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Electrolux meets the demands of scale with Xeneta’s real-time container rate benchmarking platform

February 26, 2020

My name is Bjorn Jensen. I’m the Vice
President of Global Logistics for Electrolux. Benchmarking is a big deal
for Electrolux as it should be for any company. Where do you sit relative to
your size, relative to your activities and are you sitting in the right space? Are
you sitting in a space where you need to be? That has always been a challenge. For years we were looking for an opportunity to not just benchmark ourselves as a
snapshot in time but dynamically. We were able to access in the past certain
benchmarking services, but they were very static. It gave you some kind of
an indication of where you were at one moment in time and that was a problem.
Xeneta really was a breath of fresh air for us. It was the first time that we’ve
ever seen a company come out and provide benchmarking services that were not a
once a year exercise but were dynamic. My name is Aileen Wei and I’m the Country
Manager of Global Logistics at Electrolux. As a Country Manager, we need to purchase the freight; we need to make sure what we’re buying is in the right
place in the market. Xeneta gives us a very comprehensive platform in which we can check the market level and get some ideas before making the right
decision. It is a user friendly system, you can search
based on whatever you want, different rates, different modes of transportation for various destinations and you can also choose the timeline, backdate all the
data you need. This is the base before we can make the final nomination
of each tender. Where is the industry headed?
Digitalization is the one word that everybody uses and this industry has
traditionally been one of the most incredibly digitalization and efficiency
resistant industries in the world. It’s a very difficult industry to modernize but
there are a few players who are making really good efforts at doing so and in
our opinion Xeneta is absolutely one of them. Xeneta is, in my opinion, a pioneer. The
the most efficient, user-friendly platform, backed by industry experts, people who
came from the field, who understand how to work with people like us and we look
forward to being part of that platform for a long time going forward.

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