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Enneagram #7 The Enthusiast | Sandals Church

September 11, 2019

(upbeat music) – Welcome, welcome, to
Sandals Church, man. I’m so glad you guys are here. We are week seven. We’ve been in this series for seven weeks, actually, that’s not
true, eight weeks, right? I can’t remember, I can’t count. We’re at week seven, the enthusiast. I’m so excited, I hope that
you’re ready to be enthused. We’re going to talk about this amazing, amazing personality type, and I just want you to know,
God is doing amazing things. And if you’re a guest, God loves you. He created you, you are not a mistake. There is no such thing as accidental kids, just accidental parents. We are glad that you
are here, we love you. God loves you and He has
a plan for your life. So, let’s just begin
with a word of prayer, and thank God for just making us so incredibly and
wonderfully awesome, right. That’s hard for some of us
to say, but you are awesome. You don’t have any idea how
awesome you are, but God does, and He wants to reveal that to you today. Let’s pray together. Heavenly Father, God, I just
pray, Lord, for all of us. So many of us, Lord, are
wrestling with how we’re made, how we look, Lord, how
we walk, how we talk. Lord, we’re wrestling
with so many issues, God, and I just pray that we
would rest in the security of knowing that you are God,
and you made us to be us. And you’ve not called
us to be anybody else because everybody else is already taken. So, God, let us not fall
into this sin of comparison, God, but let us look to you,
the author and perfecter, Lord, not only of our
faith, but of our life. And speak to us today, God,
how much you love us, how much we mean to you, and God,
challenge us to change our lives. We pray this in Christ’s name, amen. All right, now, if you grew up Baptist, you’re going to be a little uncomfortable with the sermon today because
it involves the word dancing. When I was a kid, right before
I got married, my dad said, you know why Baptist’s are opposed to sex, and I said, I don’t know why, Dad. He said, because it might lead to dancing. That’s how serious they were about this, so, seriously, seriously
concerned abut that, and if you’re a Baptist, you got that. All right, so let’s begin with our notes. It says, “And David
danced before the Lord.” Now, some of you are uncomfortable. We worship, like you get a little radical. You’re like, whoo, you know. No, put that hand down,
put this hand down. Some of you, you know, you
just can’t even do this, but, man, we’re talking
about the enthusiasts, so when they worship God, there is body movement that is involved. David danced before the
Lord with all of his might. Write in your notes, Footloose. (congregation laughs) Footloose, man. It cracks me up, man. I’ve been married to Tammy for 21 years, we have two daughters and
they love to watch Footloose. And they recently did
a remake of Footloose, and I had to tell my girls
and my wife every time, you know when guys are frustrated, when they’re really, really angry, they don’t go drive a
Volkswagen and dance. That is not, that is not, right, guys? You have never ever thought, I am so mad, I am so ticked, give me my
Walkman, you know, right. You just, mmm, right? unless your name is Michael Jackson, you don’t do that, right? That’s not how guys work. It’s always funny to me
how women think men are. I’m like, this is not how we are. You know, there’s that
thing in the movie where he, you know he, uh, I’m like,
that is not masculine. That is not masculine. (congregation laughs) Man, it’s just, anyways,
okay, think Footloose or Christchella, either of
those, that’s where we are today. If you don’t know what Christchella is, it’s like Coachella, but they charge you more
because they’re Christian. (congregation laughs) So, David danced before the Lord. Now, who is David? Some of you are like, who’s David? I don’t know who this guy is, he’s dancing, he’s a dancing David. David is one of the most important biblical figures in the Bible. Man, he is a man after God’s own heart. He is selected by God, and you
need to know about his life. A great, great man who did great things and did horrible things. But whatever he did, he
did it with all his might. No matter what direction he was going, towards heaven or towards
hell, he was having fun. And he screwed up his life
and many, many others’ lives. But in this moment, David
is dancing before the Lord with all his might,
wearing a priestly garment. So, this is like a pope
in the mosh pit, right. This is what this is, and all
the Catholics are like, ohh! It’s funny when you make
fun of the Baptists, but you bring the pope into
it, now I’m uncomfortable. I’m just saying, it
says, it says he danced with all his might, and he’s
wearing a priestly garment. So, that’s what the scripture
says, be mad at God. Okay, that’s what it says. So, David and all of the
