. And you did this. – Uh, yeah. – Do you find me sexy? – I love the cut of the dress. – Oh, thank you.
– Yeah. – Do you find me sexy? – I have a huge attraction to glasses. For me–
– Do you find me attractive? – Yes.
– Okay. I mean like, I think he’s bi. – I feel like I’ve seen you out before. – Oh, okay. – Like at the gay bars. – Ooh. I will neither confirm nor deny. – Okay. I feel like definitely gay. – Queer for sure, but
like I’m gonna guess gay, which is bold. – Unfortunately you are wrong. I’m straight. – Wow. – I don’t even know where to start. I’m like shooketh. You’re giving me gay twinkie vibes. – How straight? – Uh, I think men are interesting, just not that interesting. – Ooh. – Even my own penis disgusts me. – Yikes.
– Yeah. (laughing) – I tracked you as gay for like some of my own personal reasons. Do people make that
assumption about you a lot? – Oh yes. I was always taught to dress properly, care really about your fitness
and how you present yourself. – Love it. I was referencing your personality. You went to all of these
surface identifiers, which is curious to me ’cause you actually have a really clear idea
of like what a gay dude is. And I would be curious to like bring you around my gang and like introduce you to like a wider selection. – Yeah. – Hello.
– Hi. God I feel so bad by saying this. Her outfit doesn’t really look like she’s trying to show off too much. – I am getting queer vibes. But here’s what I’m wondering, if like those vibes are coming to me through your like immaculate style. And if those style points came to you through queer exports. I would expect to see
you at the gay bookstore. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if you were in like a
hetero-presenting relationship. – I feel like you just
don’t identify as anything. Is that a thing?
Can I say that? – I think you’re a lesbian. – You think I’m a lesbian? – [Debra] Yes. – I see something in you
that is very similar to me so I think that you are
pansexual or bisexual. – I would consider myself asexual. – I didn’t even remember
that that one was an option. – You’re asexual?
– Yes. – Meaning you don’t have sex? – I personally choose not to have sex, but there are asexual
people that do have sex. It just means that I don’t
have like a sex drive. – I have a horrible sex drive. I wanna have sex all the time. – That’s so interesting. I’m the complete opposite. I don’t even think about it.
– Right. – My name’s Gino. – Gino, nice to meet you. – Yeah, nice to meet you too. – Cute smile. What’s like your type? – I like people that are
very strong opinionated. Big and like dominant. – Am I your type? – Not necessarily. – Okay, so you’re a straight male. – Tell me like what kinda night you look for when you go out? – Ooh, I love to go to the
club with my friends and dance. That would be my thing. – Which is an indicator to me. I’m saying like queerish. – I think you’re straight. – Why? – I get the feeling
you would flirt with me in the right situation. And that like, so I just have that vibe. – [Interviewer] Why don’t you flirt? – What do you like to do at night? – At night? – On the weekend, like
what do you like to do? – Oh, eat Hot Cheetos
and play video games. – Hot Cheetos? What type of video games
do you like to play? Call of Duty? – No I’m not a Call of Duty fan. You’re straight. (laughing) You’re straight. – You were totally wrong. I’m a gay guy. – Uh!
– Yeah. – Are you like gay, or like gay. – Passing I guess is the word for it. I don’t like shopping, or like
nails, or stuff like that. – Ooh, so many stereotypes at once. – I know, I know. – What type of gay
person do you think I am? – Big bold personality. – That’s right, thank you. You know what people say to me a lot, they’re like, I just love your energy. Which to me is like, them thanking me for having a personality
so that they don’t have to. – Oh.
(laughing) – What do you think? – You’re giving me like
a little butchy vibes. This is like a little more
masculine from down here. I think you’re trying to like throw me off with like a little feminine touch. But I don’t believe it. I think you’re a lesbian. – Do you find me attractive? – Oh yeah, you’re pretty. – Okay. – What about me, do
you find me attractive? – I think you’re very sexy. You’re a lesbian. – Oh. – I mean, I thought she was a lesbian when she walked up. – Was it the walk?
– No. It’s this.
– Okay, it’s all of it. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – From here down, but
from here up is straight? – I mean, it’s not
straight, it’s just not… – As gay. (laughing) I’m attracted to men and women. – Okay.
– Yeah. – Do you say you’re bisexual? – No, I say I’m gay. – Why don’t you say you’re bisexual? – I’m not just interested
in men and women. Like I would date somebody
who’s gender nonconforming, who’s non binary. – Can like anyone that
doesn’t date any like gender, are they gay? – I’m just gay, I don’t
care about anybody else. But I call myself gay. Are you gay? – Ah, curious. – Okay. But you knew I was sexy? – Yeah. – Interesting.
