DISC Personality Types – Dominant – Sales Throwdown Podcast

October 10, 2019

Welcome to the show everybody. This
episode we take a deep dive into the D portion of DISC and we talked about
Clint’s history, what makes him successful, where he struggles. Key points
that I want you to take away is as a D, dealing with other Ds, how Clint has got
to put his ego into the back seat so that way he can focus on the
relationship and getting to the goal which is making the sale. Talks about how
he interacts with people above him in his company and you know some of his
struggles because with pluses there are minuses. So there’s all that
and more. If you have feedback please leave a review, reach out to us on all
the social media, everything is at sales throwdown. Thanks a lot. Ladies and
gentlemen, welcome to the main event. In the D corner we have Clint the cleaver
Bigelow, in the I corner we have Al the gambler Daniel, in the S corner we
have Nan the promoter Fallman, in the C corner we have John small mountain Hill. Let’s get ready to throwdown. Alright,
episode two right, so we’re gonna be taking a deep dive into D and what that
means and Clint as well so that way you know you know what you listening to
right but before we start that let’s talk a little bit about what disc is
that I mean could I just you said deep dive and we’re talking do you only love
the redundant alliteration is my friend so if you’ve been in sales for even
probably two weeks you might have heard about disc right and what it is is a
personality assessment and what it is meant to do is it’s meant to show you
what areas you’re going to do very well at and where you’re going to struggle as
a salesperson and it’s not really meant to be a black or white thing but it is
really great to highlight that you’re not the only person out there right
that’s what it did for me whenever I went through the assessment and learned
who I was it really kind of shed the light on that I wasn’t the only person
who felt this way about myself but you’re talking about personality styles
absolutely yeah okay so that you know people out there know and then that’s
what this disc is about yeah not academic career cuz it’s not academic it
doesn’t scale you in that way it just tells you who you are as a person
absolutely yeah and in conversationally right because that’s that’s important
right because sales is a conversationalist game if you can’t have
good conversations and ask good questions then you’re not going to be
successful as a salesperson damn Skippy so the way that we typically break that
down is that there’s a vertical axis on a horizontal axis on that vertical axis
you have DS and eyes which are gut driven they will make big assumptions
based upon how they feel about it in the moment SS and C’s which are me and man
take the opposite approach we want facts and we tend to second-guess ourselves
and that can lead to some negative things as a salesperson the horizontal
axis which DS and C’s on one side of it which means we’re test driven like I
want to get to the finish line and so does Clint
eyes and s’s which are a in an owl are people driven and so that whole mix
makes a huge change about who we are in a day to day role as a salesperson
anybody have anything to add to that know you so today we’re gonna talk about
Dee’s and Clint specifically right who Clint is what he does that’s true well
yes all right so Clint what do you do now
okay so for my role currently I do business development sales we’re gonna
we’re gonna use sales because that’s exactly what it is I do sales for a
company that does commercial and industrial construction we build a lot
of hospitals high-rises on the commercial side mechanical systems to be
exact on the industrial side we do a lot of manufacturing so we are installing
mechanical systems for robotics or piping systems or you know cooling
towers cooling water but a lot of a lot of intricate mechanical systems
okay what’s your annual quota right now I’ll speak currently to this year our
quota was twenty five and a half million you say was yeah we’ve surpassed that that was that was specific to me so so
when you say we it’s not a wig it’s yeah or so so so our group in our company
that was that was our goal and at the strategic planning of 2018 to come into
this year was to grow from about 21 million to 25 and a half and that was a
very achievable goal that we thought and we we’ve surpassed that now in July in
July well done kisum yeah so we’re looking we’re looking forward to kicking
open some doors kicking open some doors yeah now who do you traditionally call
on when you make a sales call so as far as personalities or no just so a lot of
it is estimators what in construction we would call
estimator project manager one of those two very analytical people they like
numbers they like facts so what you say they’re like a see that you call one
mostly mostly mostly is a see I deal with a few DS I don’t deal with a lot of
typical kind of salespeople it’s more of they’re trying to gather facts from you
so yes a lot of C’s John a lot of people like yourself yeah do you get shocked a
lot or you know talk about that because sounds like in your area there’s a lot
of we know this we know that so you would then think that they’re digging
for information maybe some pre consulting something like that how do
you how do you prevent that from happening or does that happen you know
so almost everybody wants free consulting right they’re gonna they want
to they want to ask you for know what do we think about free consulting it poor
shit it’s so don’t do it don’t do it yeah so so I think a lot of people
expect because of traditional sales and the tone that’s set over the years that
hey I need your number you you’re gonna look at my bid package and you’re just
gonna give me a number and I’m gonna I’m either gonna agree with you or I’m not
and if I don’t then sorry you lost the job that’s a pretty typical sales cycle
for myself the way they’re you’re selling for your industry for industry
okay Sam yes want to make sure yep for myself I
think that we’ve kind of broken that cycle a little bit toward you we talk a
lot a lot about partnerships right we talked about that here a lot and but I
truly mean that and the fact that I have people call me now versus three or four
years ago where we’re actually dealing and hey you guys did a great job in the
last two projects we’re not looking around we just want this to be
successful because success has always brought us money right so we’re dealing
with a lot of those customers now but we had to the proofs in the pudding right
so we had to perform those things so what you built was trust very much so
trust animation and do what we say we’re gonna do that that’s a big deal so if
you don’t do that once and you don’t do that twice
there’s no trust there so so that’s the kind of realm that I’m dealing in is
that you can promise the world and you can
give them the best price on the planet but if you don’t perform what you say
you’re gonna do it doesn’t add up at the end of it all and so you’re not gonna