people of Israel brought up the Ark of the Lord, and some
of you are like, what’s that? Unless, of course, you’ve
seen Indiana Jones, and that’s not what that is. It’s kind of like that, but not like that. So, the Ark of the Lord, it’s a box, it’s a box that they carry, and it has the remnants of
the 10 commandments in it. And if you don’t know what
the 10 commandments are, man, I’m glad you’re at Sandals Church, ’cause you need to know what
those are, they’re important. So, and when they go to fight,
it’s the presence of God. And when they lead with it, there’s no army that
can stand before them, but they find out that when they sin, God doesn’t care whether
or not you have the box. But anyways, that’s what they
believe, so God’s in this box, and so they have it, they’ve got it, and they’re super excited about it. It’s the presence of God. It’s the presence of God, and
David is super super excited, and so Israel brought
up the Ark of the Lord with shouts of joy, shouts of joy. Man, some of you are going to be convicted about how you worship. The only thing you’ve ever shouted at is at your TV when you’re team is losing. That’s when you praise, that’s
when you give a shout out. It just is, when you’re in church, man, I mean, you’re more
passionate, many of you, about the Broncos than
you are about Jesus, and you’ve got to check yourself. David, man, when he
worships, he gets excited. He gets excited, so, they
brought up the Ark of the Lord with shouts and the blowing
of rams’ horns, man. It’s crazy, they’ve got instruments. You know, he would have played the electric guitar if he had one. But he doesn’t, he’s got a ram’s horn, so, that’s what he’s got to work with. But as the Ark of the Lord
entered the City of David, ba, ba, ba, every party has a pooper, that’s why we invited you. Circle her name, Michal, right. That’s who she is, she plays
the role of the wa, wa, wa. As he enters into the City of David, Michal, the daughter of
Saul, who is also his wife, but for whatever reason, they
didn’t put that in there, looked down from her window,
and there she saw the king. Remember I said Footloose,
what is he doing? Leaping and dancing before the Lord, and she was filled with contempt for him. That’s what some of you guys
do when somebody lifts a hand. You’re like, well, is that genuine? Are you genuinely praising the Lord? Isn’t it amazing how critical we are when everybody else
cuts lose and worships? We’re just like looking at that, you know. I mean, I’m not saying get crazy. One time I went to a charismatic church, and this gal was barking like a dog. I thought that was a bit much. I was like, okay, just don’t bite my leg. But if that’s how you worship,
that’s how you worship. I love teasing her pastor,
he’s one of my good friends, and he hates it when I bring
that story up, but anyways. So, when she saw David
leaping and dancing, and okay, wives, you’ve
all seen your husband doing something where
you’re like ( Matt groans) Amen, ladies, come on,
own it. (Matt groans) (congregation laughs) I mean, guys, if you’re single, wives are like the rails
in the bowling alley, you don’t think you need ’em. (congregation laughs) I’m gonna bowl a three. No, you’re not gonna bowl a 300. You’ve got those lanes, and they let you know
when you’re in the gutter. Okay, that’s free. You don’t even have to
tithe on that one, just. (congregation laughs) So, she’s looking at her husband, and right, she’s embarrassed, why? ‘Cause Footloose is embarrassing, it is. He’s dancing and he’s
leaping before the Lord, and she’s filled with contempt for him. And they brought the Ark
of the Lord, and set it in its place in a special tent
David had prepared for it. And David placed burnt offerings and peace offerings to the Lord. But when he had finished his
sacrifices, David blessed the people in the name of
the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. And he gave to every Israelite
man and woman in the crowd a loaf of bread, a cake of
dates, and a cake of raisins. He had me until raisins. I think raisins are depressed grapes. (congregation laughs) It’s an ongoing fight
between my wife and I. She always buys raisins, and they’re never not
in the cupboard, right. And I don’t even know
when a raisin goes bad. Anyways, let’s move on. (congregation laughs) Then all the people
returned to their homes. When David returned home
to bless his own family, Michal, the daughter of
Saul, came out to meet him. You know you’re in trouble when
the wife is in the driveway. She said in disgust, “How distinguished the King
of Israel looked today, “shamelessly exposing
himself to the servant girls “like any vulgar person might do.” Whoa, now we don’t know what happened. But at some point,
Christchella became Cochella, and clothing went flying. That’s what happens when you’re
leaping over a Volkswagen. You know, you’re not responsible for the linen ephod flying off. That just happens, but she noticed, and listen to what she says. She says, how distinguished the
