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Drive operational efficiency with Dynamics 365

February 28, 2020

(upbeat electronic music) – [Announcer] Welcome to the
fourth industrial revolution, where the lines between physical
and virtual technologies have blurred. Where manufacturing and
distributors are transforming to smart factories and warehouses. Where human intelligence is enhanced by artificial intelligence. And advanced robotics and machine learning are speeding production,
while lowering defects. Microsoft is empowering manufacturers to join the revolution. To better manage operations,
build innovative products, and reach new levels of
growth and productivity. As chief operating officer,
you’ve got a lot on your plate. Making day to day decisions,
setting team policies, aligning operational activity
with long term objectives. Maintaining excellence, not to mention promoting
growth and profits. To meet these challenges, you need a central source of intelligence. You need instant knowledge
on your global work force and supply chain. You need the flexibility
to collaborate anywhere on any device. You need the insights to drive change rather than react to it. Dynamics 365 enables
you to maximize profits, efficiency, and agility
through AI, machine learning, intelligent analytics and big data. You get the power to
make better decisions, save costs and improve service. Amplify productivity and efficiency with customizable role-based workspaces. Your team gets overviews
of relevant processes with both transactional
and analytical data through visuals, tiles,
KPIs and quick links to reports and pages. You can get employees
behind strategic goals. And better equip them to
respond to organizational and customer demands. Dynamics 365 Finance enables
you to continuously monitor financial health across the
globe with multiple views, from birds eye to drill down metrics. All from a single screen. You can effectively ensure
compliance of every transaction in every locality in which you operate. Dynamics 365 supply chain management enables floor supervisors
to stay atop operations. The Production Floor Management Workspace gives users an overview of all jobs in progress and their area, complete with supporting links. They get capacity planning,
production scheduling, and sequencing capabilities
to more effectively control the factory floor. They’re better able to support innovation, respond to changing constraints, and keep customers happy. – [Woman] Our efforts
are much more targeted and effective with Dynamics 365 in delivering value and
keeping customer satisfaction as high as it can be. – [Announcer] Turn data into insights with 360 degree real time
visibility to inventory warehousing, manufacturing, service, and transportation logistics. Leverage predictive
analytics to improve control and raise efficiency. Supervisors can instantly
view pending production orders through workspace tiles, clicking tiles takes users to production
orders and release pages. Here, they can check material availability before releasing orders for production. GANT charts make operations transparent, enabling planners and supervisors
to optimize production. They can easily adjust
schedules to material shortages and other factors. And they’re better able
to use available resources and keep the lines moving. – [Woman] Microsoft just rolls out updates and you don’t even know about it. They ship new features and they just roll it out to your code and
your extension customizations are not impacted. – [Announcer] Dynamics 365
supply chain management seamlessly connects batch
orders with the production floor and warehouse operations. Warehouse workers can
process updates on material and components, to
deliver to factory lines, and prepare finished goods
for storage and transit. Dynamics 365 promotes accurate
accounting and forecasting. With detailed breakdowns of all production and material costs and variances, including specified indirect costs. Dynamics 365 supply chain management provides complete flexibility
of production control, enabling floor managers
to view and manage jobs via mobile devices. Or job cart devices on the shop floor. Break away from the status
quo of traditional ERP. Realize the productivity,
efficiency and profits of the new manufacturing revolution. Learn more about Dynamics 365 today.

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