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ENTJ Personality: Mind Wiring For Personal Growth

October 11, 2019

ENTJ wiring of the mind. Hey, it’s Joel Mark
Witt for Personality Hacker. As an ENTJ, your mind is fundamentally wired differently from
other personalities. You’ve probably already heard that you’re an extrovert, intuitive,
thinker, judger, and a lot of articles and resources focus on the behaviors that you
show the world as an ENTJ. Behavior can be helpful, but it isn’t the complete picture
when figuring out your personality. I want to give you a peek inside your mind to expose
the mental wiring that makes you an ENTJ. Let’s get started. Your four letter code, ENTJ, gives us insight
into how your mind is learning information and making decisions. The primary way your
mind makes decisions is a mental process we’ve nicknamed effectiveness. Its technical name
is extroverted thinking. When evaluating any decision, effectiveness asks the question,
“What works? or, “What gets the job done?” It’s a thinking process concerned with metrics
and results, without regard to personal feelings. Imagine a four passenger car. If one of your
mental processes could drive, it would be effectiveness. Using this mental process puts
you into flow. You’ve been using it your whole life. It’s how you decide what to do each
day. If effectiveness is how you make decisions
as an ENTJ, then the mental process we’ve nicknamed perspectives is how you learn new
information. The technical name for perspectives is introverted intuition. When looking at
the world, perspectives is interested in finding deep insight. It tends to ask a lot of discovery
questions like, “What is the meaning of knowledge? What are the long range implications of emerging
technologies? How are two people in an argument actually agreeing without realizing it?” Think
about that four passenger car again. If effectiveness is in the driver’s seat, then perspectives
is in the front passenger seat. It’s your co-pilot mental process and what we call your
growth state. Of course this is a four passenger car, so
you also have two mental processes in the back seat. Sitting right behind the co-pilot
is a mental process we call sensation. Sensation is all about real-time kinetics and understanding
the world through your physical senses by being fully immersed in the here and now.
This mental process has the development of about a ten-year-old child. Finally, behind the driver of effectiveness
sits a mental process called authenticity. We call this your blind spot, or three-year-old
mental process. authenticity asks the question, “Does this feel right to me?” It’s a feeling
process concerned with how the events in your life impact you on a subjective, emotional
level. When not used in a healthy way, authenticity can cause an ENTJ to become overly self-protective
and emotionally numb. Notice we haven’t talked about ENTJ behaviors.
Instead, I’ve been talking about the mental wiring of your mind. Behaviors can give us
clues into how your mind is wired, but it’s far more interesting to dive into what causes
our behaviors as people. Here at Personality Hacker, we don’t talk about personality types
for their own sake. We think understanding your personality is one of the best ways to
frame your personal growth journey and we attract ENTJs who are interested in personal
growth. Next up, I want to talk about the best way
to grow yourself as an ENTJ. Remember the car model we used to show the mental wiring
of your personality? As an ENTJ, your co-pilot is the mental process called perspectives.
Its technical name is introverted intuition. This is what we call your growth position.
It’s the highest leverage point for growth in your personality. Perspectives encourages you, as an ENTJ, to
take a meta-perspective and a future pace. It assists with big-game thinking and keeps
the ENTJ from becoming too task-focused or getting stuck on the details. It also encourages
seeing things from other people’s perspectives, which means taking other people’s needs into
consideration, making up for the blind spot of not seeing their emotions. Perspectives
allows you, as an ENTJ, to slow down and go inward, seeing a big picture which ultimately
leads to more sustainability. Growing your perspectives process can be a
challenge. Every personality type tends to avoid growing their co-pilot mental process,
but here lies the power of understanding your personality. You will build more satisfying
and intimate relationships when you embrace and show others your inner intuitive wisdom.
As an ENTJ, your perspectives process can help you refine what’s right for you. Don’t
ignore the advantage of increasing the discovery of your internal world. Start asking why questions. Trace behaviors
of yourself and others to their origin points. Slow down and find more time for internal
reflection. When someone on your team isn’t performing well, practice shifting into their
perspective and understand why they make the choices they do. Argue both sides of a disagreement
in your head and find five reasons why each side could be valid. Do what it takes to explore
your inner world. As an ENTJ, you’ll bring your best version
of yourself to the world when you go inside your own mind and explore every perspective.
Developing perspectives makes you, as an ENTJ, insightful and ultimately, effective. We’d
love for you to keep us up to date about your journey. One of the best places to do that
is on our Facebook page,, and of course, come over to
and leave a comment, ask a question, or take our online personality test. Next, I want to talk about the defensive strategies
your mind uses that steal happiness from you and, of course, what to do about it. The word
defensive. You probably think of an emotional state or someone getting offended in the moment.
“She’s acting so defensive,” someone might say, but I’m not talking about emotions. I’m
using the word positionally. As an ENTJ, you have a specific area of your mind that you
defend. As an ENTJ, that’s your sensation process sitting in the back seat of your car.
It has the sophistication of a ten-year-old child, and that’s okay when you use this process
to create intimacy or playfulness. The trouble starts when you begin to rely on this ten-year-old
process to avoid your more intuitive side and you over-indulge in sensual delights. Sensation is a seductive process for ENTJs.
It keeps you in the here and now and prevents you from having to enter your inner world,
where emotional dragons may live. Your ten-year-old of sensation allows you to distract yourself
in sensual delights, but it can also keep you from fully experiencing your potential.
You develop far more sustainable strategies and relationships when you’re willing to bring
your intuitive side forward. If your ten-year-old overshadows your co-pilot, you’ll end up in
a lot of surface, one-sided relationships, as well as distract yourself from setting
and obtaining big-game goals. Make concerted efforts to set aside time to
explore your own mind, future pace, and open yourself up to green light imagination sessions.
If you let your ten-year-old of sensation do your thinking for you, it will encourage
you to develop monkey mind, leading to impatience and dismissive attitudes. At worst, ENTJs
can even become addicts, so afraid of going deep into their own minds that they can burn
out from busyness or they can medicate through substance abuse or overindulgence of sensory
pleasures. You need to slow down and explore your inner wisdom to prevent burnout. Don’t
let your sensation process steal your happiness. The solution is to focus on growing your perspectives
process, like we’ve talked about before. Now I want to hear from you. How are you letting
your ten-year-old of sensation hijack your happiness? What are the ways you, as an ENTJ,
are avoiding your inner wisdom. You can leave a comment or take our personality test over
at Next up, we’ll talk about how you best show
and receive love as an ENTJ. I’ve got two quick lists for you today. First, how ENTJs
ask, “Do you love me?” And second, how ENTJs show other people love. Here are a few examples
of how ENTJs ask, “Do you love me?” Imagine an ENTJ asking these questions: Will you handle
things? Can I rely on you? Will you make my life easier? Can I relax knowing you’re on
it? Will you support my career or personal goals and be self-sufficient? Are you loyal? Here are some examples of ENTJs saying, “Yes,
I love you!” Imagine an ENTJ making these statements: I will be endlessly loyal on principal.
I will educate myself on you and learn how you operate. I will take pride in you, boasting
about your accomplishments, even before my own. I will protect you. I choose you. I continue
to choose you. Case closed. As an ENTJ, you’re probably nodding in agreement.
Just remember that other personalities can sometimes see these ways you show love as
controlling, distant, or unromantic. Feel free to share with the people in your life
how your mind works. Let them know the ways you show love work for you. If you want to go deeper into your personal
development, we have tons of resources, articles, and recordings about personality development
through the lens of understanding your personality. Come over to Next up, let’s talk about where to go next
in your personal growth journey as an ENTJ. I have some action steps for you. We’ve been
talking about you, the ENTJ personality type. I’ve already detailed the mental wiring of
your mind. We’ve talked about your highest leverage point for growth, and we’ve shed
light on your defensive strategies. We even outlined how you give and receive love. What’s next for you as an ENTJ? How will you
launch yourself on a personal development journey that resonates with you? Understanding
that each of us have a unique personal growth path seems obvious and yet, self-help authors
and often teach a one-size-fits-all model of growth. At Personality Hacker, it works
to tailor personal growth for you as an ENTJ. That’s how we’ve designed our frameworks and
models. You now know the mental process to grow yourself
as an ENTJ is perspectives. The enemy of perspectives is restlessness and sensory overindulgence.
Perspectives requires patience and serenity to dive deep inside your inner wisdom. It
encourages you to focus on quality goals and achievements instead of quantity quick hits.
Taking a meta-perspective gives you some distance to respond to the world around you instead
of merely reacting to it or judging it, so slow down when making decisions to ensure
they’re sustainable. Set up your conditions to access this mental
process as much as possible. Practice this technique by identifying a person or situation
that you can’t see yourself ever condoning. Instead of jumping to condemn the action,
take a moment to really get inside the head of that person. How did their action make
complete sense to them at the time? Can you understand it so well you could defend it
to another person? What about a truly heinous or confusing act? Don’t focus on the act.
Focus on the mind of the person who committed it. If you really want to deep-dive into your
individual growth plan as an ENTJ, I invite you to check out our ENTJ personal development
starter kit. You can find more information at Let me know what
personal growth actions you’re taking in your life and what’s already worked for you. I’m
Joel Mark Witt for Personality Hacker. I can’t wait to talk with you soon.