king of Israel looked today, shamelessly exposing himself
to the servant girls, like any vulgar person might do. David retorted to Michal, “I
was dancing before the Lord, “who chose me above your father.” Whoo, just got personal. Her father was Saul, the
former king of Israel. “Who chose me above your
father and all his family. “He appointed me as the leader of Israel, “the people of the Lord, so
I celebrate before the Lord. “Yes, and I am willing to look
even more foolish than this, “even to be humiliated in my own eyes! “But those servant girls you mentioned, “will indeed think I am distinguished.” He says, look, man, when I worship God, things get a little crazy,
they get a little crazy, a little nuts, a little out there, but that’s how God made
me, that’s who I am, and when I worship God, I do
it with everything I have. That’s what the enthusiast does. Whatever they’re doing, they’re all in. They’re all in all the time, all the time. Even worshiping God, things
get a little out of control. You’re like, Whoo, come back, come back, come back, it’s okay. It’s okay, we love you, put
your clothes back on, right. We don’t want to call
the police, we love you. So, who is the enthusiast? The enthusiast reflects God’s joy. I mean, anybody ever
been to a church service, and you’re just like,
God must hate us all? (congregation laughs) I mean, Tammy and I, we’ve been to Europe. We go in those churches. I made the mistake of going
down to the break room where all the pastors congregate. They must have been eating raisins. I don’t know, their faces
looked like raisins. You ever been to a church, and
I just love the Lord so much. Then, tell your face. (congregation laughs) Look it, some of you are
uncomfortable right now because you’re laughing in church and
you don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. Just tell me that I’m going
to hell, I’m confused. Well, you might be going to hell. So, I’m going to make you laugh, and then remind you where
you’re going, okay, at the end. (congregation laughs) But the enthusiast reflects God’s joy. God is a God of joy, right. He loves to laugh. He loves to celebrate. This is who God is. When Jesus talks about judgment, He also talks about a party. You just choose which room
you spend eternity in, a cell or in celebration. Those are your options, you get to choose. God loves a good time. God loves to party. God loves to celebrate. He just loves to do it in such
a way that nobody gets hurt, pukes, gets arrested,
or gets some disease. (congregation laughs) This side of the room got
that, yeah, over here. (congregation laughs) The enthusiast reflects God’s joy. Here’s their motivation,
here’s what drives them. If you are a seven, if you are enthusiast, at the core of who you are,
this is your internal motor. The motivation is pleasure
and to avoid pain, to avoid pain and to pursue pleasure. And let me just say this. God is the author of pleasure. We always act like, oh, yes, we. How was your time in Vegas? Well, we were praying most
of the time, and we gathered together for the heathens
who are going to hell. No, did you have a good time, right? I didn’t ask you, did you sin. How sad is it, right, when
something’s really good, like when you eat chocolate cake, oh, this is sinfully delicious. Well, do you know why
the world says something, when it’s so good is sinfully delicious? ‘Cause they’ve been to church, and they didn’t see anything delicious. They’re like, I’m never going back. That was terrible, right? The motivation is pleasure
and to avoid pain. Here’s the beauty of the enthusiast. When healthy, they’re able to bring, or to find joy in all situations. If you have a terrible job, if you hate your job, hire sevens. It doesn’t matter how crappy the job is, sevens will find a way
to have fun, to have fun. Seven, as you can imagine,
is my second highest number. (congregation laughs) When my wife and I first got married, and we would go to party,
she would actually say this. Don’t unleash all of Matt Brown. (congregation laughs) She would say, be funny,
but not too funny, right. She was a little nervous, a little nervous of what might happen because when you pop the cork off a seven, you
don’t know what happens. (congregation laughs) But they’re able to bring
joy in all situations. Anybody ever had a crappy
job, raise your hands. Unless, of course, you’re in it right now, and your boss is next to you. (congregation laughs) Oh, my gosh, right,
we’ve had some bad jobs. We’ve had some bad jobs. One of the worst jobs I
ever had was in the 1990s. They were transferring
everything from actual files to this technology called microfiche. Some of you have no idea what
that is, but it was where you would literally take
microscopic pictures of documents and shrink them, so, that the government could store
