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Expressive Personality Type: Are You Fun To Be With?

October 16, 2019

So the next personality type I
want to talk about is the expressive and expressives are fun people they are they are what Dani Johnson calls as Sapphires, they love people We would very often see expressives as
people who have different hair colors and tattoos and stud earrings and they
are more outspoken they are the life at the party they walk in and you know
they’re around they love, they love people they love fun, they have short attention
span as a rule and they tend to be ADHD, you know ADD whenever you want to call it however they are phenomenal promoters
and they are fun to be around everybody wants to be around an expressive
a lot of people want to be expressive that’s when secondary personality type
is to be expressive so how do you best work with an expressive person because they
thrive you know where I was mentioning the driver that thrives on money and being challenged nice things taking control and you know the drivers is what makes a lot of
things happen in this world don’t get me wrong but then you have the expressives they
phenomenal promoters you know they they are the life of the party and so they
thrive in praise they love people they love not being around not just one or
two people but around a lot of people fun fun fun
is what it’s about people laughter so and so the thing that they crave the most
and most important thing for them is “praise” that you can give them you know
and if I look at my notes here a little bit and there’s a couple more things to
to mention about them is that they are it’s all about people for them and they
can get overwhelmed very quickly but don’t make it too analytical for them
don’t give them too many facts less is more for them
while a driver wants to know what to do they don’t go for and they just want the idea and they were one with it so yeah if you have expressive people who are in the family and like you know sometimes expressive people can be just too much for you you
know they’re just like wild always full of energy and all that like that’s the way they are we accept them for what they are and have fun being around them but if we want to
work with them always focus on praise people and fun.

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