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Derricka Horne | Learning Soft Skills With Dynamic Futures

September 28, 2019

>>Derricka Horne: It felt good. I finally got a chance to work. Like, I never worked before. I was happy. [Cheering]>>Derricka Horne: I was attending Raa in seventh
grade, and I was down on my credits and stuff, and I failed. So I came to Success. And now I’m in eleventh grade, about to
graduate this year. Basically I kind of just skipped twelfth grade.>>Kim Kelling: My goal is to get you to talk.>>Derricka Horne: I’m going to talk.>>Kim Kelling: Okay. So tell me your full name.>>Derricka Horne: Derricka Horne.>>Kay Pelt-Walker: This summer we had four
Dynamic Futures employees. It does allow a safety net, if I can use that. This is their first job, and to see what it’s
like to come into the workplace: the dress, being on time.>>Derricka Horne: I checked the phone. I returned phone calls and on the computer,
I put in names and stuff. My first phone call, I stuttered so much. But then, after that, I kept the ball rolling, and got it.>>Kay Pelt-Walker: She came in every morning. She was on time, she was bright faced.>>Derricka Horne: I didn’t know how to answer
the phone. I knew how to be on a computer, but it’s
like different web sites, different stuff I had to do. It’s different ways I had to copy and paste. And I learned how to talk to people more,
like, professionally than I used to. [Music]>>Derricka Horne: Well, I’m going to go
to TCC, the nursing program. And you get an RN degree. My last year, I’m going to transfer to FAMU. I get my AA, and do my last year at FAMU. And then I’ll graduate from there. Um, I want to be a pharmacy technician. I’m interested in being a pharmacy technician. [Music]>>Derricka Horne: Yeah, I would. It would help them get a job. I would recommend it to everybody.>>Otia Nash: Students: How are you getting
ready for the workforce? And business owners: what do you look for
in a high school graduate? Tell us in the comments!>>Narrator: American Graduate: Getting to
Work has been made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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