all of their information. It was a horrible job. Literally, this is what I did
all day for eight hours a day. Da gee da gee da gee, it was
terrible, absolutely terrible. I used to announce to everybody, we just made 20 cents,
we just made 30 cents. People hated me. (congregation laughs) So, we had quotas, right, we had quotas. You had to take so many pictures on microfiche a day to keep your job. I never met quota, never once. One day this got the attention
of the owners of the company, and so, they called me in, I kid you not. We worked in a long building
with one long hallway, and that was all the way at the end. I had to walk in front of everybody. Everybody was like, oh,
Matt’s getting fired. He’s getting fired, this is it. I knew this was happening,
he never makes quota, right. And they would rank everybody
according to efficiency on this chart, and I was
always at the bottom. So, I go in and I’m sitting
in this owner’s office, and this is what they said, you’re the worst employee we have. I said, I know. (congregation laughs) This is what the owner said, he said, but this job sucks, and you
make everybody want to come. They gave me a raise, I got a raise. (congregation laughs) I’m not kidding you. I walked out of there,
that’s right everybody. I’m making a nickel an hour more than you. (congregation laughs) That really happened. Here’s these owners, they
knew it was terrible work. They knew it was awful, and
it was fun to have somebody there who could make light
of a terrible situation. They are able to bring, or
find joy in all situations. Listen, I mean, isn’t it true, it’s not just what you
do, but who you work with? I mean, you could have a really cool job, but if everybody’s terrible,
you don’t want to be there. You want to be somewhere else. You need to think about that. It’s not just what you do, it’s who you have to do
it with that matters. Do life with fun people
and sevens are fun. Here’s this, they’re
visionary, they’re visionary. Why would God choose a
seven to lead Israel? Because He wanted him to have a vision. Here’s who we’re gonna be,
we’re gonna be different. We’re not gonna be like everybody else. They’re versatile, sevens
can do many things, right. It doesn’t matter what you do,
it matters can you have fun? Can you find a way to have a good time? Sevens don’t get locked in. They just want to have a good time. They want to be with people. They want to be on a team. They can lead the team, be on a team, be the coach, be on the
bench, they don’t care. They’re versatile. They don’t get trapped in I am what I do. Next, they’re resilient, why? They’re optimistic, they’re positive. They believe in things
that people can’t see. If you’re negative, hang out with a seven. Hang out, find one. You know, are you a glass
half empty or half full? What are you? If you’re half empty, you need to be around somebody who’s half
full to level you out. They’re resilient. Next, they inspire people,
they inspire people. That’s what they do, right? Do you know what grade I got
in preaching in seminary? Does anybody know? Don’t shout out too loud if
you know ’cause it hurts still. Anybody know what grade I got? – [Congregation Member] F? – F, who said it over there, okay? I want to find out who that was. (congregation laughs) F does not stand for fantastic. Do you know why I failed preaching? ’cause I didn’t preach
like they said I should. And you know why? ‘Cause I thought that was boring. I don’t think that works. Man, I don’t think God’s passion in my life is to put people to sleep. I don’t think that’s my passion. Some of you’ve been to church,
the best nap of the week. (congregation laughs) (Matt snores) (congregation laughs) I want to inspire people
to live a better life, to live for God, to make
the world a better place. There’s enough crappiness our there. We don’t need to include church. They inspire people and projects. We can do this, we can do this. We can make this happen, right. California literally has the
least amount of Christians of any state in the United States, and people ask me all the
time, when are you moving? Never, never, why do I want to go where there are already Christians? I want to reach lost
people to Jesus because they need to know there’s
hope in this world and there’s goodness in Jesus. Everybody else can run, run, go. But they inspire people and projects. When healthy, they engage in fun, right. They like to have a good time. Don’t apologize because
you want to have fun. Don’t apologize, well, I want
to be taken seriously, why? Why, people make fun of
my preaching all the time. Well, he’s just a comedian. Wait for it I’m going to punch
you in your gut, it’s coming. (Matt screams)
(Matt groans) That kind of hurt, but
I’m going to come back next week ’cause I like to laugh. Literally here’s my theory in
preaching, it’s punch and hug. I’m gonna punch you and
then give you a little hug. And then, I’m gonna hit you again. (congregation laughs) So, they engage in fun, why? They desire to make the world