get that call back on the second job but then that would too may seem to be your
team shows up and delivers what you sell correct yeah that’s that’s that’s a big
factors for me is that I have to have I have to have a company that backs
everything that I say the values that I preach we talk about customers for life
we talk about that a lot in my company we talk about do the right thing if
people don’t do that after I sell the job then what I say means nothing holds
no weight which brings a little bit of a segue but a quick story so I go to buy
an appliance right from a major department store and you know I spend a
little bit of money cuz I’m washer dryer and refrigerator and so it comes out and
there’s something not right with it so I pick up the phone to call the sales guy
and it’s like I can’t get anywhere with it and I’m getting furious so I called
the service department and the guy goes oh those douche bags
yeah they’re there one gonna be us you call me right and uh I just literally
wanted to go to the president of a major department store and wring his neck so
so that’s a good point doc that that’s something that I live in every day that
I’m trying to turn the tides of that to where even when something goes wrong or
awry people are still calling the salesperson which is me absolutely I
want that because I’m I am your liaison in my company and you want to know it as
I would from a sales standpoint I want to know good bad or otherwise solutely
so that I can change and make some you know just yeah yeah when you sell the
next job you got to you got to understand what what you can and can’t
do and that that’s only through experience which i think is why you
sometimes people have or you know when you’re a vendor or you’re going into a
big you know situation that negative connotation is because of the bad taste
most people have had in their mouth by that dude or that
you know that just didn’t get it done they sold you into a project and then
forgot about you well what you’re doing is creating value you have to create
value and if you don’t do that then you don’t get the trust then you don’t get
the business and you don’t keep the business I’m sorry
and then what you’re talking about in our world is this post sale right so so
you can promise the world and you can do all these great things selling to
somebody but if you don’t follow through with that yeah you gotta deliver that’s
a good point now if you don’t deliver then everything you said is nothing and
and that word in our in our world travels really fast this is more well
but a key point is people are inherently lazy right or I see a lot of it out
there and in sales you can never be lazy or you’re just gonna suck at it you are
just not gonna get it done and you got to juggle and you got to wear a lot of
hats and you gotta you gotta be there for you know it’s not like you have just
one coin right yeah a lot of times you’re selling into you know multiple
accounts and you got to stay on top of it you got to be organized you gotta be
well put together I think if you make it personal
then you you feel like this is your baby you know your proverbial baby then
you’re gonna take care of it so that works really well for you um for me to
be honest I was wondering yeah so so for me it’s about I can only promise you
things that I’ve that I can deliver on forever as a Dee that that’s what I can
say is that I promise you something damn sure I’m gonna get it done that that’s a
fact what I said was factual what happens
when it doesn’t happen though right because like that was good shit happens
right things are according to plan especially in your world in construction
everyday how do you because one of the things about DS is you like taking that
ownership role right because let’s spend a little bit of time talking about what
a D is right a D will plant their feet they’re gonna have the heart
conversations that are really hard for people that are eyes and s’s and things
like that but the thing that you mentioned a moment ago is you have got
to work with a company that can deliver on the things that you’re talking about
correct right like you see a ton of value and that what happens when that
doesn’t go well so so for me it’s really important to already established trust
with my customer so that when it doesn’t go right
we understand that exactly what you guys just said it doesn’t always go right and
it doesn’t fell apart it doesn’t yeah it doesn’t fall apart we’re gonna fix this
we’re gonna make it right so that’s the key so I can give you an example just
the other day we we promised something to a customer we delivered on it very
well we had some we have a superintendent on a job site that didn’t
deliver exactly what I said we can do I don’t know this guy’s name so there’s a
big disconnect right that’s a big company I don’t know this guy’s name so
I’m selling something that I don’t know if these guys are gonna perform it or
not I just know the value of my company that they’re gonna live up down the
chain of command to do what I say right because because we’re so we’re all one
big team and he didn’t do that so in that fact we made it right we we took a
took a hold of this situation got did you get the call okay so they called me
directly and said hey this is not right and then I’m sure you being you and you
being the D did you go directly to that superintendent you don’t even know their
name I mean it was this a subcontractor beer somebody did you were paying or
we’re not are you vice versa so so actually somebody had hired us to do
this job so this is a guy who should it’s technically yeah so somebody hired
us to do a job so I get to too deep into details yeah having the sake of
maintaining relationships sure yeah so somebody hired us to do a job and you
know basically in a roundabout way I told me you know we’re the big boys in
town this is what we do don’t worry about this and and we didn’t perform on
that level and I got a call from our customer and said hey look guy you told
me this you didn’t deliver on this what are you gonna do it’s okay no big deal
let me handle this if you’ll if you’ll let me handle this
let me call you back in 30-40 minutes so of course that’s you know phone calls
to our people or general superintendents and whatnot hey what’s going on down
there has anybody been down there find out hey it’s just it’s kind of a bad egg
so bad-apple and we have those videos what
do you mean a bad apple he just wasn’t experienced you know we
hired this guy my question is oh so the guy works for you that’s correct effed
up I’m not somebody from the other team or a sub this guy’s directly ones
records oh but how much do you hate that though as the amount especially somebody
that can perform the work himself right so it’s an it’s not like I grew up in
sales and that’s all I’ve ever done I actually came from the field into sales
so I’m I’m pretty proficient on exactly what they’re talking about
hmm and so that really really bugs me so money down there and gets an ass my
instant action action is to go down there but but but I didn’t do that I
