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FusionLayer Infinity – Eliminating the Cost of Network Downtime

January 24, 2020

Do you know how much network downtime costs
you? According to Gartner, the average loss is
5,600 dollars per minute, and 49% are caused by human errors. Yet, organizations continue
to live like it is the 90s, managing their networks manually the old way. To put this into perspective, if an enterprise
is managing 5,000 networks and in one year, 49% of them suffer just one minute of downtime
each…. That’s more than 10 million dollars out of the window! This is where FusionLayer can help you. By standardizing network management processes,
you can become cloud-native. Get visibility into the hybrid networks that span across
on-premise and public clouds. Become agile by implementing end-to-end automation in your
IT business infrastructure…. and save millions while at it. Stop managing your enterprise networks like
it is still the 90s. Click the link in the description and find out how!

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