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Don’t Waste Your TIME | Motivational Video for Success in Life | MORNING MOTIVATION

October 11, 2019

Warren Buffett once say the more you learn the more you earn that is so true look at successful people like Bill Gates Steve Jobs Elon Musk Oprah Mark Cuban and any other highly successful human they are successful because they use their time right they are successful because they are lifetime learners they commit to learning new things every single day Warren Buffett one of the wealthiest humans on the planet is famous for reading more than 5 hours every day Bill Gates reads one book per week Mark Cuban three hours a day Oprah well she’s just obsessed with books notice a common theme here successful people never stop learning think about this you have eighty six thousand and four hundred dollars to spend every single day but when the day is over the money disappears you can’t give it back when you try to spend all of the money before they disappear when you try to use it wise use it as best you could the sad part is we only have 86,400 seconds a day and most people take this time for Greg most people will let this time disappear without a second thought we never get this time back we must use it wisely we must be productive we must use our time to do things being children or using to set up our life so we can spend our future doing more things we want to do instead of wasting your time or meaningless things use it to learn new things the time you spend playing video games or partying with your friends will never come back once you use that time it’s gone forever use your time wisely read books study hard and learn as much as you can most people give up on their dreams because it gets too hard a lot of students stop chasing their dreams because of one failed test matter of fact most students don’t even try their best when they take the test because in their mind they have already failed the test they stop believing in themselves and once the belief is killed the dream is killed if you have a dream you must do everything to make it into reality it doesn’t matter how many times you fail a test never stop believing in yourself life itself is a test sometimes you will fail but the only way you can be a failure as if you stopped trying whatever dream you have use all your energy to make it into reality push yourself to become the person you are destined to become if you want to get results you have never got before you are going to have to do things you have never done before the richest man in the world Bill Gates was once asked which superpower he would like to have the richest man in the world said that he would want the ability to read books faster success is not about the money the fame or the big house it’s about becoming the best version of yourself you will fall down many times on the road to success but the most important thing is that you get back up get back up strong and wise then before we create a mindset that does not allow you to quit or stop believing if you quit on your dream and give up you’ll never know how great you do never doubt yourself doubt kills more dreams than failure everywhere as Daniel ping said people fail to achieve mastery not because they aren’t talented but because they aren’t disciplined the wonderful news about the human condition is you can get good at anything that you set your mind to it’s just not gonna be easy and it’s not gonna be fast but the willingness to put in that work is what’s going to separate you from everybody else and I’m begging you to see yourself right now today as average as know better than anyone else but I beg you with more force than I know how to convey with this language to see yourself as malleable to see yourself as capable of becoming anything you want to become to become truly extraordinary if you can find within yourself the discipline to stick with it long enough and as Steve Martin said perseverance is a great substitute for talent everybody wants to talk about who’s talented everybody looks at the person with innate talent as if they have something magical but to me it’s a gift it’s a handout it’s a freebie it hasn’t been earned and no matter what it is it’s only the beginning even somebody that has talent even if you get an early win if you let somebody outwork you if you let somebody who has more perseverance more grit than you than they’re going to outperform you on a long enough timeline the only thing I can guarantee is you will be outwork by somebody unless you pour your heart and soul into getting great if you don’t take days off if you put yourself into it as if your life depended on when you act like that then you’ve got a chance to be great and this Robert Laurie said pressure can bust pipes but it can also make diamonds you’ve got to want that pressure you’ve got to want things to be hard you can’t seek out the easy life you can’t just hope and pray that you can uncover inside of you some talent that’s lay dormant that you didn’t know about that’s gonna let things be easy for you don’t want the easy want the hard what the pressure want the thing that’s going to turn you into something because when it’s easy you don’t work for it when it’s easy you don’t push when it’s easy you get surpassed by the person who has to give it their all who’s prepared to do blood sweat and tears in order to become that thing that they want to be so badly because they are so fucking angry that they were never given anything and with that chip on their shoulder they’re determined to become anything that they set their mind to so whether you have talent whether you don’t the only thing that matters is will you persevere will you stick with it long enough to get great [Music] people want to know how to stop the laziness they will not to stop the procrastination they have some idea in their head you know some kind of a vision what they want to do [Music] but they don’t know where to start in order start it you know they don’t know where to start [Music] where do I start and when’s the best time to start and I have a very simple answer for that [Music] here and now [Music] that’s it you you want to improve you want to get better you want to get on a workout program or a clean diet you want to start a business you want to write a book or make a movie or build a house or a computer or put together some mobile application where do you start you start right here and when he started to start right now you initiate an action of ggressive Li you go cuz the idea isn’t gonna execute itself and the book isn’t gonna write itself and the weights out of the gym they’re not gonna move themselves you have to do it and you have to do it now you gotta stop thinking about it and stop dreaming about it and stop researching every aspect of it and reading all about it and debating the pros and cons of it just start doing it take that first step and make an get out get after it you and now [Music] so what was that moment like looking in the mirror the day you decide okay wait enough is enough well it was pretty crazy for me you know it took a while to get to that point where enough was enough I had to make a change in my life how do you find and cultivate that drive like there is a kid right now watching this man and they feel like you felt they feel lost alone broken stupid lazy like they’re never going to amount to anything and what you’re talking about is the closest thing to a fucking superpower that this kid has ever heard and right now he is on the edge of his seat how does he how does he like force himself to take that first step I’m very fortunate I grew up in a time when there was no phones and there was no social media and I suggest yes I’m on social media on a very limited basis because I have a story to tell and it’s a great platform usually as a platform not used as your life my biggest advice to give everybody in the world is like I say we live in an external world everything is is you got to see it touch it as its external if you can for the rest of your life live inside of yourself stop listening to people who are calling you fat gay transsexual nigger everything that is makes no sense all these insecure people putting their in secures on you you got to flush it out you got to just be whoever the hell God or whatever the hell you believe in if you believe in nothing but yourself I don’t care what it is you’re gonna take everything and throw it away you have to believe in one yourself and and I’m not saying don’t believe in God I wish you believed him but right now for you to find greatness in yourself you’re not gonna find it by looking in a book or by even hearing me I may give you the spark but you’ve got to go inside yourself to find it and that means you gotta be quiet shut the fuck up go in a room stop talking search your soul search your mind search your abilities and you’ll find it but if you’re not looking for it you won’t find it so you got to go start your journey and the journey starts with you finding why the hell am I here on this planet Earth why am I here if you don’t know that you will live the rest your life searching always asking the question why [Music] you

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