talked to my boss or general superintendent’s kind of work through
some situations found out that he’s just not all he’s cracked up to be
got rid of the guy replaced him fix it on her own dime what we did wrong hmm no
you know brought it to our own customer hey this is our fix this is what we’re
gonna do so that’s that’s doing what you’re saying it’s not how he’s gonna
work out right there’s just no doubt know no matter what business you were in
well no matter what kind of sales you’re in it’s not always gonna work out
correctly but at the end of the day are you gonna make it right yeah are you
exempt or you it are you gonna do what you say you’re gonna do are you gonna do
it on your dime no cost to the customer because you said you’re gonna do it now
you have the luxury of being able to argue work with a company that’ll stand
behind you and follow that lead right and I’m sure there are people out there
you know is that true that is true glass roof from 1932 they call this
go-go juice yeah you know so yeah I do have I would do it a great company that
will back me up and stuff like that and and and I get what you’re saying not
everybody’s fortunate in that and and I would but strongly suggest that as a
person as a salesperson he got to find that for sure oh absolutely absolutely
you can’t just work for anybody you can’t be a Salesman for just any Joe
Schmo well you can but you need to recognize when you work for the wrong
company that it doesn’t fit now or or the other thing about that is you got to
be the right personality type because they’re correct
there are mercenaries out there right but they’re mercenaries a little there’s
some really high odds and I mean really corner eyes they don’t give a shit
oh wow there’s one thing we haven’t talked about at all yet right is that
most people are two letters you have a dominant letter and then so yeah a
secondary letter no so are you anything other than a d yes i’m and i i’m a di
okay okay but maybe but the point of it is is that if I had to pick a secondary
letter to slide to comfortably it would be an I know there’s no doubt you’ve
seen me it’s social settings I like to have fun I like inside that way and the
same as doc is he’s probably on the charts and I but he can slide to addy
well I’d easier so so we’re gonna talk more about this on the next episode but
al has done a really good job and I worked for L right so let’s talk about
that because I worked for Al before I went out and started doing doing my own
thing and we’ll talk more about that later but al does a really good job of
hemming in his eye and going to addy and being task oriented in locking all that
stuff down but socially owl is nothing but an eye let’s just be honest like the
truth of the matter is we all need to suck in closer that that Center right
for sure the more that I can pick up of your
traits the things that man brings to the table is that is that true because if
you’re dealing with a high C do you do you need a side of the center
I do think it’s really I can’t go across the wine but I can go up to it I got you
and then because a lot of times it’s kind of like yeah think about when
you’re in junior high right exactly right you’re going through puberty that
kind of thing sales is a lot like going through puberty right just trying to
figure out I always always compare trying to pick a girl up at a bar to
sales it’s a lot like it’s very much like dating the eyes getting us way off
topic right like this is much more about to you than anything else so so let’s
back up a little bit Clinton so let’s talk about the strengths of a team goal
setting yeah decision-making conclusive Blount let’s talk about the weaknesses
yeah okay because you are in an industry that’s got a very long selling cycle
very much you don’t have that many partners that you can partner with that
are going to bring you jobs 1213 months sometimes so you have got to maintain
these relationships which is not the DS strong point d will kick down any door
on the planet can I say one thing last week we talked about a little bit how
your strength is also your weakness for sure though that’s what we’re getting
into right now so so I’ll say D just so we’re clear stands for dominance so the reason I’m saying that is because
I want to get away from that word for a second so dominant dominance that word
is is a tough thing for other people to hear that or not in that spectrum right
for a deed to hear the well dominate we love that word that’s fantastic for
you guys on on the other side that’s not a good word for you guys sure
okay I look down on I so so honestly not to interrupt you but when I realize that
I got to deal with the D up until the point that I met you and realize that
you can be a D and B self-aware I didn’t enjoy those interactions sure
so we’re not gonna get a human connection and that’s important to me as
a salesperson well and consider this a lot of times as a salesperson when you
go in to talk to a D you’re talking to the c-suite and he’s not in sales he’s
in decision-making she’s in busting balls he’s in charge
what’s the bottom line how are we gonna get paid and I got bills to be paid a
girl’s gonna be met otherwise got to be there yeah one of the things that I
wanted to touch on and this topic is that dominance is not what you are as a
D it’s what you naturally want to be does that make sense at all
so you’re saying you’re a top I’m just saying that people see so people that
are a D when they answer the questions on the when you take the disc
personality test and you come up as a d you can come up without a with a couple
of ways that’s what you want to be or that’s what you truly are
I think most D’s that’s what they they constantly want it that’s what they feed
off of right they feed off being a decision maker an influencer they feed
off being these guys that you ask I tell you want a decision I make it so you’re
saying it’s hard to fake I think it I think that it’s really really hard to
fake because there’s always results that can prove right and I agree and there’s
always a risk of being wrong yeah and go to a four-way stop and watch that
intention right do I go do I stay – I’m going I don’t care if I’m the third
person there I’m going first well you got to follow the rule no I
mean I get it but when I was but listen when I watched two people trying to make
a decision screw you guys I don’t I don’t do what
you would think y’all are saying oh well then the s and the C are like
contemplating the see the S is going no I don’t like here’s the rule I’m you go
I go okay so in that exact instance right if I can push back on
you may in just a little bit slightly you’re in a car around people you’re
never gonna see you again right that’s a difference between you
know potentially blowing up a relationship that you’re gonna have to
deal with every day do you agree yes okay so so the car
analogy works but it’s not a perfect metaphor
yeah because because by blowing through the stop sign you also blow up
relationships doesn’t matter because they’re in the rearview mirror at this
point so so that’s really okay so then you’re good with the note you’re good
