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Driving On Your Own For The First Time | Learn to drive: Expert skills

January 22, 2020

You’ve had driving lessons, improved your
driving skills, and finally passed your Driving Test! You’re excited to enjoy the independence
that your new Driving Licence can give you – but you haven’t driven on your own yet.
This can feel a little strange at first, so in this video we will share a few tips to
help you while you gain experience. We have a few general tips to get you started, then
some more specific advice to help in more challenging situations. Before we get started,
please subscribe to our channel and click the bell so you can watch our next video as
soon as it’s released. If you have any questions about this video, then please comment below
and we will reply as soon as we can. To start with, here are a few general tips
to remind us of the basics. Before getting into our car, we consider if
we’re fit to drive. Of course we would never drive whilst under the influence of drink
and drugs, but even driving when tired or emotional could result in doing something
dangerous. Remember that we are in charge of a ton of metal that could be lethal if
out of control. We always make sure our seat and mirrors are
correctly positioned before setting off – as adjusting these whilst driving would be a
distraction. We always wear our seat belt and if we have passengers we refuse to move
the car until they are wearing theirs. We try not to speed, even if we are being
pressured by drivers behind us or passengers in our car. Remember that if you get 6 points
on your license within two years of passing your test, you will lose your full licence
and need to pass another theory and practical test! We need to concentrate when driving, as danger
can surprise us at any moment. Using our mobile phone handheld is of course illegal, but even
making calls with a hands-free kit can be distracting so we are careful when we accept
or make calls. Even eating or drinking while driving can lead to danger, so we never multi-task
when driving – it is far safer to pull over before doing anything that might distract
us. Once you are out driving you will start to
experience different and more challenging situations. You may have some fears about
certain things, and these are perfectly normal. Next we will talk about some of these situations
and how you can manage them so as not to let your fear affect your driving. We have learnt how to drive safely, and have
demonstrated this by passing our driving test – but what about those drivers who even though
they know what they should do, choose not to do it. They might drive while on their
phones, drive too close to the rear of our car, or act aggressively towards us. We can’t
control what other drivers do but we can do things to help us cope with these situations.
We don’t let other drivers intimidate us to drive faster, instead we try to stay calm
and ignore their aggressive behaviour. If someone is following too close behind, then
we just pay extra attention to the road ahead, and allow more distance between us and the
vehicle in front. As long as we drive smoothly and don’t brake suddenly there won’t be
a problem. When learning to drive you may have experienced
driving in heavy traffic. If you did, then hopefully your driving instructor would have
given you some hints and tips – but here are a few of ours to help you:
Plan ahead as far as possible so you don’t get stuck in the wrong lane
Stay alert and aware of the position and speed of other vehicles
Give other vehicles plenty of space, in case they change lane suddenly, and
Take enough time to make safe decisions – don’t feel compelled to rush just because its busy. Before your Driving Test you may have practised
the three parking manoeuvres in fairly quiet places, but once you are out and about you
may find yourself having to park in busier, more difficult places than you are used to.
Try not to worry. If possible, find a quiet place to practise in and build your confidence,
before moving onto busier situations. If you don’t have anywhere quiet to practise then
remember that everyone makes mistakes, just stay calm and try to learn from your experiences. Driving at night will present you with extra
challenges, so be especially careful while you are gaining the experience and confidence
to deal with everything safely. Let someone know where you are going and what time you
expect to be there. Leave early, take your time and remember that there is no rush. If
it helps then put the radio on quietly so it is like having someone else in the car. Adjust your driving speed for weather conditions.
If it’s icy, snowing, raining or foggy, you may need to drive below the speed limit to
be safe, or postpone your travel until the weather conditions get better. Also consider
having sunglasses available for bright sunshine as your eyes will get very tired without them. If your journey involves driving on a dual
carriageway or motorway consider and plan your route before you start to drive. Use
a sat-nav if you can as it makes route planning much easier. If there are lots of large vehicles
near you, ensure you keep the correct following distance, and give the lorries plenty of space
by keeping your position diagonal to theirs whenever possible. Major roads and motorways
are often the easiest roads to drive on. Be prepared for anything when driving alone.
This includes taking your mobile phone with you, and always letting someone know where
you are going and what time you will be home. Take enough money for emergencies, and never
pick up hitchhikers. Do you know how to change a wheel or what to do after breaking down
or having an accident? Preparing for these situations beforehand is a good idea, just
in case the worst happens. So, remember to;
Concentrate and don’t get distracted Take your time and don’t rush
Learn from your experiences, and Enjoy the independence! If you found this video interesting and would
like to be notified when we release the next one, then please click our logo to subscribe
to our channel. If you would like to help us make new videos,
then please click the Patreon logo to find out about our crowdfunding campaign. Thanks
for watching!

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  • Reply Advance Driving School December 17, 2018 at 11:27 pm

    Thanks for watching – if you found this video interesting then please subscribe to our channel and click the bell to be notified of our next video! This video includes;
    * 0:05 Introduction
    * 1:05 General tips
    * 3:20 Other drivers
    * 4:20 Heavy traffic
    * 5:02 Parking in busy places
    * 5:48 Night driving
    * 6:27 Bad weather
    * 6:58 Dual carriageways & Motorways
    * 7:38 Emergencies
    * 8:25 Summary

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    The main thing is to concentrate, carry on doing everything you were taught and treat it all as a learning opportunity. The good news is that physically controlling the car definitely comes more easily the more regularly you do it.

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