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January 29, 2020

EcoStruxure IT Advisor is a planning
and modeling solution providing large enterprise and colocation data center
managers full insight into their infrastructure to increase planning
efficiency, maximize utilization and provide customer visibility. Get an instant overview of your data center operations from an aerial perspective to 3D views of individual devices and a specific rack. Manage all of your data center assets, workflow changes as well as run accurate impact simulation reports. Easily plan physical floor and space by selecting the rack
and U-position that is best suited for your new devices. Assign tenants to
servers, racks, cages, and rooms…and gain tenant specific insight on specific
areas with color-coded IT assets according to status. Leverage out-of-the-box reports for faster analysis of actual power usage per rack. Calculate the energy cost for every rack based on the real kilowatt per hour rate for accurate billing. View available space by comparing racks sold to racks available. And run one-click reports to see your customers’ equipment and the exact location of each asset. Using the tenant portal tenants can view
their cage, racks, and assets within the racks. They can also get direct visibility
into their assets power draw and environmental detail. Not only can tenants view their assets, they can also make changes to the models, giving them total
control of their own space. Even on the go, tenants can have complete
visibility into their infrastructure. Improve your data center’s profitability,
efficiency, and availability with EcoStruxure IT Advisor. Request a demo on

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