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Ep 14 24 Hours | Top Management

August 12, 2019

I am a good singer I even cook quite well I’m smart, too
But people say… that I’m nothing but the face Why did Mom have to make me like this? I see myself in the mirror… Sorry. My throat is a little dry.
I think it’s because I haven’t slept much. No, it’s okay.
You sing just fine. And the song really suits you. Now I see why the director wanted
to use your song as it is. But, don’t you think it’s an awkward song
to sing while ripping people off? I think it makes it more interesting. In the middle of tricking people,
you are singing this song, thinking about the person you love. I heard that you wrote the lyrics, too. You’re dating someone, right? What? No. I bet you like someone. Yes, you do. It’s sad that you are so busy right now.
It must not be easy to see her. How about you? How do you feel about me?
Yeah… Yunwoo!
When did you get here? Oh, I just dropped by. I had to give you something. What’s this? It’s for you. Are you trying to make me cry? When the busy times are over,
let’s forget about the diet, and eat chicken and beer. Two chickens per person! I don’t think we need to. I don’t like chicken, to be honest. What?
Then, shall we have Korean beef? I’ll make sure
to use the corporate card. I don’t like that as well. You don’t like Korean beef?
Are you a vegetarian? I didn’t know. You don’t know a lot of things. What? It’s okay. Because now I know for sure. I’ll get going. See ya. Oh, don’t play it too loud.
Bad for your ears. Did you ask her out? I think I got turned down
before I had the chance. Are you giving up just like that? That’s the fate of my character. To watch over the person
so that she can be happy. I’m talking about the film. He wishes her happiness
inside the prison at the end. Will you be able to shoot the movie
while singing for SOUL? I heard we’re shooting the final scene… somewhere far away. EPISODE 14
24 HOURS Everyone! Getting any? Today, we have from Icarus… LJ! LJ! I heard that LJ just received
a very special award. “The Most Common Song of the Year!” – Thank you!
– Thank you! Wow, thank you so much. Although I’m not sure
if this is a compliment or sarcasm. Thanks, anyway. Please have a seat. I heard that the trainee days
are very long for South Korean idols. It must’ve been hard making your debut. That’s right. LJ’S VOICE CHANGES WHEN SPEAKING JAPANESE
DON’T PANIC It’s also hard after the debut.
I have to manage myself so that I’m not caught up in any troubles. I heard that a group
from your agency got into a trouble, and you had to make your debut suddenly. Is it true? All my fans already know about this. Three years ago,
the group SOUL from Starlight, was caught in an unfortunate event. To minimize the company’s risk,
Icarus was quickly put together. The arena tour was originally
SOUL’s schedule. Is that true? Because LJ cried during that concert. You all saw it, right?
That video was very popular in Japan. Even I have seen that video,
and I’m a middle-aged man! Don’t cry! These are tears of gratitude. Look at him… Okay, wait a minute, guys. I have a question about this. What is it? Why did you cry? Was it because you felt sorry
for taking SOUL’s tour? SOUL’s misfortune, three years ago… Wasn’t it you who set it up? I got caught in all kinds of emotions. I think, at that time… I did feel sorry for them, too. I’m just kidding. TMI OF K-POP
to play hard to get with the release time? “Tomorrow 6:00 p.m. is a better time?” Yes, it’s better for popular groups.
Our boys have a puny fandom! “Twelve in the afternoon,” my ass! Night, night, night!
I mean 12 in the night! God, these idiots are so… Well, it doesn’t matter.
The mics were off. …and stays for about two weeks? Isn’t 50th too easy? BTS’ song is first on the Billboard chart. Hey, excuse me.
We’re not competing with pop songs. You Are Singer, Sugar Man,
King of Masked Singer. Songs from these TV shows
are our competition, okay? Thank God the Infinite Challenge
song festival’s gone. She’s right. 50th in Korea
is a great success for SOUL. A big hit! – What?