with calling it or you’re good with calling out somebody who’s just jerking
your traction making you you know do the dance but not willing to buy so I’d love
to give you guys some some kind of quick buzzwords of what a D is a high corner D
is very one-sided there is no other side you’re on this you said it last week
John you’re on the side or you’re not you’re either on my side or you’re not
one-sided we’re very we always challenge the
status quo that’s probably my favorite statement about a deep explain that a
little bit more so if you’d sell me that the sky is blue I say okay it looks blue
but I’ll get back to you or I’m just saying no bullshit it’s light blue
something in those regards but I’m always gonna challenge you whatever you
say I don’t take to heart so okay so right as a salesperson right sometimes
you’re gonna get into for lack of better term ego battles right you know you’re
right because right you d-daddy is a very hard sell yeah it’s
very hard I’m curious to know how how do you rein that in in those moments
whenever it doesn’t serve you to be conflict driven mmm that’s instead be
curiosity driven that’s a really uh that’s interesting because I will say
that I have to curb my ego and that’s not easy so one of the things as adi
that i have to do to another d is I have to take my ego shove in the back seat
for a minute let that guy’s ego run running are you good at that I am good
only because I’ve realized that man to be in love because we both know Clint
really well yeah if in the back of your head you’re
thinking I’ll take a nice right just like come on over here so what I want to
say is don’t don’t give up your dominance as a deed right bad up that’s
crazy that’s it that’s the greatest tool that you have at the table take a back
seat on your ego on you just III take that and throw in the backseat but keep
your dominance because your dominance is what’s gonna get you to ask the hard
questions to a D and you’ll read answers right getting your paradigm you’re like
I’m going to do something different that’s right so right now you’re a
mechanical engineering construction you know constructions yes
would you sell before that or is this your first sales role um so uh so I
started off as a as a helper in construction really so I talk about time
on the range yeah I painted handrails listen folks yeah you start where you
start that’s not where you start it’s where you finish we’re talking years no
I was nine years so my first job was so I was him I was in school for mechanical
engineering I’m so good I’m not gonna go spit I looked around the room one day
and I just said this is not me I mean this is just it’s not my people it’s not
what I want to do I want to build this stuff that we’re talking about
everything that’s on the board and everything you guys are drawing out I
want to build it with my own two hands up I don’t want to talk about it build
it I want to be I want to be quick to action right yeah so you guys talk about
all this stuff I want to build it and so that got me passionate about
construction my father built homes for a living mm-hmm he had his own business
residential construction very successful I grew up in the construction field so
when I got out of I dropped out of college I actually took some welding
classes because that was the thing there the
world oil and gas yeah boom was huge were you still in Missouri at this time
yeah okay yep so the boom was big and everybody was going to North Dakota and
Odessa and and all these places and down to the to the bay and they were they
were making six-figure salaries you know at 21 years old being a welder yeah so
for me that was a huge driver man how do I get there
luckily for me I had a family member that was a there was a pipe fitter and
he brought me on as a helper and so I got on a crew I painted handrails that
tighten bolts I handed people tools for about a month right and I and I couldn’t
take it anymore because at some point you start to
realize and I’m not saying I’m smarter than anybody but you realize your
talents okay that guy just messed that up three times I would have never done
that and you start building that kind of confidence in your head that’s also your
dienes that sure absolutely so so I’m not scared to take that chance at all
because once again Clin is gut driven gut driven if you see someone else
making mistakes he is absolutely confident in his
ability did not make the same mistakes that’s important to cut talk about
that’s a really important clue because one thing that I do is I study I’m very
I see everything going on around me as a D that’s pretty your awareness is big
you’re seeing a lot of the little ticks that make everybody work and as you do
that you’re gonna see a lot of weaknesses and you’re gonna see that
okay well if he’s weak in that point I’m gonna take a I’m gonna take that and I’m
gonna learn from it and I’m not gonna do that
so when I get the chance to step up I’m not gonna make any of those mistakes
that’s that’s a very detach that’s why I think a lot of your D sit
on sea level positions you know companies I’m sorry I really do it’s not
that they’re smarter than everybody it’s because they’re willing to take the
chance one and they’ve also studied everybody along the way and they’re not
gonna make that mistake the studying thing is kind of an interesting thing
because I don’t leap to that assumption whenever I’m thinking about Addie I
think about them being wrapped up in their own shit and I got to make shit
happen and if you’re not going to do it get the hell out of here because I will
make it happen buddy I Drive on the highway I see people in the
oncoming lanes I see what car just passed me I see where people are gonna
go that could be me personally I’ll give you that
I think that most DS that I know almost all these I know have that similar tree
really they’re they’re gonna be judged so they want to be judged that’s a good
point at a high level so they want to always be ready I think you’re always
addy you’re always trying to be the best in the room right exactly
you’re always trying to be not today chief so what happened right so you see
people making mistakes you’re a helper you don’t have any skin
in the game as far as like like skins on the wall from like a social pecking out
you just walk in there you say hey little fucker
I got me sell this you know a guy a guy got a guy who told me hey I heard you’re
a pipe fitter my brother-in-law lied for me he said oh yeah Clint’s a pipe fitter
man you got to get him like some welders man tomorrow he’s trying to get me up
the scale okay luckily for me that worked out he said I hear you’re Piper
and where most personalities would say not one yeah that’s me I didn’t I didn’t
do that I said fuck yeah bro ha ha ha ha ha and he said well that’s great because
I got three welders coming for you today and I said bring it on so we need three
welders mean you guys coming to work yeah coming to work for me and you and I
know I knew nothing and I’d bring yourself okay so walk us through what
you do to bring yourself up to speed YouTube Oh Google whatever tools you
