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ESFP Strengths and Weaknesses

October 10, 2019

let’s have some fun with what are
considered to be the ESFPs strengths and weaknesses keep in mind that a
strength can be a weakness and a weakness of strength it really just
depends on how you choose to look at it so firstly let’s have a look at some ESFP strengths they tend to be friendly and likeable fun-loving and warm
original practical willing to take risks artistic and adaptable the ESFP is also
thought to be bold observant have showmanship enjoy living in the present
and can make the most of it they also tend to have excellent people skills
excellent control of all five senses honest and flexible with a good sense of
humor now let’s have a look at some of the ESFP weaknesses they can make
financial choices irresponsibly they can be unfocused materialistic and have
difficulties in accepting criticism they can tend to be selfish and sensitive a
tendency to ignore their own needs they may jump from partner to partner always
looking for novelty and excitement they are easily bored conflict averse they
are poor long term planners and they may ignore their own health for sensual
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