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Face Reading & Body Language – Personality Type 2: Giver

August 22, 2019

Friends. In this video… We will be talking about Enneagram Personality Type 2. That is, Giver. They look, from their body language, very warm- and friendly. And they express their emotions forcefully. That is to say, they are sad in others’ sadness. while being happy in others’ happiness. They express their happiness openly. The face of Type 2 is very flexible. That’s why their facial expressions change dramatically. And this is the reason why acting… suits them naturally. Their expressions are mostly portrayed by their eyes… We can say that Type 2 has got “speaking eyes”. Some ladies belonging to Type 2 wear thick kohl… which help emote them better. They also have softer faces compared to other types. Type 2 are of very friendly disposition. And they mingle with people readily. They also, at times, care too much for others’ feelings. And bear with them a lot . That is, they are tad too accommodative. When someone does not listen to them They take recourse to manipulation… That is, they try to coax and coerce others. Some close contacts of Type 2..,. at times, complain of personal interference in their matters. Type 2 are very helpful and benevolent… And sometimes they even give away the things of their own need to others. They tend to sympathize with others And gain sympathy from others. Thats’ why they are also called Sympathizers. Friends, we talked about Personality Type 2 in this video. In our next video… We will be talking about Personality Type 3. So friends, if you liked this video don’t forget to give it a thumb up. Also, do Subscribe to our channel. And Share this video.

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