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December 1, 2019

Lisa Wozniak: Hi. I’m Lisa Wozniak, and I am a marketing strategist
with Woz Marketing. Are you confused about the planning for your
email marketing? Watch this video for my five strategies for
success. Lisa Wozniak: For the best marketing advice
in your private practice, subscribe to my channel and click on that bell. You’ll be notified when I post a new video
every week. Lisa Wozniak: If you’re confused and frustrated
by the strategy that is necessary to structure your email marketing and it leaves you wanting
to throw in the towel before you even have a chance to get started, by the end of this
video, you’ll have five strategies that will leave you feeling confident and eager to draft
your next email marketing campaign. I’ve proven this formula on countless practitioners,
and now it’s your turn. Lisa Wozniak: Okay, strategy number one. You’re going to want to find a good email
service provider software. What this ESP software will do is store the
names and email addresses of all of the people who want to be on your newsletter list. Not only does it store these names and addresses,
but it also allows you to create what we call autoresponders, which is a series of emails
that go out as soon as someone signs up to be on your list. Lisa Wozniak: I use GetResponse because it’s
very user friendly and allows you to automate quite a bit of the process for you so you
don’t feel chained to your computer. We’ll go ahead and provide a link below so
that you can sign up with GetResponse if you choose, but whichever direction you decide
to go in, you will want to find a good email service provider software. Lisa Wozniak: Okay, step number two is set
up autoresponder messages. Autoresponder messages are a series of anywhere
from say two to five emails that will automatically go out from your computer as soon as someone
signs up to be on your email list. Now these emails can be a range of things;
for example, a welcome email message that basically confirms that they’ve signed up
to be on your email newsletter list. Another autoresponder message can be an introductory
letter that lets them know what they can expect to be receiving from you since they’re on
your newsletter list, things like how often they can expect to be receiving emails from
you, what kind of content you’ll be providing from them, a series of messages on quick tips
that you can be providing great content for them. Lisa Wozniak: You’re really limited by your
imagination here, but the reason why you want to set up autoresponder messages is not only
to give them that introductory feel for what they can expect to be receiving from you and
confirmation that they have in fact signed up to be on your newsletter list, but it also
prevents you from having to run to your computer every time somebody has signed up to be receiving
your email newsletters. So step number two is set up your autoresponder
emails. Lisa Wozniak: Now the other cool thing about
autoresponder emails is it really paves the way and kind of sets you up perfectly to be
talking about the services that you provide in your practice. However, you don’t want to get to that too
soon. You don’t want to come off as being really
salesy, so autoresponder messages really pave the way to set you up to be talking about
the goods and services that you provide in your private practice. Lisa Wozniak: So here’s my question. In the comments below, I would love to know,
how many autoresponder messages you feel are appropriate before you begin to talk about
the services in your private practice? Comment below. Lisa Wozniak: Okay, strategy number three. Don’t be salesy. I’m sure all of you can relate to email messages
that you’ve received after signing up to be on someone else’s email list where they’re
coming out of the gate just blasting you with their sales pitch. It can feel really intrusive and just plain
gross, can’t it? So we want to make sure that we don’t push
too hard with pushing on sales and marketing your practice too heavily. Lisa Wozniak: A general rule of thumb is to
follow the 80-20 rule. 80% of the time you want to be delivering
content that’s either educational or informational to the people who are in your target market,
so provide content that’s most relevant and helpful to them. The other 20% of the time, you can provide
sales-type information, talking about a workshop that you’re hosting or an event that you’ll
be at or a special that you’ll be running, but remember, that’s 20% of the time. 80% of the time, you want to be focusing on
providing valuable content to the people who you consider to be your ideal target market. Lisa Wozniak: Okay, strategy number four. Be consistent. We talked earlier about the importance of
setting up autoresponder messages that will go out on your behalf automatically. In those messages, we talk about letting people
know how often they can expect to be hearing from you and the type of content they can
expect to be receiving from you, so we need to make sure that we’re consistent, especially
when it comes to talking about how often people can expect to be hearing from you. If you’ve made a commitment to be sending
out newsletters once a week, then make sure that you’re sending out newsletters once a
week. If it’s once a month, great. Make sure that you’re sending out newsletters
once a month. The same is true with the type of content
they can expect to be receiving from you. Make sure that you’re consistent and fulfilling
the promise. That’s strategy number four. Lisa Wozniak: Now, if you’re looking for other
marketing strategies that you can implement consistently, check out my video on consistent
marketing in private practice. Lisa Wozniak: Okay, strategy number five. Do not put anyone on your newsletter list
without their permission. This is actually considered spam, and you
can receive a pretty hefty fine if you’re caught doing it. One of the reasons why people are so averse
to getting involved with email marketing in the first place is because they have visions
of just that, spam, a ton of emails in their inbox that they never signed up to receive
in the first place. In earlier videos, I’ve talked about how email
marketing is one of the best means of creating a conversion between someone who’s a follower
and a paying client. That’s because they’ve made a conscious decision
to sign up to receive email newsletters from you in the first place. So do not put someone on your newsletter list
without their permission. Lisa Wozniak: Now you know the exact strategies
necessary for a successful email marketing campaign. But what about the marketing necessary to
grow a faithful list of email followers? I’ve written a book on the subject, and I’ve
broken it all down into a step-by-step process that’s easy for you to follow. The good news is, it’s free, and the link
is in the description below. Lisa Wozniak: Now if you like this video,
please let me know by liking it below. Subscribe and share it with your fellow practitioners,
and if you would, comment below with the word helpful if this video resonated with you. Again, my name is Lisa Wozniak. I’m a marketing strategist with Woz Marketing,
helping you navigate your yellow brick road. Have a great day.

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  • Reply Woz Marketing May 24, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    Thanks for watching Email Marketing Planning! How many Auto-Responder messages do you use in your email marketing?

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    I get so frustrated with mailchimp— Thanks for the helpful tips !

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    Thanks. I am going to study this.

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    Is get response better than convertkit?

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    Hey Lisa! I'm glad you posted this I was debating switching from Mailchimp to convert kit or getresponse. I saw your response to Kisha below and think I will use getresponse instead of convertkit. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Reply Meredith Ryncarz May 27, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    Lisa don't be salesy… this is my biggest take away. I have caught myself doing this and when it gets to that point I have to back off. Love the 80/20 rule

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    So is Mailchimp a good ESP or no? I'm afraid to ask lol

  • Reply Daniel Ford May 29, 2019 at 1:30 am

    I always feel like I have to sell. Gets in the way of realizing that I need to give 20% value like you were saying then they will listen. I’m about to start my email marketing in a couple weeks and am really nervous. How did you overcome sending emails to clients?

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    Auto-responder messages makes it easier

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    I have been avoiding the email list because it is daunting to me, but this is great info so I’m going to give it another try!

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    Great points! I usually write the first 15 emails … I did a new funnel the other day and wrote the first 20… it was just flowing out! Lol

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    Awesome actionable strategies that anyone can implement. Keep up all the great content you've got a wonderful channel 👍🏼

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