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Four colors of personality | HOW TO UNDERSTAND DIFFICULT PEOPLE

September 12, 2019

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pardsa200sl276slmult1f0fs22lang9 The 4 lensespar
have you ever wondered why certain people act the way they do. I came across the 4 lenses
a while ago, except it was called something else, but apperantly there are 4 major character
types that dominates each and everyone of us. Now before we go typecasting people into
groups or categories, let me tell you that almost everyone is a mix of all 4, it just
happens some lenses are dominated by 1.par so lets cut to the chase and start .par
I want you to look at these 4 set of pictures and choose 1 that connects with you on a personal
level. something you believe who you are, without thinking too much of which one to
choose. Ill give you 5 seconds each picture so you can observe and decide which one represents
you best, later I will show you their respective identification. just pause the video if you
need more time.par par
all right, now lets see what you chose.par if you picked option Apar
You are the color green, you are an independent thinker. some may even call you a non-conformist.
you dont accept things at face value and you find yourself in a constant state of analysis
as you try to understand and improve every part of your world.par
in your personal life, you feel the need to keep your head in charge of your heart. work
has to be challenging, so you can be totally consumed with its completion. if you finish
the project, you have to move on to new challeges and leave the day to day task to others.par
decisions are often difficult to make because you have to be certain that you dont make
a mistake. issues are never black and white but filled with a multiplicity of possible
choices or outcomes.par words that describe you are: scientific, complex,
abstract, independent, ingenious, intellectual, logical, cool, calm, collected and theoretical.par
if you picked option Bpar you are orange.par
you are a person who thrives on excitement and physical challenges. you are talented
and skillfull and love to show others what you can do. you have an endless supply of
energy to try new and exciting things. structured jobs easily bore you.par
you seek for tools or means to make any job easier. the end justify the means. which makes
it difficult ot follow rules and procedures that tend to get in the way.par
you thrive on physical contact and competition. you need people that can be sponteneous and
do things at the drop of the hat.par you learn by doing. you meet problems head
on and beat it once and for would rather figure something out than ask for help.
life is a big gamble or party and i need to take my chances and enjoy it as much as i
can.par words that describes me are: bold, entrepreneur,
generous, spontenious, competitor, optimistic, charming, courageous,fearless, adaptable,
easy going, persuasive, wild, fun and crazy. par
if you picked option Cpar youre a bluepar
you are a nurturing person, drawn to helping profession where you can assist and live more
meaningful lives. you are careful to consider how others are affected by your decisions,
sometimes you will even alter plans to avoid conflict or contention.par
you are deeply romantic and believe that true love can make life happy ever after. you use
your heart in making find it easy to make friends.par
you look for the true meaning of life. you thrive in environment that people help each
other out where cooperation replaces the need to declare winners and losers.par
you are a skilled motivator and an effective and gifted communicator. a friend till the
end. you are deeply spiritual.par words that describe you are: caring, artistic,
spiritual, symphatetic, insightful, compassionate, peaceful, romantic, poetic, sensitive, patient,
accepting, giving and true.par if you piced option Dpar
youre a goldpar you are a highly organized person,people come
to you when they need a job done right because you are highly stable and dependable. you
are highly responsible, neat and orderly.par you believe it is important to obey rules
and follow authority. you life to belong in organization and groups that provide traditional
reinforcement and support.par you take things seriously that includes your
traditional and conservative views on love, marriege and family. you are hard working
and like things to be done your way. when people recognize and appreciate your efforts
, it makes them all worthwhile.par its is very important ot be on time and prepared.
you are not very fond of change unless it is fully explained and gradually implemented.par
you have a strong sense of right and wrong. you are extremely loyal and faithful.par
words that describe you are: pactual, practical, organized, stable, dependable, detailed, hardworking,
solid, orderly, consistent, structured, positive and reliable.par
par now after that information was revealed to
you and you still agree with it, awesome you just figured out your dominant lense. the
real trick here is using this information to your advantage.par
how you may ask.par for example if you can tell someone has a
blue personality. you can motivate them by using open eded question. they love this.
when you are playing a group game, make sure you downplay competition, smile around them
and laugh more. reward them with personal interaction such as notes, smiles and approving
looks.par before you know it, you form bonds with blues
faster than you realize. par the secret here is, knowing the four lenses
and realizing how they see the world and how you see the world diffrently than them. by
understanding people, we can play on their strengths and shift our focus each others
core skills rather than our drawbacks.par for example it is more productive to put a
gold type person on positions of leadership or service than an orange because they have
a stronger sense of loyalty and duty.par we can take on bigger challeges and live happier
lives if we fully understand where people are coming from, that is why it is important
to have a baseline of knowledge about the core 4 lenses.par
Now eventually, the goal here is to be the mix of all 4 character strengths with none
of their weaknesses because the setbacks are replaced with the other colors defining character.
instead of being black and white about issues, we can take blues insightful characteristic
and greens multiplicity of choices and outcomes to understand a problem more deeply.par
instead of avoiding conflict and being submissive. we gather oranges courage to tell people par
that they are wrong.par all of us can be the avatar and fully master
the 4 elements. If we are fortunate enough perhaps we can leave earth just a little bit
better before we go.par par
if you enjoyed the video, leave a comment below and let me know what color represents
who you are, dont forget to click that like button and subscribe to get weekly updates
of my latest videos. and as always keep moving one step higher!par

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  • Reply One Step Higher December 19, 2016 at 2:27 am

    What is your personality? Mine was green and the other 3 were equally balanced. hope you enjoy the process and have a nice day! namaste ?

  • Reply Sparkaroo2u April 13, 2017 at 2:23 am

    I'm feel equal to A, C and D….some of B interesting!!!

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