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August 9, 2019

In this video I will provide instructions
on how your employees can use TimeClick. First, we’ll cover clocking in and out. As an employee, your name will be listed on
the main screen of TimeClick. There are two ways you can find your name. The first is simply picking it out of the
list of employees. The second is using the Quick Search. This can be useful if there is a large number
of employees or if the display is off. If you found your name in the list, double
click on it and enter your password. With the Quick Search, type in your name or
ID and password in the fields provided. Both methods will bring you to the same small
window. This window shows your current status. Below are the clock actions you may take. TimeClick will default to the next action
that must be taken so because Sarah is already clocked in, the Clock Out option will already
be marked. You may also leave a comment for the administrator. When you are ready to clock in or out, click
OK. To access your Employee Options, click on
or search for your name, enter your password. In this window, select Launch Employee Options
in the top right corner. The next window will first show you your messages. In this tab you can send and manage messages
sent within TimeClick. You can also submit time requests to the administrator
here. The Dashboard shows your Approaching Overtime report. Select a date to view how close to overtime you
are on that day based on a threshold set by the administrator. By default this report will show you the day
of the week you are currently on. In the view hours tab, use the drop down menu
to select the type of report you would like to run. Select the beginning and ending date to review. Navigate between pay periods using this navigation
tool. Set the information you would like to include
on the report in the Hours Report Settings. You can also adjust the font size if needed. To run the report, click Generate Report. A PDF of the report will open in a new window. This can be saved, emailed, or printed. In View Accrued Time, you can view the current
accrued hours you still have available and the rates at which your time accrues. On the right side of the window, use the drop
down to select which hour types to select which types of accrued hours you would like to see in
your Accrued time report. Below, use the drop down Date Range to select
which month and year to view. From here you can also
Print the report or submit a time request to the Administrator. To change your password, enter the Settings
tab. When you click Change Password, enter your
current password then type a new one. Confirm it and click OK. In the Admin Privileges, if you have been
granted restricted admin privileges, select Launch
Restricted Admin Mode. In this mode you will be able to view the
options granted by the main administrator. These options may range from Modifying times
to running reports for other employees. You are now ready to start using TimeClick.

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