a more joy-filled place. Do we need more sadness? Is the bankrupt of sorrow? You know what we need is more depression. I feel like this world’s
just so happy go lucky. I need to go to church to remind myself that life sucks and so do I. (congregation laughs) if you’re a seven, if
you’re an enthusiast, here’s your core need, and if
you love someone who is this, you need to know this, this drives them. Sevens fear a cage, they
desire to be free, to be free. David decided to be free of clothing. (congregation laughs) (Matt whooshes) You ever watch a little kid dance? They don’t care, they don’t care. It’s hilarious, you know. You go to the beach,
bating suit (Matt whooshes) I’m three. Now if you’re 30, you’re
going to jail if you (Matt Whooshes) But the core need is to be free, and here’s what’s so sad is everything about American culture is
trying to put you in a box. Don’t let people figure you
out and force you into a box. When unhealthy, man, pleasure
dictates their life choices. You know David, he had many wives. He could have any woman that he wanted. But he found himself
looking at a married woman bathing naked, and he
said, I’ve got to have her. How sad is that? He’s the king, he can
have anything he wants, but he chooses the one
thing he can’t have, and it wrecked him and his
whole life, it destroyed him. Pleasure dictates their life choices. Literally, if you’re a seven,
you got to be careful that what feels good, it doesn’t
mean that you need to do it, ’cause that’s what sevens
will do, whatever feels good. Pleasure dictates their life choices. Next, they escape pain
at all cost, all cost. They run from pain,
and I got news for you. The depth of pain you experience in life, I believe is directly
proportionate to your joy. It’s one of the things
that I think is gonna make heaven so spectacular is
we will know what joy is because we knew what pain was. If you’re a seven, you’ve
gotta embrace pain. People die, you get
fired, bad things happen. Good people get cancer,
life doesn’t make sense. David ran from pain. He went through deep, deep pain, and every time you see
it, he runs from it. One of his own sons takes
sexual advantage of one of his own daughters, and
David does nothing, nothing, and he runs from it, he ignores it. He won’t confront his son,
he won’t challenge his son. And listen to me, if you’re a seven, your job is not to make
your kids your friends. You’re supposed to be
their dad or their mom. Your job is not to make
your children like you. It’s to try to raise them so when they’re adults, people like them. And you’ve got to challenge bad behavior. You have to challenge immorality. You have to challenge your
children even if it hurts. Even in marriage, you
want a great marriage? You’ve got to talk about the bad things. You’ve got to talk about the ugly things. You’ve got to talk about
the difficult things. You want to destroy your marriage, run from pain, run from
hurt, run from sorrow because eventually it will find you
because you can’t out run what’s happened to you in your life. You deal with it or it will deal with you. But that’s what happens to sevens. So, guess what, sevens,
you don’t stay in a job. You move on from job to job to job. You move on from relationship to relationship to relationship. You move on from friendship
to friendship to friendship because as soon as it gets
difficult, you’re out. Listen, I believe there’s a reason God called me to be at
one church my whole life. Because He knew it was
the only way I’d grow. He knew it’s the only way I’d change, by sitting in painful
situations and dealing with it. And let me tell you something. God made me fast, I’m great at running. But I’ve had to learn, you can’t outrun pain, it will catch you. Have the hard conversation,
have the difficult conversation. Next, an unhealthy seven can
become impulsive, simply react. This is why you’re a
seven, you need Jesus. You need Jesus to guide you, to ground you, and to direct you. Literally, if you’re a seven
without God in your life, you’re a balloon in the air that is just floating in and out of storms. You need a rudder, you need a compass. You need to be directive. Listen, when you’re impulsive, you usually don’t make a good decision. Like, if these words ever
come out of your mouth, what could go wrong,
don’t do it, don’t do it. If the reasoning behind the
decision is what could go wrong that is don’t do it, don’t do it. They can become impulsive
and just go after it. Well, there is a naked women in the shower her name was Bathsheba, what
could possibly go wrong? I don’t know, David. Oops, Bathsheba gets
pregnant, what do you do? Um, kill her husband. Some of you didn’t know
that, that’s what David did. Uriah was a faithful
soldier, faithful to David, faithful to Israel, faithful to God. And here’s what David said. Take Uriah to the front
of the battlefield, and when the battle and the
