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EP31?️ Evernote, MakeTime Book & Email Apps | Tools They Use

October 27, 2019

A Keep Productive production welcome to the tools they use podcast Interviews with professionals about how they use apps software habits and routines every day And welcome back to the tools they use podcast it is Francesco here. So guys we have now finished series 3 on the podcast Super sad news. If I’m honest, I have really enjoyed doing the series in terms of like ten episodes It’ll ten interviews and then a bit of brag and ten episodes a bit of a break etc. It’s actually worked really really well But it’s sort of that time where I’m like I think episodes would work better in terms of the weekly format Obviously we’re doing weekly episode now, which is quite exciting It’s gonna be broken into three segments. So we’re gonna have three parts to an episode There’ll be roughly about fifteen to twenty minutes long, roughly So it’s gonna be I think it’s gonna be quite exciting a new trap too in terms of what we’re doing here I want to say a big big thank you to all the guests because obviously the guests have come on they’ve dedicated their own time And not only for me but for a lot of you guys I’ve seen on social media. You’ve been benefiting hugely from those Those interviews and we’re not getting rid of them. I will be doing an interview probably every three episodes in adjusted so that we can bring in some Really fantastic speakers and get them in but I really want to say a huge. Thank you to those thirty guests that we’ve had before again Like I always say I learn so much from them And it was really actually a really nice experiment for me now. We’re like eight months down the line I actually really enjoyed the podcast. So huge thanks to them. I really Appreciate them coming on the podcast We today will be speaking about three topics. I’ve hand-picked them per se We will talking about Evernote as a full package in terms of Evernote the application for note-taking Then we’ll be talking about a book that I’ve got here in front of me It’s called mega time but we’re gonna be talking about a specific section in it called highlight a Technique that you can use to choose the right task that you have for day head and finally I’ll be talking about personal third party email applications Because I think it’s quite important. Obviously that that sort of discussion at the moment I want to explain where my heads out with it and where your head could be at because Literally everything is dying at the moment. I wanted to discuss it. It’s almost like there’s a cull of email apps Anyway, I will also be excitingly doing the podcast on the video sign if you’re already watching the video some need awesome Will be doing this regular segment here so you don’t need to You can be watching this on YouTube and minimize the tab and go away or you could be listening to the podcast it’s gonna take me a bit of time to work out which one to look at like whether I’m looking at the microphone or The the actual camera on the computer or I’ll probably add a camera there. I don’t know I’m still working out my setup here. This is a new way of doing it. So, you know don’t judge me It’s gonna take a blizzard time leave a bit of time to get used to so the first thing I want to talk about is Evernote is like a packaged Evernote, obviously at the moment is Allegedly going for a few struggles and it’s like 5050. Some people are talking about that. It’s like a massive problem at the moment Others people talking about I don’t know What’s the problem is Evernote is still the number one note taker and if you want my opinion on the product itself Like if I was a brand new note taker coming into the market. I would probably go straight to Evernote Because the resource itself is a well presented package Obviously you have the likes of one note other applications like bear, but they in terms of the big package I don’t think they necessarily provide whatever note does in terms of like tons of function So what I quite like about Evernote is great They worked a lot on the bottom boarding which makes all the application easier. And remember there was a 225 million people who are using Evernote. That’s a Substantial amount and of course if they’re having these issues with growth It’s gonna take a bit of time. Now. One thing I would say, is that the other day I was in a coffee shop The regular coffee shop my visit and I was just looking over and it was like that week when all the students come back Well, not necessarily come back like some people start University here in the UK probably College in America, but essentially They they all sat with the laptops open. They’ve got some of their first Modules or sessions that they’ve been to and they’ve grabbed himself a latte Not very seven watching what they’re drinking But I could actually see they were all gathered around and some of them were creating their own Evernote accounts And this was fascinating for me to see because one I’ve been through the the college and university system And I’ve I’ve been able I’ve been able to use Evernote as in that situation and as someone who reviews this Because obviously I get to see their perspective now I pretty sure that a lot of people those students would have found Evernote by word of mouth and By just the nature of knowing it’s the best note taking application out there some of them probably transferred it from the other but the other side obviously being coming from high school or I call it high school so much. I forget what it’s called in the UK. It’s actually called college here So it’s it’s confusing you’re going from college to university But yeah You see you can see a lot of students have used it throughout and they already had a few notes but a lot of them were setting up brand new and I’m just like looking at it, you know from this perspective of evidence having all these problems But really it’s actually really nicely put together note taking application as a package it really delivers everything you need and I think that if you don’t take into account with OneNote that you create your own Microsoft account, and you’ve got a dual that staff and And you obviously got that I think it’s perfect for a lot of situations. So I’m with all these speculation videos I’ve been doing I would like to say that I do think ever know. It’s a fantastic put well put together package I completely agree with a lot of the comments when people say, you know, Evernote is still the best But they have struggled to continually develop that and a lot of people going What are the alternatives saying that I will be doing in heaven alternative this video? Probably and will be out by the time this first podcast goes out So, of course, that’s what the great thing is Now for people on the the YouTube side of this watching and you’re probably wondering what t-shirt I’m wearing It is and it dimension. It’s one of my videos Two weeks ago. It’s a never. Stop learning top from Thomas Frank. It’s from his merchandise. I fell in love with it It’s a great top and it’s from college info geek That you know talking about students using Evernote just reminding me that it’s it’s a really high quality top as well. Like I Quite like it the Styles really nice So if you’re wondering and you’re curious, I’ll probably include the link in the YouTube and on the podcast So the second thing I want to talk about is this book right in front of me? It is called make time I am thoroughly impressed with it so far Weirdly, it’s one of the fastest probably by the time at this rate by the time this podcast goes up I will probably be finished it. I’m a whole 70 pages in which is pretty impressive seeing how slowly I read I am extremely impressed by this application I’m a supremely at this great app right in front of me. Um, I’m extremely impressed by this book so far It’s really well put together I think the reason it’s taken me so all the time to read it is because it includes a lot of illustrations and Artwork so you don’t like you feel like you’re not reading a lot at the time The text is well spaced out. So it does make it good. But the premise on this book is is is true I’m not gonna be able to I’m not gonna oh series gone off and I’m not gonna be able to tell you exactly What’s the whole books about necessarily because I don’t want to like spoil it for people It’s not one of these books you can really spoil but it’s more about the idea of reducing the amount of attention. You give to Unnecessary staff and trying to channel your focus. