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Get Outdoors – Planning Essentials – #10 Pack for a Day Walk

December 1, 2019

Heading out for a short day walk is a
great weekend activity with family and friends. There are so many amazing places
to explore in New Zealand. It’s not hard to find a day adventure that’s perfect for you. Don’t forget that a day trip still requires thoughtful planning and preparation so you can maximise your enjoyment. And don’t underestimate your
day walk either. If just a few things go wrong, like someone gets injured or maybe you lose the track you might find yourself in an overnight stay. Which is a good thing to plan not to do. Much like an overnight tramp there are a few
essential items you won’t want to leave home without. Like your Xbox. No that can stay at home. Like your iPad. No not that either. Like your cellphone. Finally! Yes, take that with you. And here’s a few essential items your can
pack into a smaller bag that you won’t want to leave without. Oh, I reckon I got this. Really? You just said that you were going to take your Xbox with you. Just hear me out, I reckon I can do this. First of all you’re going to need a waterproof rain jacket. Even if it’s a day walk and the forecast is
for sunny weather this is a must have. Layers of warm clothing and remember to
bring some to spare as well. At least a liter of water to drink, food and snacks, and remember to bring more than you think you’ll need, and a small emergency kit. This is your first aid, survival bag, whistle etc. A torch or head torch in case you’re out there for longer than expected. And finally a map of your walk. So, how’d I do? Good, but you missed one. Huh? A communication device. No, no no, I said bring your cellphone. You did, but a phone is only a starting point. You’ll need to consider what you’ll do if the place you’re
going doesn’t have cell phone coverage. Okay, fair enough. Well that seems like a pretty easy list of essential gear. Absolutely it is. And offcourse the most important thing is to
get out there and enjoy yourself.

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    awesome video, thanks for uploading this, a must watch video for all

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    Good common sense info guys

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    Good content presented poorly

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