fighting is most fierce, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to pull back and
leave Uriah all by himself, and Uriah dies, and listen to me, sevens, David may have been the king of Israel and got away with that sin,
but guess who was watching. God, God, and so God sent a prophet by the name of Nathan to challenge David. They can become impulsive,
they can become reckless. The definition of reckless
is to act without thinking or caring about the consequences. Now, we sing that song, Reckless Love. Here’s what it means about God. God acted in Jesus Christ in a way that was reckless to the life of Jesus. It’s not that He didn’t think about it, it’s that He didn’t care
about the consequence because He cared about you. So, when you’re reckless, don’t you dare act like you’re like Jesus. You’re not dying for
everybody else, you’re dying for your passions, for your
desires, for your feelings. How many hearts have been
broken in the name of happiness? Well, God would want me to be happy. Show me that verse. Happiness is found in
Him, and to pursue Him, we need to pursue righteousness, holiness. Listen, we live in a world
that’s pursuing happiness. The evidence is all
around, it’s all around. Listen to me, if you’re under 30, if you’re under 30, listen to me. The world says have sex however you want, whenever you want, with
whom ever you want. STDs in California this year,
this year up 300,000 cases. Tammy and I were watching
the news the other night. We’re watching the news. Tonight at 11, someone else
died, got shot, got murdered, got killed, you’re all going
to die, right, that’s the news. And he’s just talking, talking, talking, you’re all gonna die, die, die, die, and he’s standing in front of a billboard, and because I have ADD, that means I’m not listening to what he’s saying, I’m looking at everything else around him. (congregation laughs) I look and I say, look at the billboard, look at the billboard, and everybody else in my family is like, what Billboard? I go, look at the billboard,
read the billboard. Here’s this guy, news at 11,
and he’s talking about how one person got shot in
southern California, and we should all be
aware and lock our doors. And right behind him on a big sign, it says this, syphilis is serious. Listen to me young people. Don’t lock your door, lock your doors. (congregation laughs) That’s good, why? Syphilis is serious. (congregation laughs) But you’re never going to hear that. You’re never going to hear that. We live in a world like
there’s no consequence, like nothing, listen to me, things matter. And they behave irresponsibly. Listen to me parents, you
want to do your kids a favor? Raise them knowing they have to grow up. I tell my kids all the time, one day I expect to not
support you financially. That’s the goal. And to go out and work and
support yourself and give back, and contribute positively to society. Oh, that sucks. Yeah, it’s called adulthood. (congregation laughs) they behave irresponsibly. What’s the core sin of the seven? Gluttony, doesn’t that sound cool? If you’re a seven, I’m a glutton. Man, sevens love a party,
they don’t care what it is. Anybody ever ate so much at Thanksgiving, you just had to repent? (congregation laughs) Like every year, I’m like,
I’m not gonna do that again, like, this year, it’s really
about being thankful to God. How sad is that? The one holiday that’s
actually named Eucharist, that’s what it is, thanksgiving, we all just pork out, and
then you just hate yourselves. Oh, it hurts so bad. That’s what gluttony is, man. If one turkey leg is good, why not two, why not three, why not four, right? If sex is good with one
person, why not two, why not three, why not four,
why not five, why not whatever? Gluttony is a drive for
more, whatever it is. It can binge on sex, it can binge on food. It can binge on Netflix. I’m gonna watch the whole season. I’m not gonna sleep,
and you just sit there. Oh, my gosh, what time is it? Uh, 11, and it’s Tuesday. (congregation laughs) I’ve been sitting here since
Sunday, this is strange. (congregation laughs) I mean, if you get to the
bottom of the ice cream, and you can’t figure out why the fork can’t scrape through the
container, this might be you. The fork, the spoon,
be civilized, come on. (congregation laughs) I mean, a fork will work
if it’s really frozen, but you know what I’m saying. So, what’s the core fear? The core fear of the seven
is being deprived or trapped. A seven has FOMO, fear of missing out. Gotta go, gotta be there, gotta be there, gotta be there, gotta be
there, I can’t miss out. I can’t miss out, I can’t miss out. And listen to me, if you’re a seven, guess what Instagram is
saying, you’re missing out. You’re missing out, you’re
missing out, you’re missing out. Facebook, oh, you should have been here, oh, you’re such a loser, oh, it’s too bad you didn’t get invited, oh, it’s too bad you actually have a real life and
