Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #6 Recap (HBO)

February 24, 2020

There will be no walk of
atonement. Queen Margaery has already
atoned for her sins by bringing another into
the true light of the Seven. (CROWD WHISTLES)
(APPLAUSE) TOMMEN:When you attack
the Faith, you attack the Crown.
Anyone who attacks the Crown
is unfit to serve as Lord Commander
of the Kingsguard. You have served faithfully
for many years, and you will continue to do so,
but not in this city. JAIME:I’m being sent to
deal with the Blackfish.
Stand at the head of our army
where you belong. Show our men
what Lannisters are. You let the Blackfish
take Riverrun. Riverrun is ours.You will remind him
who it was that got married
at the Red Wedding
in the first place. His nephew.
Lord Edmure,
take that castle back. We gather today to choose
a new king as our leader. ALL: What is dead may never die. (CHEERING) They stole our best ships. It won’t be enough to save them. Who? JAQEN H’GHAR:An actress.
Calls herself Lady Crane.
ARYA:Who wants her dead?A servant
does not ask questions. A girl has been given
a second chance. There will not be a third. Careful of that one. Shame. A girl had many gifts. Don’t let her suffer. JON: We can’t defend the North
from the Walkers and the South from the Boltons. If we wanna survive,
we need Winterfell and to take Winterfell,
we need more men. The North remembers
the Stark name. People will still risk
everything for it. Jon doesn’t have the Stark name. No, but I do.

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