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Energy Efficiency: Ductless Heat Pumps

December 16, 2019

(soft music) – There’s nothing on the
market any more efficient than the ductless heat pump. – The first time I became
aware of the heat pump alternative ductless
system was a flyer in the Idaho Power bill. – It is a heat
pump, which is nice because you have cooling
and heating both. It’s taking heat energy
out of the air outside to heat your home. Very easy to install. They run on a very,
very low rate of power. And the comfort level,
unbelievable, unbelievable. It’s a situation where
if they do qualify and if we put this
thing in for you you will receive a
check from Idaho Power. First of all, what
I’m looking for, electric baseboard heating,
electric cable heat, electric wall-mounted units. According to Idaho
Power, a person with the ductless heat pump
can save 20 to 40%. Being able to
present this and say, hey, you qualify to get
$750 back from Idaho Power, I think is a definite
plus for the customer. – My wife basically
was the designer. And we built this home in 1992, so it’s approaching
20 years of age. – It’s kind of a
duplex, you could say. There’s two separate
living areas, complete separate living areas. And it’s like two houses, one
built on top of the other. – We’ve have coil baseboard heat since we started living here, so I thought anything that
would enhance that efficiency with some incentives from
Idaho Power made it attractive. – [Brent] You know,
their main concern was their main living area. – The incentive that
Idaho Power offered to us to make the installation,
it was a significant offset against the cost
of the heat pump units. And I think it was
probably the kind of thing that tipped the scales that
made it a doable project from our perspective. This is our second year;
in fact, I contacted Idaho Power about
providing me my bills for some usage a year
ago versus this year, and basically our heat
efficiency improved by 25%. – Initially we were
a little bit hesitant about the idea of having some
thing stuck up on our walls. And so we didn’t
really look into it, but the more we
talked to people, the more it seemed
to become really the best option for us. – That was kind of taking
a leap of faith with me because I told them, I said, “You let me put this in and
I guarantee you’re going to be comfortable, you’re
going to be happy with it.” – We put in four; the
two rooms that we use the most up there are my
daughter’s room and our office. So we definitely wanted those
rooms to be comfortable. And then we put a larger,
higher capacity unit in sort of a landing
area, bonus room upstairs. And then we have a back room that is not so hot in the summer but it’s very cold
in the winter. – [Brent] When I presented
this to them and let them know that during the
wintertime they could keep each room whatever
temperature they wanted, that was a huge plus. – So this is my daughter’s 85
degree bedroom in the summer and 60 degree bedroom
in the winter. And this has made
a huge difference, at least for me as a parent, knowing that she’s not
either sweating or freezing. And I mentioned the
remote, it’s that easy. – Needless to say, they’ve
been very, very happy. – It’s amazing
how fast it works. It’s quiet, it
works really well. And the upstairs
is comfortable now. – The piece that I
think we enjoy most is that you get the
forced air feel. You get the air movement
from the fans on the units, whereas the baseboard
is just convection and tends to leave some
cold spots in the room. – I was, again, afraid of
these things up on my wall, but my mom came to
visit the summer after we had them installed and she didn’t even
really notice them. – I think they’ve
delivered on all counts. – Oh, I do not have one
unsatisfied customer, let’s put it that way. (soft music)

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  • Reply Robert L. Fallin October 31, 2019 at 7:16 pm

    I live in a area where 2800 to 3200 heating degree days per heating year which is Nov-April. I have a few zero days and half a dozen 100° days. Humidity is high here .

    My savings is 50% over oil hotwater heat or $700 A YEAR. I dont need to use the hotwater baseboard system except for a week to ten days a year of sustained cold. In four years I've had no service issues which seems to be normal . I have a Mitsubishi, its a little more expensive than most but has a high rating for reliability.

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