responsibilities, right? So, here’s how the seven needs to be real. How to be real with yourself as a seven. The Apostle Paul, who writes
half of the Christian Bible says these words, I have learned,
circle that word learned. I have learned how to be
content with whatever I have. See, here’s the lie we tell ourselves. That doing the right thing will be a feeling that I have one day. Listen to me, this is
one of the reasons why so many young people are just
literally falling off the grid in terms of being able
to support themselves. Because they believe one day
they’ll feel like doing good. Listen to me, it’s a miracle
most of us aren’t homeless. It’s hard to get up and do things we don’t want to do to provide
for ourselves, it’s hard. He says I’ve learned how to be
content with whatever I have. I’ve learned the secret of
living in every situation. Here’s the secret in every situation. I can make it through this, I can do this. He says, “For I can do everything “through Christ, who gives me strength.” Paul is not talking about running a marathon or lifting weights. He’s talking about getting through the day without coveting what everybody else has. If you’re a seven, you’ve got to learn to be content with what you have. Because guess what robs
the joy of what you have. Looking at what you don’t have. Practice contentment
by learning to reflect and to thank God for what he has done. Reflection is the key to contentment. Thank you, God, for what you’ve
done, thank you, thank you. This weekend, my wife,
I just love her so much, she planned a family night, and you know, I know, many of you, your kids are grown, and for some of you, all of
our kids grow up to fast. But we went to a theater down
in Los Angeles, and we watched a reenactment of the movie
Beauty and the Beast, and it was fantastic, and at one point, I’m just going to be honest
with you, I was crying, which, of course, my
family finds hilarious. (congregation laughs) I’m just crying, you know,
♪ Tale as old as time I’m not going to sing it, but you know it. (congregation laughs) You know, neither one prepared. I mean, that song is just so incredible, but you know, you know what made me cry? It wasn’t the production, it was remembering when
my girls were little, and watching them in their yellow dresses. And it wasn’t regretting
that they’ve grown, it was being thankful that
I got to be a part of it. I got to be their dad. Now, my son slept through the whole thing. (congregation laughs) He did, we paid $180
for him to have a nap. He’s 15, welcome to 15-year-old boys. Beauty and the Beast. (Matt snores) (congregation laughs) Galatians 5:22, “But the Holy
Spirit produces this kind “of fruit in our lives, love, joy.” Who said God doesn’t want you to be happy? You just don’t know what happiness is. Love, joy, oh, you’re
going to hate this word, and self-control. Some of you believe this lie from hell. You believe you can’t control yourself. Be honest and say this. I don’t want to control
myself, I don’t want to. Some of us are like little children. Why did you do that? I don’t know. (congregation laughs) I know why you did it. ’cause you wanted to and you’re
not as cute as a little kid. How to be real with God if you’re a seven. “You will show me the way of life, “granting me the joy of your presence “and the pleasures of
living with you forever.” God is the author of
pleasure, and He has offered for you to spend eternity with Him. How to be real with others. I love this. Jonathan, who I believe is a six, the loyal friend, the loyalist, made David, the same
David we’re talking about, reaffirm his vow of friendship, why? He’s flighty, he’s a seven. Sevens, if they’re not careful, can be a mile wide and an inch deep. And Jonathan made David reaffirm his vow of friendship again,
circle that word, again. Why, he’s a seven? “For Jonathan loved David
as he loved himself.” Jonathan was a loyal friend to David. But he had to make David,
David, I need you to recommit. I need you to recommit. Not everything is about fun. Some things are difficult,
some things are hard, and the most beautiful friendships
are the ones that last. So, how to love a seven. How do you love a seven? Let me just ask you, how many of you have a seven in your life? Raise your hand if any
of you have a seven? Okay, some of you need to get some sevens. Next, if you have a seven in your life, give them lots of room to play. Give them lots of room. They gotta have room to play. They gotta have room to have fun. You’ve got to give them room. I was sitting a couple
of years ago at school, and my son was in trouble,
and literally, you know, I’m sitting in this room
with four women teachers, and I’m like, I said, literally, is there not a man here that
can talk to me about my son? And this woman teacher said this to me. It’s okay, I’ve studied men. (congregation laughs) that’s what she said, I’ve studied men. Well, that’s not going very well. So, right, my son was