– Ms. Kang… I was trying to say that I wish
this album is a big hit. Okay. Is the album being released as usual? – Your voice…
– Did you catch a cold? Never you mind. Set the starting time
for the charts at 6:00 p.m. Okay. Filling up the charts
with SOUL songs seemed too much, so only the title is
being released today, and the rest tomorrow, one by one. Viral marketing? Blocked, as you ordered. Ms. Kang, are you okay? Yes, yes. Let’s focus on the meeting.
Well done, people. Those raise suspicions of cornering,
so it’s a bad strategy. What’s more, they all use hacked IP’s. So we started releasing teasers
every midnight, from three days ago. Yes, great. Let’s all stay focused until the end,
and take care of SOUL. This might be the last opportunity, for them to achieve something,
and for us to help them. Okay? She’s finished?
Ms. Kang! Ballon flower roots are good
for your throat. No, not that.
Quince! That was so quick.
She must be very sick. People, this is an album release.
This is war! The first trial for the corrupt minister
is a bigger issue today. Did you find any? No? Jesus, there’s nothing on trending lists! As expected. But we have a comeback article somewhere
on the main page. That will do. Since Sooyong became a member,
no one’s talking about the plagiarism. There’s a request on “DC Inside”
for a SOUL gallery. Really? What’s everyone doing?
Go on every article and leave a comment. Go on every community site, too. And don’t make it look
like we’re selling them. Today’s Humor, Clien,
Bestiz and DC Inside are taken care of. What about Ilbe? That might seem like a good question, but it’s better to compete
with political issues. If we bump into chart-devouring beasts,
that means a real war. This is a comeback date for TWICE, and this is the day
when BTS is coming back. Wars should be avoided, if possible. They say art is about instinct. That a good song makes its way
up the chart… Let me try again. They say art is about instinct. That a good song makes its way
up the chart no matter what. No. Here’s the truth.
This is a fierce war of strategy. Finished? That’s why we choose a TV show carefully. As you know, SOUL
was known for plagiarism. They needed to create
a new, fresh image, hence the show,
“Do-re-mi-fa-SOLO-si-do.” It showed all the members
writing their own songs. People think a successful song depends
on originality, listeners’ taste, and even luck. But its release process is pure science. Big data is the only thing you can trust. NARAGOONG It’s not that we believe in these things, but we are just hearing an opinion
and taking it into account. This place accurately predicted
the top songs for the last three years. Number of music show appearances,
even the member selections… Oh, even the countries
where the groups became popular. This shaman graduated from
Seoul National University? Really? – Talking about me?
– Oh, my goodness. Hi. Are you from SNU?
Philosophy? Early childhood education. So you like children. I assume you came to ask about kids? Idol kids? – Yes.
– Yes. Come in.
Sorry to keep you waiting! I had so many guests today. What’s the genre?
Ballad? Dance? Hip-hop? Oh, it’s “Saul” University. GRADUATION CERTIFICATE Our boys do “chill trap.”
It’s a funky type of music, – combined with house…
– Stop! I can see… your boys walking down a very rough road. – What?
– Excuse me? You want answers, you pay. Maybe a corporate card will do… Use your own card!
If Ms. Kang finds out, we’re doomed. Use your card, Mr. Kim. Why should I use my… You’re from Starlight?
Starlight, eh? LJ was here last time. – What?
– What? That’s LJ!
He came here by himself! It’s so low of him
to abandon his colleagues. Are we doing this or not?
Because I’m going in to sleep. So tired after seeing
other peoples’ futures… Okay, we’re going in, too. Let me put it this way.
A “future consultant?” How could I know everything? I can simply see a step ahead. Well, sometimes, two steps ahead.
So I can’t actually change anything. Sometimes… Seeing the future brings bad luck. There are so many things to consider
before an album is made. And when it gets to a certain stage, I get confused and ask myself
whether my decisions were good. So he’s getting the haircut? Okay, the die is cast.
Let’s go! Styling for idols should be a half step
ahead of the trend. Not one, not two.
Just a half step. Do you know how many discussions we have
for choosing one hairstyle? Leave it? Cut it?
If we cut it, how much? Curl it? Straighten it?