– Yeah. – Let’s chat later. – Yeah. – All right, cool.
(laughing) – Nice to meet you.
– Nice meeting you. – Hi.
– Hi. – I’m Istahar.
– Istahar? – Yes. – Nice to meet you. – Is this like a cut of outfit that you wear very frequently? – I guess. Like I like things that cover my knees. – Mm, why’s that? – I just think it’s modest. – Oh yeah. Do you think that
people’s first assessments are accurate or inaccurate? – I think people just think Muslim. – How does that feel? – I mean they’re right. – Sure, sure. Okay. – It’s an important part of my identity. – Yeah. – Do you think that all
Muslims are straight? – No. – So what do you think about me then. – I, I’m sweating. I haven’t been raised with
the ability to ask questions. – I heard you ask other
people all sorts of questions. So why not?
– Yes, exactly. It’s because I don’t want to offend you. – Do you find me sexy? – Mm, not really. – Okay.
– I think you’re pretty. – Thank you. – Do you think I’m sexy? – I do, yeah.
– What about me? – You’re tall. – I like that you’re tall too. – I think you’re curious. – Curious but not certain? – [Debra] No. – I don’t look certain to you. – I mean, I don’t know.
– Okay. – I’m not good at this, obviously. – All right. – If I had to like clock
you on the spectrum like I would say that you are a straight and passionate ally. – I mean I think you’re straight, but I think I could be wrong. – I’m not straight. I identify as pansexual. So I don’t care about gender. – Yes. – But I’m certain about that. – So who do you normally date? – I cannot confirm nor
deny my dating habits. I’m Muslim, I only marry. – Okay. – But, yup. – Do you think if you see Muslims when you leave this place, do you think you might question if they’re straight or not now? – Uh, I don’t think
about people’s sexuality like all the time like when I’m passing people on the street. But in a conversation maybe
I would be a little bit more like, ah, I wonder what’s, yeah. – Good luck.
– Thank you. – [Interviewer] You have
gotten nobody right. – Cool. – I hope he’s gay! (laughing) This is like the epitome of my type. Oh my god, am I flustered? – A little bit. – I have no questions. – Do you find me attractive? – Yeah, but you know you’re attractive. – No. – It’s okay. – I feel like he’s straight. – Can I see your tattoos? – Yeah. – That’s really nice.
– I got anime tattoos. And Leo symbol. – Okay, are you a Leo? – Yes.
– Wow. I don’t know anything about that. I’m not that kind of homo. I’m gonna say like straight but like anything’s possible
in the right lighting. (laughing)
Do you know what I mean? – I hear you. – I think he’s gay. – No, no I’m not. – Uh. – I’m straight. Sorry that I’m your type
and I’m straight, but. You know, we could still be cool. – Can we? – You have beautiful eyes. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – That’s a nice thing to say. – I like the red in your beard too. – Thank you.
– Sorry, I have a redhead fetish. Anyways, I say gay.
– Why do you think I’m gay? – ‘Cause I just the
way he’s looking at me. It’s confusing. – I think you’re straight. – He’s straight. I’m like confident on this one. I feel it. Am I right? – You’re wrong. – Uh! – I’m bisexual. – No I don’t think you are. – Do you get misconstrued a lot? – Yeah, often. I’d say mostly girls assume I’m gay. – Really? – And my bro people are like he’s a straight bro, hanging with us. – Do you find me attractive? – Yes. – I feel like she’s gazing into my eyes. I think you’re a lesbian. – The long hair, you’re very like conventionally attractive to me. I think you’re straight. – Straight. But like down. What do you think? – I feel like I’ve always been down, but I’m lesbian. – Yes! I’m so glad that I’m wrong, right? That’s kinda the point. – I got one right! – [Interviewer] Yay! Everybody line up behind. Raise your hand if he got you right. Ish. (laughing) Go ahead and look. You have two right.
– Two, yeah. – [Interviewer] You got one person. – One. – [Interviewer] How was this experience for you personally? – It was dreadful. – I think it’s a continual
learning process, right? To just like track your
biases and figure out who those biases are serving. And I think it’s right
that I should be wrong. I wanna know that there are queer people around me who got my back. But I also wanna be surprised by like straight people who wanna get down. – I don’t know, I don’t like it. I wouldn’t recommend assuming
people’s sexual orientation. It’s not fun, and you’re
probably gonna be wrong. – [Interviewer] Good job you guys. – Woo! – Yay. (cheering and clapping) – Hey guys, it’s Marina. – I’m Dave. – Check out our Patreon, You won’t regret it. Right? – Mm-mm. – Come on there’s like almost
nine million of you guys. We gotta have more than 20 patrons.

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