struggling in school, and this was their counsel, maybe you should take away recess. I said, it’s the only
part of school he likes. Maybe we should throw him off a building. Look, sevens are going to have
a hard time sitting still. Sevens are going to have a
hard time caring about Pharaoh and how many stones it
took to build the pyramids. But they do care about how many
minutes there are in recess. Next, recognize when they
choose to deal with problems. Don’t go, it’s about time. It’s about time, David, that you got real with
your stripping problem. (congregation laughs) Strip, strip, strip, strip, strip. (congregation laughs) Next, share how much joy
they bring to your life. Man, if you throw lousy
parties, invite a seven. And when they ask, what
are we going to do? You say, whatever you do, we’ll just. As long as it’s not immoral, illegal, or the police don’t show up, I’ll follow. (congregation laughs) Next, and please know this
as a seven, join in the fun. You know what makes my life more fun? You, you. Smile, tell your face, have
a good time, live a little. Life is too serious enough,
it’s serious enough, and we’ve got to learn to relax. We sweat things that just don’t matter. We make big deals of little things. I mean, whatever, get over yourself, and learn to have a good
time, and join the seven. How different would the
story have been if Michal had jumped down there and
maybe let some clothing loose? It could be a different story
and I’m not suggesting that. (congregation laughs) I’m just saying, they would
have had a better marriage, if she could have
loosened up a little bit, and danced and praised
the Lord with her husband, rather than making fun of
his desire to enjoy life. Here’s my prayer for the seven. God, help me to run to you and not from the pain
or towards all pleasure. Help me develop deep and
lasting friendships with people who want to have fun, but
that can keep me grounded. Help me to have the tough
conversations real life requires, and remind me to be thankful
for what you’ve done, for what you’ve done. Listen, sevens, we love
you, you brighten our days. But make sure you are following Jesus, or the party will end
when your life is over. So, make sure you make it to
the big party, and the only way you do that is through
faith in Jesus Christ. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, God, we’re
so thankful and so grateful, Lord, for the enthusiasts in our life, for the people that make
even mundane jobs fun, that bring joy, Lord, to
boring business meetings, or Lord, things that we don’t want to do, but we have to do,
we’re grateful for them. God, help us to love
them and celebrate them. God, for the sevens in
here, help us, Lord, to not just live for
pleasure, but to live for you, to not run from pain, but to
embrace it as a part of life. God, bless us all with a desire to be real and to follow you. We pray this in Jesus name, amen. (congregation applauds)

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  • Reply Rachel Fagan May 29, 2019 at 3:57 am


  • Reply Rachel Fagan May 29, 2019 at 3:57 am

    The pain you have in your life is directly proportionate to your joy

  • Reply Laura Cain June 12, 2019 at 4:22 pm

    Thank you for this message. I get discouraged because I don't fit the mold….

  • Reply Naomi Chen June 20, 2019 at 11:43 pm

    You're so funny and smart! 謝謝你的演講

  • Reply Kitkatkait 85 July 6, 2019 at 11:54 pm

    So I'm a 6w5, but I realize that I get too serious sometimes and so when I knew things were going to be stressful last semester I decided to bring a bubble wand to campus. I would bring them to class and if I was confused I might blow a bubble. I let others blow bubbles before and after my college class too. If we were going into finals I would break out a dance party before class after we went over the information together (my 5 side came out in my math class and I loved teaching people the information back to them to help them review) but in the end of it we would dance to veggie tales rap edition or bowl of cereal. This was all because I have a friend who brought a handkerchief everywhere in his basketball shorts and it would cheer up people when he pulled it out to share. Do something silly sometimes is so good for my soul. It was incredible and I will continue to be a goof ball. My friend helped remind me that being a little kid in the world is one of the best ways to share the light of Jesus. Its okay to be serious but its also so okay to be silly when things are hard. I currently am on my 8th of 9th bottle of bubble juice for my bubble wand this year. I am working with middle school and high school and I bring it to work every day because being silly is fun. Just wanted to share a simple way to make a day a little bubblier is with literal bubbles (if allowed).

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