could pull okay lucky we thank you until you make it you said that oh absolute
but we live in an age guys you can find it look at it and this was this was not
a smartphone days yeah this was go home and Google what your
business 2010 alright so how so but that’s still not a sales role no okay
it’s not it so so how are you gonna say let me let me give you the skinny so
after that I got I got into I got into a lot of stuff in construction and and
they became pretty quickly aware like hey
just gonna take charge of this situations he does know fear going and
talking to a customer plant engineer or plant owner he has no fear and so a
pretty I’d say smart because he got a pretty
smart guy said a man you got a knack for sales you got a knack for dealing with
customers you can talk to him you’re not scared of them cuz that’s that’s a big
factor yeah don’t be scared they’re just human
beings Bank they worked a ladder you work in a ladder you’re there so I
didn’t have that fear I still don’t have that fear
I really don’t care what your title is I’m gonna talk to you like you’re my
best friend or my worst enemy right so that’s what got me into sales a guy a
guy had said hey you know I think you need to chase this Avenue I’m in this
you fit well in it in it and it didn’t work out but really it did not work out
I because I still had a very doer mentality I had a very I can do this
myself that’s not sales that’s not management
that’s not anything I can’t do all this myself I can’t sell a million dollar
mechanical job and go do it myself and that’s that’s a development from who I
was as a salesperson from day one and today you know seven years later so so
question about that is that part of being a D or is that
part of you working like in the field as someone who painted the handrails and it
seen all this stuff yeah I think it’s a I think it’s a mix a lot of people that
are gonna come from the field in my in my game are gonna have a chip on their
shoulder a little bit and that’s gonna come off as a D a lot of times
interesting but that doesn’t always mean that’s who they are they just have a
chip on their shoulder I know most people in project management in the
construction industry have come out of the field that’s the way you made it out
of the field mm-hmm that was your path so once you got there
then you realize there’s a lot of politics involved there’s a lot of I
can’t say that to those guys I can’t say these things and that tonality to those
people and that’s to me that’s kind of politics and once you once you have to
play by rules by somebody else’s rules you have a chip on your shoulder and
that comes off in a very dominant trait but it’s not a dominant trait it’s just
a chip on your shoulder that’s all it is so okay so to recap right you get you
can invite him you salesperson you take it and then you fail yeah what what does
that failure look like like did you get fired or use that hit goal was I think
it was at some point it was worded as and we just need you to go make money
and the way you make money is not in sales role it’s in the peel you’ve made
great money for us in that huh and I need you to decision to push you back
and one to push me back so what you do is you can I it was it because you
weren’t performing in sales yeah was like oh I did you I didn’t know
anything about okay so you had some some rough patch when you got into the sales
side I had no idea what sales were okay I didn’t know what I meant to just say I
didn’t even know I don’t know how to do it they told me hey you’re a salesperson
and here’s a computer and so I come to asset for me I they they asked me to
come back to the field and I just said no not gonna happen I think I’m good at
this see you were gonna you were ready to quit scorched earth no I was right I
was ready to take on a new challenge so because I felt that I was good at this
but I didn’t know anything about it but they were telling you you weren’t yeah
okay okay let me give you some news you’re right people everybody told me
that like maybe this isn’t your ass on your back baby get out so they only
promote so so I I went to a new company the one that I’m currently at at this
moment how’d you get fired or you leave on your own accord it’s a mutual
separation guys he got fired so good nobody fires clean you got fired if he’d
been there for one day longer you got hard so luckily for me I landed in a
pretty good company do you take all the pins for
but you know I did have like 600 business cards and I threw in the trash
okay so you’re you’re in Missouri during this I just moved it so the that’s
what’s hard is I just moved like for the fourth time for this company on my own
dime and I move my family around and and they had moved me to Texas to try to set
up a satellite office so to speak like get some sales going let’s open up a
shop let’s get this all built around you down here and I failed as a salesperson
to get that going and once I did that it was kind of like went down operations
pulled backwards oh so I was in a hard spot you’re out I’m a little was
completely so it was kind of a it was kind of one of those deals where I was
like hey if you want to if you want to come back to Missouri and work in the
field we’ll have you yeah and I just said hey
I just moved for the fourth time for you guys who lost so much money over the
years and they’re like we did – yeah I’ll never blame them for that it was a
mutual loss but you know I felt that I was I was at a place where I wanted to
dig my feet into something a career and I felt that white I watched a lot of
sales people run around in my career promise a lot of things weasel their way
in and out of things that bothered me a lot and I didn’t want to be that person
I thought I could kind of change the game brand cap that gut is so strong
yeah because those are big words yeah I can’t
tell you how many times I’ve had this is a successful week and I have one little
thing and it makes me second-guess myself you don’t appear to have the help
whatsoever not you know I love chaos don’t forget that as a D I love chaos
explain that I love chaos and the fact okay Donald Trump thank you I think this
is very important to share what you are so I like any chaotic situation where
everybody else phrases and loses their mind I feel that I’ve always been a
collective person where I can kind of make the Reina vacuum best decision for
everybody based on look everybody’s going crazy right now
that calms me down I know that maybe don’t work with a lot of you guys when
things get chaotic and I watch everybody scramble around like chicken with
chickens with her head cut off that actually calms me down my heart my heart
rate drops I become this close you can save the entire world but but that says
that’s a pretty clear outlook on what I think
sure now are you wearing your superhero costume but but you know superhero is a
good word because I do believe that in a lot of things so let’s stay on track so
I’m a little curious right so you take this job you stay here you know it’s
great and things are going well how long you been with the new company or the
