Donor Management Software in Salsa CRM

October 10, 2019

We set out to change the game for the 98% of nonprofits out there
that don’t have 8 or 9 figure operating budgets. Unless you have a big, sophisticated IT department
that can sync your data for you across all these different tools that you use, you’re
probably dealing with a whole bunch of imports and exports, you’re managing spreadsheets,
you’re trying to get data from point A to point B. The whole purpose of technology is
to make work easier, oftentimes with these CRM systems, though, they’re tough to use,
they’re overly complex, and they’re not well supported. Many of these issues include: managing direct
mail, managing donor acknowledgments, processing online gifts and offline gifts, dealing with
segmenting and targeting data, and also being able provide the right reports to your board things that should be available just with the click of a button can take hours or days to produce. We firmly believe that nonprofits who are
going to thrive in the coming years are those that engage with their supporters through 1-on-1, targeted messages across all communication channels, And that’s what Salsa offers! Salsa CRM is a full featured CRM, it’s your
system of record. That’s where you’re going to be compiling
all of your donor information in one spot. Your historical interactions with your donors,
their donation history, their preferences. Engage allows you to build your own online
forms, create your own event registration pages create email marketing opportunities,
you can create welcome series, and really get engaged with those supporters that you
just identified in the CRM. Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage work hand-in-hand. When you come on board with Salsa, you’re
not just getting a software system, you’re getting a true cause partner from Day 1. From Salsa Smart Start Fundraising to weekly
webinars and education series, and local user groups we’re really committed to making nonprofits successful. We equip you to grow your cause significantly and to dramatically increase the impact that you have on the world!

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