Or go with the reggae style? Short hair is trending again. So we boldly selected a style
for Sooyong. Oh, my God. They released Sooyong’s style
for this album. That’s the hairstyle he had
for the YouTube video in Mongolia. Now, he looks more like an idol. Music show’s on! What a crappy day. Nice. Oh, comment olympics
for a music show. Popular groups do pre-recordings, but SOUL only has live performances. Yes, but it feels good this time.
Some foreign fans created group chats to help SOUL on the charts. Where was it? Thailand? – Mexico?
– Mexico! There’s something else. Did you see the trailer
for “Do-re-mi-fa-SOLO-si-do?” Gotta be kidding me. Why is Teo holding
Eunbin’s hand on a songwriting show? Non-fans think Sooyong and Haena
have something going on, but we don’t see it that way. I can feel a vibe coming out
from Teo and Eunbin. “Teo, I am warning you
while I have the chance.” “I don’t care if you two go out.
Just don’t get busted.” “Remember. Solo Teo.” You talk while you tweet? Don’t forget to “seobang.” It means “search prevention!” Do we have to explain everything? It’s to prevent bad stuff from coming up
when people search for SOUL members. If we’re writing something bad about them,
we don’t write their names. For example, if it’s about “Irib,”
we write it as “2-rib.” So it doesn’t show up
on the search results. It’s like a lingo we use. I retired from the fandom once, and came back. My passwords for all the sites, and my bank account passwords
were set to Teo’s birthday. Every time I pressed in those numbers,
I thought about Teo. I could see him. How can I resist the memories? When they are pulling me down. As I got older and older, I thought to myself
about why idols exist, and why they matter so much. They are alive in front of me, smiling and waving their hand to me.
Like simulacra. As you know, simulacra is a replica
without the substance of the original. But if that replica could evolve
into something more than the original, what good is the original
when it’s not even by my side? In simple words, fans could function
as the subject of simulation, accompanying the growth
into something unexpected. Easy, right? No. When you raise a cat, you call yourself a “butler,”
not a “master.” I think it’s simply fate. An encounter of idols and fans. Dating? That’s against our business ethics. We, as idols, feed on our fans’ love. Imagine that we give that love
to one person. That’s a deal-breaker. It’s even in the contract. The “three-year no dating clause.” But more than three years have passed. Aren’t we allowed to date now? Yes. Come on. It should apply only for Sooyong.
They want us to wait for three more years? They’re basically telling us
to join the army twice. What’s this all about? “No dating clause?” It’s not limited to dating. To tell you the truth, everything
in this world are enemies of idols. Food makes them fat. Sleep stops them from completing
their busy schedules. It’s the manager’s job
to keep these enemies away from idols. So we do have troubles. Look over there. Those two met only a few months ago. But they don’t even look at each other. Eunsung.
Did you know about this? Are you avoiding me because of this? I really don’t know, Sooyong. Do you really wanna date someone
when your album’s coming out? Wait… Sooyong! Good luck! Good luck! Eunsung! That is normal. We’re not in the position
to tell them what they want to hear. – Mr. Pyo!
– Yes? Hello. Do you know the “three-year no dating clause”
on this paper? – Yes.
– When does it start? It starts when your career starts,
of course. So, has it started for me? For you? You did go on a show, but the official start
is when your album is released. That means… Yes! It starts today! This is Sooyong from SOUL Is this… Is this even legit? Hey… Sooyong’s having a very hungry day. He’s on a diet,
and the hunger makes him sensitive. I still don’t get a lot of things
about the whole idol business. There are so many things
that we can’t do. It’s like… I’ve become the main character
from The Truman Show. Wait a minute. Didn’t Truman have a girlfriend? Oh, yes. When I was in Mongolia,
I met a man from Korea. He said he was President Baek of Starlight
and he heard my songs. It’s not that I wanted to become an idol. I found out that the number of followers
of a Starlight artist, is more than Mongolia’s population. It made me wonder. About what kind of people are here. This is it.
Music coming out of my fingertips. Yes, it’s coming. This is it. Wow, that was sick!