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  • Reply Brittany Baker November 20, 2015 at 5:44 pm

    Began professional counselling sessions recently to sort out those icky and numerous emotional past moments. Also made a definite decision this month to make far less "in-the-moment-because-you-only-live-once" mistakes. Long-term planning is my biggest weakness.

  • Reply Prayer Black November 20, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    There's an error around 1:06 where the title says "ENFJ" instead of "ENTJ".
    Still, that's an effective car model metaphor.

  • Reply Jeremy Eastman November 21, 2015 at 3:19 am

    Awesome. Having this personality, I think this is a very accurate conception of a typical ENTJ. A unique detail in the video was how introverted intuition helps cover the ENTJ's blind spot of introverted feeling. I have noticed that I often reflect on situations to infer people's emotions rather than understand them directly.
    Quick note: Around 1:20 the print reads "ENFJ" instead of "ENTJ".

  • Reply Johnathan Martinez November 21, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    As an ENTJ this video helped me so much. It helped put all the things I can feel in my gut into actionable steps for growth. I really like the idea of developing my inner world by going inside my own mind. It's so nice to have videos like this to go beyond the couple of pages of MBTI descriptions.

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    I don't mean to rush, but when these were being posted they were put up pretty reliably every Friday. I understand that life can come out of nowhere and derail a project, but I was just wondering if 'mind wiring for growth' was going to be picked back up and completed for each type?  Considering the flow of videos halted around the holiday season, I assumed it was related to that and that perhaps after New Years we could expect things to resume.  But it's nearly March now and I'm just hoping now that there is intention to complete these or if there will only be 7.I really dislike having to post this…but you know how us ENTPs can be relentless on searching for knowledge as well as personal growth, and I really enjoyed diving into these.

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    How I let my 10 year old of sensations hijacked my happiness is by being impulsive at times, for example, over indulging in food/ alcohol or making decisions that make me feel good in the moment, when I know its not in my best intrest to do so (and usually these actions are against my intuition which are more often than not spot on). I also find myself ignoring my intuition because I have a need for things to make sense and be rational. This process hijacks my happiness because it causes me to feel guilty, irrational and just flat out stupid at times lol.

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