company with notes but you know a couple years three years some couple years
again so what did that first year look like terrible 9% Horatio’s total failure
so explain it ratio for people okay ratio you bid ten jobs you get one
you’re a ten percent hit ratio okay tonight does that clarify sure
absolutely so when we talk hit ratios for me I don’t want to talk about any
other numbers I don’t care about sales I don’t care about bottom line all those
stuff for people over the top of me I care about hit ratio as a sales person
yeah I care about hit ratio because that number proves to me that I’m doing
everything right as a sales person I’m developing relationships I’m vetting all
these bad jobs out of the door so one of the best ways to increase my hit ratio
over the years has not been to do anything different other than drop bad
customers right so if I had a thousand customers and 90 of them were terrible
customers you never made money with them you bid 17 jobs to me never got one
they always shop you out they use your number they shop you out to the
world and you drop all 90 of those people today boom click drop them
can you explain shop yeah shop us out so I can what what I’m what I mean by that
is that I give you a bid and they said I don’t like your number let’s go get
three more numbers from somebody else your competitors or it might be their
process because it could be the other way
yeah we talked about this today John right so some people literally have to
get three numbers for their company policies which is fine that’s fine
that’s the that’s the nature of the beast I play that game every day I’m ok
with being one of three when I’m not ok with this being one of 10 I’m not ok
with that why why what’s the difference between 3
and 10 in your world what cuz 3 I think they’re searching for value you vetted
some people you vetted 10 people to get 3 that are quote because look I could
tell you that I’m the greatest thing ever the fact is is that there’s a lot
of people that are the greatest thing ever there’s a lot of construction
companies that can do what I do there’s a lot of construction companies that can
say exactly what I say and also perform it just at the same level that I am to
think that you’re a one-off is crazy in this business what really interests in
mind but how do you balance that with being a D right because isn’t success
and being king of the mountain like kind of part and parcel of being a d I think
to an ignorant it is also based on what you just stated it appears that it’s
just based on the number where there’s so much more involved than just the
bottom line well my whole deal is how do I get how
do I get the customers that call me and when they call me they’re planning on
doing work with me not not bidding me they’re planning on getting a number
from me to do work with me that that’s my goal that’s easy to say right there’s
a lot of work that goes into that they’re not to mention that you have to
have successful projects over and over and over again to have repeat customers
you can’t just expect somebody off the street to pick up the phone and call you
and that brings a good point I mean I think regardless of your personality you
have to show yourself and you have to show your organization success so and
then you use that Ford momentum to go get your neck successful so if you’re a
D and all they’re talking about is money how do you win that’s a good question
can you can you elaborate on that okay so you were just talking about everyone
turns in bits you have three people giving a bid then you have ten people
giving a bid well naturally when you get to the ten that would make me feel like
oh you literally are just looking at numbers you’re not looking at
personality okay so I won’t bid that person I won’t bid that job I won’t even
talk about but I have to find that upfront
do you get okay so so I’m gonna interrupt you do you get pushback from
your company about sure not bidding every job that comes in the door yeah
there’s a lot of misunderstanding in math can you can you speak a little bit
more to that like like how do you deal with those interoffice politics because
the thing you’re good at is making a decision well I can tell you that’s also
your weakness I can tell you proofs in the pudding tell me that my hit ratio is
down tell me that what I’m not saying is right because look Johnny from if my hit
ratio is at 10% across the board all the time then I would have to take advice
from somebody else because it’s low I’m failing I’m not doing well but when
you’re successful in your hit ratio is in the 7080 percent ratio don’t tell me
you don’t tell me about it because I obviously I’m doing something right I’m
obviously doing something correct I’m working through the process I’m doing
all these things and you should listen to me because I’m obviously I’ve been
successful because of might record and sales
there is no better way to judge somebody than your track record absolutely
I completely agree that’s so convoluted because who are you talking about are
you talking about your company judging you or you’re talking about the customer
judging no I’m talking like I’m talking about my company but all yeah a good
point John is from also myself I’m talking about my success my hit ratio is
in my own mind to be honest with you name the the customers opinion those
thing you know when I’m searching out people to do business with the customers
opinion is the last thing on my mind really why would it be anything
different what do you measure so successful mine
is the complete shift well of course it is but yeah so I’m like whoa so explain
that um so I believe I I said it pretty candidly last week that you know for
every person that doesn’t like me that’s fine
I’ll go find nine others sure what I do yeah so I believe that it deep down I
believe that there is no one person when you come to me and you present this
great big job and it’s great and oh you should do this man that sounds great
but as I qualify you and you don’t fit my company I’m very quick to drop you
and I don’t care I don’t have any feeling towards it because I’m gonna go
find somebody that does because my track record proves that I can write and once
you have that inkling of success and and let me tell you guys my hey Trish you
went from nine to 68 68 to 72 from 72 to 78 to 82 to 70 percentages yeah
percentages my hate ratios so it’s not like these are ten year things that you
have to work at you can literally increase your hit ratio by totally
dropping all of your bad customers tomorrow you can lose that I did that
it’s the 80/20 rule right 80% of your business comes from 20 20 % for clients
and vice versa 100 so do you get how do you handle though when your company
comes back right the the president owner whoever your lever supervises you in
your sales role it says hey why aren’t you bidding to these people we’ve got
estimators on staff and they’re they’re here to bid
why are you sending jobs to those people man that’s a good question cuz that
happens a lot Mike my first question because we’re in that we’re in the
