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Fertilizer Software – SMART! Fertilizer Management Software

October 10, 2019

In an ever-changing world, there is as much to lose as there is to gain. As farmers, we strive to consistently
grow the highest quality crops year after year. To grow them at a
greater yield, and to grow them with less effort. To
accomplish this we need to grow SMART! Introducing SMART! Fertilizer Management Software, which allows You to control the many
dynamic factors that affect crop growth, eliminate the guesswork and save up to
50% percent on your fertilizer costs. Fertilizer is a
resource which should not be misused or overused but rather be utilized with
scientific precision. SMART! is a remarkable new agricultural
software that instantly calculates and selects the ideal fertilizer mixture, based on your
water, soil, plant tissue and crop nutrient
needs. Whether you use your fertilizers in open
fields, in fertigation systems or in hydroponics – you’re planning for good yields, not just
hoping for them… “When I discovered SMART!, it was a
revelation for me. It felt like moving from the Stone
Age to the 21st century” Select your crop or enter the target
values for each nutrient. Work with your familiar units and nutrient
forms. Then choose from your list of fertilizers.
Now see how SMART! calculates the best fertilizer mix for you, at the lowest cost. “Finding the right fertilizer combination used to take us days. Now we do it in minutes!” if you’ve tested your soil and plant
tissue, enter the lab results into the system.
SMART! analyzes the results and guides you as to the best action to take. NO MORE GUESSING. This ensures you quality results year after year. If
you are using fertigation, SMART! offers special and unique benefits It adjust your fertilizer usage based on
your local water quality and suggests how to distribute
fertilizers to stock tanks according to their compatibility. SMART! also saves you from making costly
mistakes: if you try to mix the wrong kinds of
fertilizers or exceed solubility limitations, you get
a detailed alert message. The reports generated by SMART! give you
all the critical data, so you can make the right decisions. Most
importantly, you now have the tools for long-term
planning and crop management. Leave the
uncertainty in the past and consistently meet your goals in the
future! We are now much better, more confident
and successful growers! Utilize the expertise and SMART!’s
extensive knowledge base in order to save valuable time. Choose
from among hundreds of different crops, define different growth stages, as well
as different growing methods and add your own specific crops and
fertilizer data. You can now take FULL control over your crop growth and the results will speak for
themselves! “Since I started using SMART!, three years ago, I could for the first time gain control
over the fertilization process. I know which fertilizers to use, in which
amounts and how much it will cost.” I can always be sure I will get the
best results, at much lower cost than before. The time has
now come for better harvests at lower costs. The time has now come for you to grow your crops the SMART! way.

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