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Get Ready for the World of Work – Skills Employers Want

October 10, 2019

The skills that we look for as employers
in the workplace are people that can get on in the team, so they can communicate. Learning to work under pressure… Numeracy, literacy, problem-solving… Extra-curricular stuff as well. Things you do outside of school, those things are as
important as your exams and what you study. Think of what skills you’ve gained in the past, different experiences from other
part-time jobs and hobbies. You can get the skill of dealing with clients from working in a shop so that you know how to deal with customers. Are you involved in any sports or clubs, such as Creative Writing or Performing Arts and then think about what skills those require. it’s about doing those out-of-school
activities or joining a team gaining those skills which you probably won’t realise that
you’re gaining when you’re doing them. Team-working, communication skills Initiative, dealing with others… recognising individuals’ needs… There are lots of different skills that people practice every day without realising it, so it’s just important to sit down and think, “what did i do today?” and what skills did I practice?

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