question in business yeah my question back is why am i fired what wire do you
think that they’re a good customer why do you think that I’m not chasing them
for you there’s a reason that I’m not obviously involved in this if you hired
me to be a your sales representative and you’re telling me that you’re bringing
me a job well well first of all that I probably failed by not know one about
the job that’s one and that’s okay because you’re not gonna know about our
industry though you’re not gonna know about everything people are gonna have
different leads project managers field personnel people that you you live three
doors down for him we’re gonna have leads on jobs and they’re gonna bring
them to you that she should have known about but you didn’t and that’s just the
way the world turns so um but hold on because I think that that’s important
the thing to consider because that’s not the norm right I mean I don’t think that
that happens in Alamance business the devil doesn’t happen in mine if someone
decides that they want to like change how they think about selling and
institute some process I don’t know about that but because because of old
you play and there’s only a certain limited number of people that are taking
these jobs and you’re subbing from them so there is some appreciation to the
industry there about 100 percent I I’ve always throw props at my industry
because I think we touched on this with maybe a couple weeks ago my industry I’m
very fortunate it’s really a small world as as big as construction is I mean
you’re talking hundreds of billions billions billions with a be a year in
construction it’s still a very small world there’s only so many big players
that do all this work they may sub out a lot of this stuff right but you get to
know the general players especially in your area especially in your industry
and when those people they start talking to you about partnerships and values and
all this stuff some of them mean it some of them just
say it to get you on the hook you know and that’s the process that you have to
push them through to weed those people that don’t mean it
and so so so when my when my c-level guys or my vice presidents or bosses
bring jobs to me and say hey why aren’t we business these are our best customers
and my challenges well there’s a reason that I’m not and I can show you the
proof because you have to have that mm-hmm
John this worked very well for me and you because we’re very task-oriented but
were also pretty analytical people yeah I can show you the proof on why I’m not
bidding this yeah how members you want we bit we bid 30 jobs to them last year
we only got one the one that we got we lost timbers and on why are you counting
these so those are my questions back why are you counting them as a good customer
because to me on paper analytically these guys suck and I don’t want
anything to do with them so drop them now could you repair that relationship
could you build a lot of stuff with those people yeah that’s possible my
personality is quickly drop well but then they would have to be a different
customer you’re going to have to sue yeah exactly you can bring them upscale
you can point out songs and show them how to across the board with every type
here you always have to know your customer so you’re identifying your
customer and releasing them where I think some of us well I think our think
our industry is a big player in that and how hungry you are right so if you’re
very successful and you’re selective you’re successful and because you’re
successful you can be selective which is which is a position I am in right now
I’m not starving for jobs I’m not out there you’re set down doors July and
you’ve already hit your annual goal correct yeah so I’m not yeah I’m not
beating down doors trying to find the next big player I’m not doing it yet so
so I’m very selective and when you’re selective that’s a different mentality
well then okay so then speak to the listener who may be going shit I got
nothing you know and I’m expecting to you know oh I got a good point to that
dock I would tell you this if you’re looking at ten customers today
and you’re hungry and you’re beating down doors every day you got ten
customers that you’re like man I gotta make one of these happen pick the best
one out of the ten and make it fucking work make them work how do you define
the best one thank you that’s what I was gonna say well I think research has a
lot to do with it right so do you have so that upfront qualifying that upfront
qualifying that questioning all that stuff or do they have do they have a
budget why does that budget are they serious about spending the money if
you’re not asking those questions to those people how do you know I don’t
know how you would know I don’t so then do they have a need for it true right do
they are they have you taking them down the pain spectrum do they actually have
appropriate questions sure you know you got to work them through your sales
process and when you get to a certain level your sales process right before
you decide you’re gonna close on these people instead of trying to close on 10
people and failing at all 10 let’s focus on one or two that are actually real
commitments and if you can focus on those and put all your energy and all
your time and effort and show them that you truly care and you’re gonna do
exactly what you say you’re gonna do my belief is that you’ll close more so
you’re not a fan of the mile wide inch deep no I absolutely hate the fact that
people call thousands of people to get one close okay cuz that’s successful
that’s a successful model don’t get me wrong
it’s successful because it’s a behavior it’s not a tradition it’s not a patient
absolutely so for the sake of time right we talked about some of the strings it’s
like about the weaknesses right and we talked to last week about how the stream
is a lot of them absolutely right the strength is the weakness right when you
when you make a decision about someone and you’re better than most to you
because you’re pretty self-aware they’re dead to you for all intents and purposes
through through time and a lot of self-awareness of course that I’m a
different person but a couple years ago no I wasn’t what am I hit ratio is at a
rock bottom when I was failing I was not a self-aware guy well I was a typical
I’ll call it a douchebag D yeah I mean I think doc would agree with that right so
what what did you do then so I think you’re quick to just be on
this guy doesn’t rate he doesn’t get to do business with me if that guy see you
later hmm you say all those things I still say
those things but I truly mean them I truly have reasons to back up why
they’re not going to do business with me and I’m the customer I think as a
salesperson we forget that people need us oh that’s a good point I think you
forget that hey man if I sell couches on both sides yeah both sides if I saw
couches for a living and you need a couch you need me
I saw couches right you need me I don’t think you will not be successful that’s
cause that’s just the both sides comfort that I said if I’m gonna go the
