ESFP Careers List, Best Jobs for ESFP Personality Type

October 2, 2019

Discover popular and unpopular career
and job choices for the ESFP personality type. E stands for
extroverted S is for sensing F is feeling and P is for perceiving. the ESFP personality type wants to be hands-on and in the middle of the action
they prefer an active social work environment where they are free to be
spontaneous and have fun with coworkers The ESFP personality type is pragmatic
realistic and tuned in to the needs of others they’re talented at solving
practical people-centered problems. The ESFP personality type won a career that
allows them to move around and generally prefer a work environment that is
aesthetically pleasing. The ESFP personality type is stressed by strict
rules or excessive bureaucracy at work they want the flexibility to address
situations as they arise popular careers for the ESFP personality type include
paramedic flight attendant chef bartender photographer police officer
airline pilot and unpopular careers for the ESFP include things like librarian
crafts artists clergy public health nurse preschool teacher for more popular
and unpopular ESFP career options click the link in the description to get the
list of careers and a free personality podcast assessment to get all the future
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