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Find out YOUR lightsaber COLOR! – Star Wars Quiz

September 28, 2019

Hey everybody and welcome to Leia’s Lair.
In this episode I have prepared a quiz to determine which lightsaber color you would
have. If you are enjoying the videos please give them a like and subscribe to the channel
so I can continue making them for you! Before we begin, grab a pen and paper or something
to keep track of your answers and scores. After each question, select a response that
aligns with how you’d choose to be in the Star Wars universe. It will then reveal how
many points each response is worth, add that number to your tally. At the end we will add
up all the points from the questions to determine which color you got. Alright, let’s begin! Question 1. You are at the Mos Eisley Cantina
minding your own business, when a thug tries to pick a fight with you. Do you… A. Kill him using Force Choke. Do they even
know who they are trying to mess with? B. Tell this Nerf Herder off, prepare to defend
yourself if they come at you C. Beat him up as a warning, next time they’ll
likely lose an arm D. Tell him that it’s not worth his trouble,
offer to buy him a drink… E. Try ignoring him, maybe he’ll get bored
and leave F. Force push him away, then pay for your
drink and leave G. Use the Force to persuade him otherwise Question 2. While on a mission to the Outer-rim
planet Tatooine, you encounter a Force-sensitive child. Do you… A. Ignite your lightsaber, you don’t want
someone more powerful than you in the galaxy B. Kill any of their family members, then
take him to be your apprentice C. Send his midichlorian count to the Jedi
Council, ask them for wisdom D. Bet on the child to win you money in a
Pod race, and use the winnings to buy a new ship E. Leave the child and go on your way, not your problem F. Protect him at all costs. He could be important for the future of the Order G. Take him as your apprentice, with or without the Council’s approval Question 3. Your mother is captured by the
Sand people and dies in the process. Do you… A. Kill all the sand people, even the innocent
women and children. B. Leave the Sand People alone, you don’t
want to dwell on this any longer. C. Confront the Sand People, you need to find
out why they captured her in the first place. D. Try reasoning with the Sand People, you
don’t want this to happen to anyone else. E. Threaten the Sand People, you will stop
them should they try this again. F. Rejoice her life and forgive the Sand People,
it’s what she would’ve wanted. G. Go after the Sand People’s Warriors,
but leave the innocent women and children alone. Question 4. You have a moment alone with your
crush. Do you… A. Confess your love to them. The Order rules
do not apply to you. B. Kill-I mean Kiss them. Yes. Kiss. C. Leave them be, it is forbidden to carry attachments. D. Do nothing, the ball is in their court. E. Flirt with them. There’s no harm in that. F. Ask them to marry you in secret. Nothing can go wrong here. G. Friend zone them. Protecting your heart is more important. Question 5. You are out with your friends
at a bar on Coruscant, when a sketchy character offers you some Death Sticks. Do you… A. Say no and Force persuade him to rethink
his life. B. Rob him of his Death Sticks, time to expand
his operation. C. Pretend to meet him in the alley for the
deal, then kill him, one less scumbag out there. D. Protect your wallet and walk away quickly. E. Say yes, love me some good ol’ Death
Sticks F. Take his death sticks and break them. Drugs
are bad anyway. G. Ignore him and go on with your evening. Question 6. While in a battle with your enemy,
you defeat them and end up cutting of their arms making them helpless for the moment.
Do you… A. No hands? It wouldn’t be right to leave
them with legs. B. Use Force Heal on them, even your enemies
shouldn’t suffer. C. Call in the authorities, they can decide
how to proceed. D. Torture them a bit before sending them
to prison. E. Arrest them and send them away as they
are. F. Leave them, you have more important things
to worry about. G. Behead them, no more worrying about that
enemy. Question 7. You come across a Jedi Master
and a Sith Lord battling. Do you… A. Protect the Jedi Master if he looks like
he is in trouble. B. Meditate. The force will resolve this battle
itself. C. Join in the battle against the Sith Lord.