corporate Dave they’re not gonna make couches if there’s not a demand so
there’s no other stimulating demand you know getting into conversations then
nothing ever moves and then you gotta be the liaison between the company who no
one really wants to talk to you right no one wants to talk to you an engineer
who’s like designing this effort at the end of the day nobody nobody does right
so we’ve got to be able to qualify that so you know for the sake of time and not
talking for three hours because we can about each one of these different things
right we’re gonna start to kind of wrap up before we do that Alan and you guys
have any last questions before we end open season on Clint no I think you
summed up what you do well I mean I’ve been around you long enough to
understand that you mean everything that you just said right and that you’ve
found a pathway from not being successful to being very successful in a
short amount of times right I was just say that you shorten the learning curve
and you honed in so you know again I I think you know you know one of the
traits one of the traits of a really high D which is where I’m at in the
spectrum top corner D I like the word top corner of course you do right but
just so everyone knows Clint sister is a higher D than he is let me tell you my sister will put me to
shame when you think about a Heidi yeah I mean
just you talk about scorched earth all the time that’s a DNA relatives not you
know and that’s true female male Heidi’s everybody kind of gets this notion in
their head that it’s this suit-wearing powerful guy you know that’s a c-level
of a big firm in New York or whatever that when you say Heidi that’s what I
think of even even me being a Heidi that’s what I think it’s really funny
yeah okay well Donald Trump right I know you don’t like to talk about it but the
point of it is is that he on that spectrum is there no I are you sorry so
um so that’s that’s the notion that you have them I know so many I know so many
women that are cutthroat they are so cutthroat they they put me in shame in
the Heidi category and one day we will take the deep dive into how like how
that shows differently for men and for women but for the sake of time we need
to wrap this up okay and do you have any questions I just really like to know um
plant what’s your favorite thing about being a D everything no no no I I think
there’s something that you go I’m so glad I’m a D but there’s also something
that you go crud this doesn’t really work you know they find answer your
question honestly which I will cuz I’m late because I’m a
D I will say that one of the things that drives me the most crazy is people that
can’t make decisions people that analyze data and they sit there and they think
man I’m not sure yet we’ll talk about tomorrow John Grayson John’s raising his
hand is that your weakness no no drives him crazy it drives me
absolutely crazy so one of the things that I love the best is that
I’m quick to that decision I see it III a gut feel I see it okay this is gonna
work and you know what if it doesn’t fuck it we’ll figure it out we’ll figure
it out along the way and we’ll as far as you can see over there don’t even worry
about it you know um being a combat veteran was very much every day was that
way combat bad guys anybody that’s that will know that it’s
like if you can make the best plane in the whole goddamn world it doesn’t
always work out what are you gonna do when it doesn’t work out so you’re
talking about what’s my favorite thing about being a D my favorite thing is
that when those situations arise that chaos that total chaos I’m calm I’m cool
I’m collective let’s get this done let’s let’s focus everybody get behind me
follow me through the door let’s get this done that’s my favorite thing about
being a team I love that all right so I got a question before we before we wrap
up right when you took your disc assessment the very first time and you
came back a Heidi was there anything that surprised you about the strings or
weaknesses or where you’re gonna excel or struggle any of that stuff because if
you take one of these tests one of the important things to consider is there is
some there’s differences right there’s that secondary letter there’s your need
to adjust in the workplace things like that was there anything when you sat
down and you were working with whoever you worked with to kind of go over this
information with you that blew you out of the water as like something we didn’t
know or something that was validating yes yeah yeah I think I think that there
was no surprises to be honest with you I was pretty soaked worried that I was
that I’ll call it asshole because that’s that’s kind of the way so that’s how you
come up right especially if you were someone like man right SS and DS
typically have a hard time getting along together I’m very blunt I’m very you say
it a lot I’m very brash I you asked I’d tell sometimes when you don’t ask I’d
tell I always know that about myself there’s no doubt so that’s no surprise
what’s surprising to me is that somebody told me in order for you to kind of
deal with other personalities you’re gonna have to come down the spectrum
you’re gonna have to change a little bit and not change you as a you as a as a
heart and soul kind of guy but change in the situation to be able to handle it
and so as people told me to hey you might want to slide towards an eye a
little bit if you slide to and I you you border that ID line and you’re you
you’ll go as far as you want to go and that’s a problem for me because
naturally I always slide towards an eye that’s not my point the point of it is
is that I want to slide away from an eye naturally so like naturally and this is
confusing shit maybe naturally I slide towards an eye in a social situation I
want to be the center of attention I want to be that guy that has fun I want
everybody to don’t worry about money I got this let’s do this that’s kind of
that di in me right now slide two towards that eye but in a business
situation I don’t want to lose that that D I want to stay in the corner and and
unfortunately one thing that I that I’m learning is that if I stay in that
corner I’m not as good right interesting as a salesperson that makes sense
awesome all right well then yeah good job Ian please love you so much
not as much as he loves himself but it’s close I think you love love like I love
myself so next week we’re gonna be taking a deep dive into I and I’ll
specifically is history who he is why why he’s here there’ll be strippers and
booze so follow us right we’re on all the social media we’re on Facebook at
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we’re on Instagram at Instagram we’re at Twitter on Instagram apparently no one
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lucky there I said go follow us sign up for our
mailing list that way you can be on tap and subscribe and we’ll be back next
week we love you and we want to work together
the sales for life hashtag let’s go have a drink

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