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Face Reading and Body Language Through 9 Personality Types

October 12, 2019

Hey friends! In this video we are talking about a technique… …through which you … can gauge the goodness, evil, strengths and weaknesses of any person. Here you’ll learn, for instance, if somebody is pestering you… … then how you can change the situation to your own favour… This technique, which is known as ‘Enneagram’ … …or ‘Nine Personality Types’ – ….through it doing the face reading and understanding the body language. …Not only face reading and body language… but you can even by seeing a person’s photo or talking to her on phone… will be able to know… …what good or what harm can she do to you. Friends! This technique is no ordinary technique… …but a result of years of research and studies and devised into a psycho-instrument. …which is referred to as Enneagram or Nine Personality Types That is, all human beings on this planet… belong to nine kinds of temperaments or behaviours And yes, this is important to know that… personality type cannot be changed or altered. Because it is the natures’s own scheme… And, personality type of person is innate, i.e., its develops… in the womb itself. … in the womb itself. I will quickly let you know the names of these personality types. #1. Perfectionist or Reformer They seek perfection in everything They want continuous improvement in self and others At times people are even upset by their criticism. Generally, these people are… …short of temper. #2. Giver (or Sympathiser) Ready to do anything for anyone. They express their emotions vigorously… So much so, that some people take it as their showiness #3. Performer or Achiever. These people simply perform. …and, keep an eye on achievement And, sometimes, are worried about their self-image. #4.Individualist or Romantic They believe they are different than others They have great aesthetic sense. …a bit romantic. If someone criticises them, they go into sulk. #5 Observer or Detector These people tend to have… …immense curiosity. They are quiet observers. And get their work covertly. #6. Questioner or Loyalist They ask too many questions… …from others and from themselves too. What’s interesting is that… …they are able to recognise under-dog causes of a person they meet. #7 Epicure or Adventurist They relish their life to the hilt Eating sumptuous food… and keeping clear of… …all kinds of complications is their thing If they are to manage things, they tend to be soft and too easy-going… #8 Boss or Challenger They are born leaders. And great fire fighters. No body is as supportive as they are. If they happen to engage in a fight, they fight vigorously. They are as good a friend as they are an enemy. Now we have reached at #9. They are Peacemakers or Mediators. They seek to keep peace. No matter what the circumstances are… …they tend to hit the middle ground. But they tend to use others… …to grind their own axe or settle scores. So friends!. These were 9 personality types. In the next videos, we’ll do face reading… …and understand body language of each personality type Friends! I promise that my videos will… give a new direction to your life So, SUBSCRIBE today my channel ‘Easy Zindagi.’ …And get ready to embark upon a novel and a very interesting journey. I, Aslam Beg, take your leave now. We’ll meet soon.

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