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(ENG/SPA/IND) [#ProblematicMen] Personality Test Based on Color! Problematic Men Approved | #Diggle

October 8, 2019

[Staff] I asked the stylists the colors that you like
(The staff have researched beforehand) [Staff] So we asked them to [Staff] dress you accordingly
(They are wearing what they like) [Staff] So… the colors that you like…
(What are you going to do with that?) Like you can see, I really like white My car is white, and my phone is white
(Hyun Moo likes white) – My soul is white…
– Because your insides are black [Ji Seok] To hide that..
(A fake color to hide it) I like white, a blank canvas You are good at making things up [Ji Seok] I like black I always have liked black since I was young [Ji Seok] It is the most normal color
(Opposite of me) – and can highlight other colors
– Yes (Black that highlights other colors!) [Hyun Moo] Highlights others Yes, similar to my personality To make other people shine
(Like black, he shares questions(?)) I just need to stand out! (So heartless) I like black that highlights others
(White striker and black assistant) What color does Seok Jin like… – I usually like navy
– [Hyun Moo] Oh navy [Seok Jin] Because I think of myself as
lacking in artistic talent so I like navy or a deep grey
(Interest in fashion 0%) They suit anything I match – So grey color when you buy a car?
– [Seok Jin] Yes Grey, navy, silver
(The designer is amused) My car is that color right now (Seok Jin really likes grey) I knew it that your car will be
that color too [Hyun Moo] It is the most normal I said it was sky blue
(Jang Won likes sky blue) but I just like the sea and the sky I don’t have anything of that color I really like blue
(Tyler likes blue) It is peaceful to look at and your eyes are blue I sometimes hear green or grey
(Tyler has beautiful eyes) but it is officially blue (Tyler’s eyes are like the sea) [Hyun Moo] What about Kyung? I like red
(Park Kyung likes red) With a very little bit of red you can have a great impact
(The passionate red suits Kyung) If you see women having red manicure it stands out Do you like red manicure? I like it
(Loves the sexy red) I like the lipsticks red You like sexy and dark things So that girlfriend…
(Teasing the youngest) My friends also like red Is it the red group? Red lovers group
(Those who love red) (Repetition)
Our mothers are all close – Again
– Why repeat it again [Hyun Moo] You always say that
(The older ones do not trust him) There is a good and bad to liking red [Hyun Moo] The good part is that
they’re passionate and energetic the part where it says
‘for women’ is deleted [Hyun Moo] Endless energy for women [Hyun Moo] Passionate and persevering Downside is that you do not
think deeply and act first Yes actions… He gets the number first [Hyun Moo] Doesn’t really think – Who liked blue?
– Jang Won, Tyler – [Hyun Moo] Careful with everything
– [Ji Seok] Seems right They are bright and friendly This is also right They are also very stubborn
and since they’re mind is very fixed They don’t listen to others [Ji Seok] Quite similar [Hyun Moo] For navy,
many seek for academic prowess Yes They are logical and have the trust of those around them – I think it is true
– [Hyun Moo] Downside They have a strong ego so
it’s hard to get close – I think it is right too
– Seems similar [Hyun Moo] Black! Do you want to hear the good part first?
Or the bad part? – The good one first
– [Hyun Moo] Advantages are – [Hyun Moo] You have leadership
– [Ji Seok] Macho – Are you popular?
– Of course~ Have plenty Why are you like this then? – You are popular?
– They want to see me for a while? [Kyung] Sort of like a pet? Rather than a short meeting,
they want to keep looking at me Kyung understood you as a pet (You!) You get tired as fast as you get excited Yes! That’s true!
(Accepts this) (Specific)
Falls for temptation easily – Yes yes
– Easily convinced too You are convinced so easily! [Hyun Moo] You are like a pot, getting hot
and cooling down quickly White, seeks perfection
without a single flaw – I am a perfectionist
– [Ji Seok] No you aren’t Downside, cold hearted Admires pureness and thinks that they are the last
little prince on Earth This isn’t made up right now right?
(Quickly losing credit) I am too fat The little prince can be fat
(Fat little prince) Eating chocolate makes you fat Anyways okay~
(Continue little prince) Everyone accepts this – [Seok Jin] It is very similar…
– [Hyun Moo] Was it similar?

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