2 vs 1 gives you the better advantage. D. Walk away, nothing to see here. E. Kill the Sith Lord, become the Chosen One that was prophesied. F. Kill the Jedi Master and become the Sith Lord’s apprentice. G. Kill them both, your allegiance is to no one but yourself. Question 8. You find out your father is a
Sith Lord. Do you… A. Try to destroy him, you want to be the
sole ruler. B. Deny it. You are too light-sided to have
a dark-sided father. C. Rejoice! You finally know who your father
is… not that your father was ever around anyway D. Join him and rule the galaxy as father and son. E. Accept it. There is nothing you can do to change it. F.Try to convince him to turn back to the light side. G. Try to destroy him, the Sith must be stopped. Question 9. What is your favourite Force power: A. Force Choke B. Force Lightning C. Force Push D. Jedi Mind Trick E. Increased Athleticism F. Mind Probe G. Force Deflect Question 10. What is your role in the Galaxy: A. General B. Warrior C. Ruler of the Galaxy D. Defender E. Trainer F. Bounty Hunter G. Lone Wolf Alright that was the last question, good job
on finishing the quiz. Now just add up all the points from the questions and we’ll find
out which lightsaber color you have in the Star Wars universe. Between 10 and 17: You got Green
Historically, green-bladed lightsabers were the mark of the Jedi Consular. Wielders of
green-bladed sabers are generally more diplomatic, and only rely on physical confrontation as
a last resort. Jedi that use green-bladed lightsabers tend to be morally good, and prefer
to use light-sided Force powers connected to mental abilities, such as the Jedi mind
trick. Between 18 and 25: You got Yellow
Wielders of yellow-bladed lightsabers were the mark of the Jedi Sentinel. Jedi who use
yellow lightsabers are balanced between combat and scholarly pursuits. They would be more
likely to act as defenders of the Jedi Order, rather than head out into battle, they would
only engage if necessary. Between 26 and 34: You got Blue
Traditionally, wielders of blue-bladed lightsabers have deep, physical connections with the force.
Jedi who use blue lightsabers are adept with physically focused Force powers, like Force
Push and Force Barrier, but prefer lightsaber combat. Generally, wielders of blue-bladed
lightsabers are morally good, and use the light side of the Force. Between 35 and 45: You got White
Wielders of white-bladed lightsabers tend to stay away from labels and strict definitions,
and cannot typically be categorized as either good or bad, but rather, capable of either.
White lightsaber users are adept Force users, and more typically use universal Force abilities,
rather than light or dark Force abilities. Users of white lightsabers tend to have a
great amount of control and focus. Between 46 and 54: You got Purple
Wielders of purple-bladed lightsabers are more morally ambiguous than their fellow Jedi.
Typically, purple-bladed saber wielders favor light-sided Force powers, but do not limit
themselves to them, and can train in abilities that are sometimes looked down upon within
Jedi Orders. Wielders of purple-bladed lightsabers use their powers for good, but can be calculating
and distrustful. Between 55 and 62: You got Darksaber
The Darksaber is a black-bladed saber that seems to negate all light in its immediate
vicinity, rather than give off light. Wielders of the Darkblade have not always been Sith,
but are generally morally corrupt and obsessed with death. A Darkblade wielder relies on
raw combat abilities and will almost never take the peaceful option when there is a chance
they can spill some blood. Between 63 and 70: You got Red
Red lightsabers are used almost exclusively by Sith and users of the dark side of the
Force. Sith believe that conflict is the only way to truly test one’s ability and place
in the universe, so they never shy away from a fight or seek peaceful solutions when confronted
with problems. Wielders of red-bladed lightsabers are guided by their passions, and use dark-sided
Force powers almost exclusively. And there you have it! Hope you had fun completing
the quiz. So which color did you get? Let me know down below in the comment section.
And remember to like and subscribe to the channel for more great videos to come. I hope
to see you all again in Leia’s Lair.

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