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First Time in Finland | 48 Hours in Helsinki

December 4, 2019

We are really in Finland. That you need to jump in the sauna and
afterwards you need to jump in the sea and these are going to be
perfect for our very next stop. Good morning everybody. Welcome back to Helsinki here in Finland. This is pretty much mark’s day, one of Jessica’s epic European Christmas
that she’s dreamt about since she was a kid. I’m so excited right now but we have
two days here in the city and the first place that I am taking Stephen to is, I found this cute little cafe right on
the water and I’ve heard that they do some of the best hot chocolate
best cinnamon buns in the
city and it is located right on the water in a hundred year old, kind of like red traditional little hut Okay I’ve got the goods… Hot chocolate cinnamon bun
and some sausages because
we were about to cook them in that open fire, Soo, they have an outdoor fire pit in front
of the little cafe and you can buy some sausages to go with your hot chocolate. So cool and you just kind
of just cook up your lunch. We need to know really in Finland, We need to know how that chocolate tastes. Look at this cream Wow-wee that’s Good. We’re officially in Christmas time? So
while the sausages are being cooked, I’m going to be a little bit cheeky
and jump straight into dessert. I love cinnamon buns and I’ve always
wanted to try one here in Finland. Is it good? She did heat
it up. Is it still hot? Not too bad. Really good though.
Something about cinnamon and Christmas. So this is a perfect start to our holiday. When you walk into the cafe, it smells like Christmas because she’s
baking cinnamon buns all day. Oh yeah. This looks cool by the fire. But I’m telling you inside is so cute
cause it’s just like four seats in there. It’s so small. So we’ve heard when you come to Finland you
cannot miss going to a Finnish sauna. So we found one of the most popular
places to go and we’ve heard, because this one is located
right on the Baltic sea, that you need to jump in the sauna and
afterwards you need to jump in the sea. Now I’m pretty sure that it is almost
freezing. So a good luck Steve, I get out of this one. Alrighty. I’ve just gone
inside the hot sauna now. This is the Finnish part of the
sauna going into the icy cold water, not ideal conditions. Oh my
gosh, it’s so cold just out here. They say that you’re fine
when you’re not really fine, you just can’t get into it. [inaudible] [inaudible] That was such an incredible experience. Wow. I believe he did it twice. I was skeptical on how
crazy this experience was, but I mean really the
sauna like heats you up, you almost have this heat blanket
on you and then you jump in and yes, it is a shock, but then you go back into the sauna
and it’s like this numbing feeling. It’s definitely about the sensation. That was quite good as well because
there was this room with a fireplace, so I had as chilled in the fireplace
room and to go in for two hours. It’s only 19 euros, so it’s not too
bad for such a beautiful location. One thing I am so upset about is that the
Christmas markets here in Helsinki are open in a few days. So
we are just missing out, but we were just walking home back to
our Airbnb and we noticed that there is this mini mini market on like there’s
like five stores and we’re going to pretend that that is our Christmas
market moment here in Finland. So we are going to go check it out. alright, your first try
of a hot cup of Glögi Glug glug It’s like a mulled wine. Oh my goodness.
That is so nice! You can see the steam. Oh it is so warm, There’s like this little seating area.
And then the markets are just out there. It’s like couple of degrees cold. This is so nice and toasty. When you have a sip, all the steam goes
everywhere. Ready? Woah. Blow into it? So you have an assortment
of pre-dinner snacks? Gingerbread? It it, it’s Gingerbreed. Can I interest you in
a handful of Sultanas? I’m here for the free snacks.
So you eat, your Glögi. Morning guys. It is the next day and we
are actually having quiet a chili one. We were hoping for snow but I feel like
it’s just not there yet. But to warm up, we are heading out to a local food market
because we’ve heard that when you come to Finland you need to try the Salmon
soup and supposedly the best on a soup here in Helsinki. Is it the food market. We’ve just come into the market pool
and there are so many places to eat but we’ve come to the busiest and they were
serving a lot of types of soup and one is the salmon soup and look at this. Chunks of salmon and potato. let us know what it’s like. Wow, that’s warming, that
will warm you up as well. It’s kinda cool because we’re
inside this like massive shed. But then there’s like individual
almost huts. Ours has a roof? There’s all different stuff. Wow. Also, there is unlimited bread. Yum! Oh my goodness. I am so full.
That was very good value. Like the bowl is massive.
It is full of fish, full of potatoes and only 10 Euro for
lunch. That was pretty good to Finland. But even though we are so full, we were walking out and we saw a little
bakery and there was this one thing that caught our eye. We had never seen
it before. What was it called? Tippaleipä. And it said that you could only get in
Finland. And so I’m like, okay, okay, we’ll get some. She put it in this bag and she told me
I have to scrunch it all up and then we eat it, Which seemed like odd cause it
looked like a piece of artwork. Like it looked like a birdsnest. I know I don’t want to ruin it. Ready. All right. And now we some
kind looks like a funnel cake. Ready? Crunchy from mm it’s like a crunchy
pastry with the icing sugar on it. Yum. Yeah, Definitely don’t need it! So
Full from the soup. So tonight, well it’s not actually tonight. It’s 4:00 PM we’ve come down to
what they call Christmas street. It’s Alexander street and they cover
the street full of Christmas lights. And there are so many shops. So I think we’re going to be doing a
little bit about Christmas shopping tonight. So a lot of the storefronts actually
have some Christmas displays on those. He walked in there. It’s a bunch of different characters
and you kind of just have a look around. It looks very Christmassy. Literally,
he’s just stiff into the streets. He like, yep, it’s Christmas time. We have just come back from shopping
and I think I’ve found the best purchase I’ve ever made in my life. Okay. You could not get these in Australia and
these are going to be perfect for our very next stop. It is the best place to kickstart
Christmas because Santa lives here. I swear this is one of the most
magical places in the world.

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