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Double your productivity Time Management tips

August 12, 2019

hi everyone Attan here hope
everything’s well with you I got distracted a lot yesterday and
uh… i couldn’t get focused and get
my tasks done that i have to do so i thought it would be a good opportunity
to share it with you today and i also let you know in a couple of
cool tricks so you could be at least twice as productive as you already are the first thing you have to do is
actually have to log out from your facebook account and twitter and then
turn off your email notifications because every time you hear those beeps and plings you will get distracted okay that’s for sure next i suggest that you work on one
thing at the time you have to stop that
multitasking thing because it doesn’t work you do want to put one hundred
percent effort in every task you do its better to take
one thing at a time and put one hundred percent there… and go on to the next one next is… these little thing it’s a timer its probably the best investment i ever made
and … you can get these for under ten bucks or something like that what i do with it is i set for like
forty five or fifty minutes and i let it go i start the timer and i
know i will focus on my work on the tasks until it rings and so nothing’s going to interrupt me
until that little timer starts to ring. when it rings i take a break for like
ten minutes and then you can go to
facebook log in to twiiter watch your emails or whatever you want to do.. stretch
a little bit,yoga exercises or something like that or have a cup of coffee … it’s very important to work on
focused blocks ok remember that next tip on to stay focused
is that you have to ask yourself questions all the time like.. does
this really need to be done.. can i delegate it.. is this the most important tasks to do
right now and it’s very good to do that what
while you’re taking those ten minutes break or a twenty minute break if it’s a
longer break you have to take because … you know what your
going to do for the next session when you’re going to start the work so pay attention to that and write down what you have to do and then
you start to work on your next session now remember it’s always up to you to take those smaller steps and
implemented because if you don’t do it … nothing’s going to happen ok hopefully you’ve got something value out of this
video and uh… if you follow and implement those small steps you’ll probably get to at least twice as
productive as you already where thanks a lot and if you
haven’t signed up to my … newsletter make sure you do so you’ll find the link
below and talk to you soon….

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