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to commit like for example, you don’t have to commit like that, you know go like mobile, you know throw away your mobile put it in the bin, you know downgrade to a Small phone that only does calls and texts It’s really about like just trying to make sure you focus Now one of the things that I was quite excited about that was inside of this book This book for those who don’t know is written by Jake map spelled with a k at the front and two peas at the end and John, Zaretsky. I always hate pronounciating things in case I ruin it but the book so far is very impressive I’m at the stage in that book where it’s about something called highlight now highlight is essentially a prioritization tactic that they use in a book it recommends that you pick a highlight for the day as your initial part of the process is going a four-stage process in this book that sort of loops round and will explain itself as I read on But the the highlight section is very interesting So it suggests you pick something called a highlight that is between 60 to 90 minutes long that you dedicate Your time to during the day now it can be absolutely anything like it could be like go for a run or go for a 30-minute run or Imagine if this could be 69 minutes go for a long run or do something substantial that will I clean the entire house or script an entire piece of work you’ve got or write this blog post for this company that you’ve been putting off for a while and it breaks it down into lots of ways that you can prioritize that using satisfaction joy and the final part escapes me, but the the reason why I like it is because The way that it processes that prioritization is very well put together I’ve been experimenting with it for the last Two days and I’ve been very impressed and I think it’s come for me at a point in my life where I’m like I need to do better at Prioritization because I’m like I’ve been getting stuff in and I mean like, okay. What is the most important thing? whereas I never really had that too much before so now I’m like It’s become very relevant to me at the time So maybe that’s the reason why I’m so eager about it at the moment But highly recommend you give it a read there’s a website for it make time book calm But there will be links below which you can download where you can buy the book on Amazon UK or us There when I was reading this a lot of the serve pointers in it was really well put together work/life balance focus and I was on reddit the other day and I was reading a lot of Insights into work life. I like to keep an understanding of it and a recent study from Oxford University in the UK produced a sort of correlation between Happiness itself and productivity which is Something that they’ve obviously been pumping out for quite a while, but it was put together the research with a eight-week trial in New Zealand of a three-day weekend So they tried that for eight weeks and apparently the correlation was positive having a longer weekend And I think I want to share more about that on the channel on a share more mana on the podcast because it’s a huge topic at the moment and whether you actually can take a day away from work to improve your work and actually Do more not necessarily even do more but do things in high-quality formats is amazing like that is it’s almost like taking your foot on the brake and then having like More petrol at the end of it. I’m I’m awful with my car analogies recently I start learning how to drive and I don’t think I’m getting them. All right But yeah so highlight inside of the book make time is my high highlight or Recommendation of the week at least at least of the week of the month probably Let me take a simple water. I’ll be too missive and spark now their third party email applications The reason why I want to talk about missive and spark is because Third party email application has been taking a beating recently. We’ve had Google inbox that suffered a shutdown by Gmail That’s gonna be shut down in March 2019. We saw Newton go last week, which is really sad I had a few moments where I was like just a reflection moment of like it was a great email application And for two years it did very very well in its pace and we’ve had The likes of Astra shut down this week slack bonds Astro kills it on day one A lot of people liked Astro and I think that’s some huge sad news for people So what you – you know many people who are looking for a third party email applications is like a brutal time So yeah, third party email applications personally Malik Asians are suffering. I wanted to discuss – missive and spark spark I’ve been currently using spark is developed by a company called riddle riddle develop a whole host of applications I’ve been very impressed with it so far. I’ve done a full review of how I’m using it alongside sane box which is a Tool that you can use to reduce the amount of email coming in to your inbox I believe I might have a discount or a coupon inside of the deals page which you can access That would be accessible there. We have a deals page that like has discounts on Popular productivity applications and it’s something that I would highly recommend checking out If you’re interested in that, but since I got saying bolts It’s sort of reduced the amount of emails coming into spark and the great news is that if I’m interested in trying or trying Missive which is another really impressive application. I got recommended this by zenki on Twitter He previously worked the next web And he recommended the application. I was so impressed with it. It’s a paid application I think it’s 12 dollars per month per user. Which again is you know what you’re paying for Depends what you want from it It’s got some powerful functions like track email But the great thing with same bolts is that I can transfer over to missive and I’m not worrying necessarily because mm you know missive can connect with same box – it’s like a gmail thing versus a Application thing so the email space is really tough at the moment. I’m moving and are in between spark emissive so I will let you know there is a crazily New application that people are raving about the people that have tried it all of it. The people that are Willing to pay for it. It’s a whole different application. I think so a while ago Maybe a year ago, they released this application called Superhuman, it’s an email application It essentially does a lot of what regular personal with third-party email applications do but take it to a next level in terms of design in terms of features and Generally the structure of the application at the moment. They’re releasing like it’s not like a private beater essentially They’re inviting one person at a time doing One-to-one calls with them, which is mad The application is $30 per month in the trial period which only think is crazy. Well if you think about it This is where math kicks in it is $30 I’m gonna do the calculating cuz people probably working at home, you know laughing at me thirty times twelve three hundred and sixty dollars per year Roughly probably about three hundred pound per year in the UK So if you really drill down to it I don’t think it will be that at launch price but in trial price at the moment It is in terms of like private beta price, which I think is good I think if you’re a company that is willing to launch an application that’s gonna really change email and They’re charging that much in the trial price like even for those private beta users That’s good Because if they are happy with it And they’re they want to commit that much to it. And it’s gonna be a sustainable email source, then that’s gonna be Something that’s quite interesting. So we will only see with time guys. I don’t if if you want my honest opinion It’s gonna take time I think the application will probably be released in q1 of next year Maybe like March time and we’ll see where everything goes but the feedback is Incredible like everyone that has said even the ones paying $30 which they all are They’re always raving about it, which is very good So very good to hear that people are raving about it at $30 per month Anyway guys that is the end of the podcast we turned about three things today Which I’m about don’t like some Evernote and it being a full package we chatted about highlight a technique inside of the make time book that I’m currently reading and we talked about missive and spa so hopefully it gives you some nice insights into That world of stuff again. I will be doing another podcast next week It should be out It’s episode 32 which will be episode 31 today So this new episode structure is gonna get time to get used to it But we will be channeling up notions Inbox will be chatting about this slack IPO and a few of the functions and features that slack of releasing at the moment as well as Project managers and how to really navigate that sort of space. So it’s gonna be quite an interesting one We’re also going to talk about a little bit about routines and things like that But guys really appreciate you stopping by on the podcast today. I will from next week to be reading out reviews from you guys on iTunes I Would love if you could spare a few minutes to review on iTunes if you’re enjoying it That’s fantastic pop a review on there And I’ll start reading some of them out so you can spar shil you get a shout out if you review it But again only if you’ve got the time I really appreciate if you do but a huge. Thank you for stopping by today The tools they use podcast. I will see you guys very very soon Cheers