I haven’t felt that in a long time. – Are you trying to hit me?
– No, high five. That was great.
I love doing that. The source of inspiration
for what you’ve just heard, are my fans. I’m always thankful for my fans. This is a gift from my Chinese fans. Oh, this is… It’s a receipt from buying my album. Dear Chinese fans, hello.
Thank you so much. I hope SOUL’s new album does well. I should promote their album
on my social network. I believe it was fate
that brought me and music together. I didn’t go and find music. Music found me. You don’t “find” inspiration. Many people say
that they “find” inspiration, but they are lying. To tell you the truth, inspiration finds you. It doesn’t come if you do nothing.
You need faith. The faith of bringing an umbrella
to a rainmaking ritual. SOUL? I do want them to do well. Some say if idols write their own songs, this industry might become a harder place
for us producers. But in my opinion… It feels great to see the people
you worked with achieve something. I feel great that Sooyong’s song
was made the title. Where… Where do you get these audition videos? Where do you get them?
I don’t watch… I don’t watch the TV. I don’t… I wonder who’s saying this garbage. Here’s the difference between
the two songs. Listen closely. And mine. Yes. I don’t go where men go. Even all four members of SOUL are men. I don’t like men. To me, this new SOUL album, is the one to show the true colors
of SOUL If the listeners don’t like it so much,
that’s just too bad. About the so-called “success,” people have a common misunderstanding. They believe that good music comes
only from the top of the charts. But that’s wrong. That’s… A theory that I hold on to. Also, obsessing over the results
might lead to another failure. In that perspective,
I already am proud of SOUL They should be the ones
more nervous than me. What’s this? Night, night, night!
I mean 12 in the night! It would feel real,
make the documentary more authentic. God, these idiots are so… Please delete this. I don’t have to contact my lawyers, right? Oh, actually… Waiting for the album release
in the office was too tense. So I came out here
to drink a can of beer. And here I am. You’re right. I had two. I wish the best for them. Of course, that’s not me speaking
as their manager, but… They really put their best in this album. A lot of effort. I feel like I’m their mother! He’s following me and asking
about these things too much. I mean, it’s not the time
for him to be dating. After all, he should’ve read
the contract thoroughly. But think about chefs. They bring the most delicious food
to their customers, but they have an average meal
within a very short time. Likewise, idols put on a display of
romantic relationships, but they are prohibited from them. They might not be allowed to date,
but chefs always make a wonderful meal. I think the two are the same. I think I am too buzzed. Oh, my God.
This is my first interview. Thank you. Yes. Yes, you go ahead. Eunsung, thank you. Yes, thank you. Thank you. Sooyong? Why are you out here alone? So, you’re here. What’s up? Did you have a drink? Just a can of beer. I didn’t know you drank. Is something wrong? Huh?
Oh, yes. Nothing serious. It’s about that “no dating clause.” That again? I told you already.
That’s not up to me, – but up to Ms. Kang…
– No. I’m not complaining. I already signed the contract, anyway. No turning back. What?
So you did understand. But… Do managers, like us,
have a “three-year no dating clause?” Or something like that? There’s no such thing for managers… But if I have to stay with you guys,
I won’t be able to date for five years. Five? Yes. Then, since it’s 11:51, the album’s not out
and my career didn’t start yet, right? Yes. Eunsung. Yeah? I have feelings for you. What? I’m reporting to you. You told me to do so,
if I come to like someone. Are you shooting something?
Is there a hidden camera? Sooyong. I am… I know. But if I don’t tell you now, I’m going to regret it for three years. I just wanted you to know. Just this once. I should go now. Finish your beer. Sweet kiss… Number 51… – It’s still there.
– It’s hot. Irib, what’s wrong?
Do you have a problem? So you want to change the title
to Kevin’s song? They’re doing well with the current title,
and they are passionate. Our fandom’s also… That tiny fandom? I Like Your Dream
is a really good song. How’s Sooyong? You might lose something valuable
by using that power. Something very valuable in your life.

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