ESTJ Careers List, Best Jobs for ESTJ Personality Type

September 29, 2019

Discover popular and unpopular career
and job choices for the ESTJ personality type. E stands for extroverted S is for
sensing T is for thinking and J is for judging. The ESTJ personality type excels
at organizing people projects and operations they like to be in control
and often seek out management positions. The ESTJ personality type liked to make
decisions and enforce policies and procedures they have a reputation as
trusted to deliver on time and as requested the ESTJ personality type is
reliable and gained satisfaction from bringing a project to completion they
sometimes become overworked the ESTJ personality type like a highly
structured workplace with a clear set of expectations and an organized Authority
structure they like to efficiently produce a tangible product popular
careers for the ESTJ include things like chef attorney paralegal judge auditor
military officer police officer dentist unpopular careers include things like
artist writer musician actor art director social worker psychologist
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