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  • Reply Ren M. November 11, 2018 at 6:53 pm

    I started uni with Evernote, but switched to notability when my major started needing more math. The lecture record feature linked to where you write is amazing, writing down formulas. I guess I could have used Evernote to better organize and search those notability handwritten notes.

  • Reply Bloggertools November 12, 2018 at 1:01 am

    I really like your podcast. Haven’t heard of MakeTime before but will take a look at it. My current email app is spark, I found it through one of your videos.

  • Reply Al Chen November 12, 2018 at 6:42 pm

    Excited to listen to this episode Francesco, really liked the last one with Kajabi!

  • Reply iam thebside November 15, 2018 at 11:29 pm

    Missive is pretty damn good. Their customer service is amazing. Send them an email with and issue and they get right back with you. Have anyone seen the ‘Your Tempo’ email yet. It looks amazing, but I’m not sure when it launches.

  • Reply Komatik November 17, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    In terms of OneNote being a polished product, I think one of the biggest irritations is a small one: Basically that OneNote was originally built on an app-accessing-files type of concept, and that paradigm is how it still somewhat works in the new world where OneNote is more of a service attached to OneDrive. The client itself more or less hides it from you and just shows you notebooks on your account, but some of the management of notebooks is still best done in OneDrive where they live as files. It's a bit clunky, and a definite area for improvement, even if largely irrelevant day to day.

    The other key annoyance is that the web clipper doesn't have a font setting and defaults to Verdana 12 while the OneNote client defaults to Calibri.

  • Reply D Locker November 29, 2018 at 3:22 pm

    Just checked superhuman and it does look great, but it's so expensive. After Newton shut down, I looked for alternatives and found Mailbutler. Works pretty good and is also fully integrated with Evernote.

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