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Energy Efficient Window Treatments

November 24, 2019

Without adequate protection, windows will
let in unwanted summer heat and also cool the house down in winter. One of the biggest factors in this is air
convection. In winter cold air outside contacts the glass and cools it. In summer the reverse happens, heat from outside
will cause air passing over the glass to heat up the inside. So we have to control the sun that’s going
in. The way we are doing it upstairs is with sun control film it’s going to reduce 50%
of the heat that gets inside the house so that helps. Over here we are putting a shade sail up over
the kitchen window and that will protect that. And here we are going to put an external blind
mounted on this overhang. Have you got the blind there Dene? Great. Dene and I attach the blind using self drilling metal screws. There we go, that will keep the sun out of your eyes. That’l work, so it’s definatley going to give
us good sun protection on this window you don’t have to have it all the way down depending
on where the sun is. On the upstairs windows we have chose a new
type of sun control film, it’s almost clear but it will help keep out unwanted summer
heat. This is part of our orientation principal
redesign of the house. These are west facing windows, they are up high on the first floor
and the over hang above them isn’t actually wide enough to provide sufficient shade so
what we do to protect the windows from the summer heat is apply a sun control film. This is the new generation film and it’s almost
clear so it blocks out 50% of the heat but only 9% of the light. So we still get plenty
of light through. Works really well. To protect the western face of the house from
the hot summer sun we are going to install a shade sail. Of course you can take it down
in winter time too and keep the house warm then. The sun protection that the shade sail will
provide is vital in reducing summer heat gain. It’s important to remember that shade sails
must comply to local regulation. Now these blinds may be very good from a privacy
point of view, but they are not ideal from an energy point of view. They are not sealed
at the top at allow air to flow over the glass. We are replacing all of the old window treatments
with close fitting blinds that have insulation in them. Installing close fitting blinds will reduce
this energy loss by up to 80% so your house will be far more comfortable and the need
for heating and cooling will be greatly reduced.

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  • Reply RAJESH NAGPAL April 21, 2017 at 12:49 am

    Useful tips

  • Reply Kim Possible March 19, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    I think I might die from heat this summer. I’m freaking out. ALL of my windows are west facing. When the suns shining my apartment reminds me of a sauna.
    And it’s still wintertime,.

    But I really love the look of those blinds. Really cool. I mean, neat.

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