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Defense Mechanism Each MBTI Personality Is Likely to Use

October 24, 2019

Defense Mechanism Each MBTI Personality Is
Likely to Use Defense mechanism is useful when people are
cornered. It is also useful when they don’t feel good
about something. With this defense mechanism, they can feel
less guilty or miserable every time they have problems. Moreover, it helps people to get rid of negative
emotion that they may have. Even though they may be just wasting time
for solving their problem, defense mechanism is always activated in disadvantageous situation. For this, MBTI personality type has different
defense mechanism to cope this problem. Here is some of them. #1 – INTP They use intellectualization defense mechanism
for letting logic and rational thinking for emotional aspect of life. This way, they will not feel guilty because
what others think is irrational. #2 – INTJ They use rationalization to avoid problems
by making reasons and justification even though it means they will not learn how to solve
such similar problem. #3 – ENTP ENTP uses a strategy called compensation for
adding some positive values on the negative and negative on positive. This act of balancing things up give win-to-win
condition even though it is usually not ideal. #4 – ENTJ Conscious thoughts and stressful emotions
will be separated for keeping depression from damaging the other areas. It is a great tactic which only costs additional
energy because of converting emotion. #5 – INFP They are basically incapable of solving problems,
and that is why they tend to avoid it instead. Unfortunately, this negligence often makes
them being scolded or humiliated. Sometimes, they really don’t care, and their
life goes on just like that. #6 – INFJ They respect and appreciate people too high
for defense mechanism in order to prevent knowing the real flaws about that people. This gives false evaluation of other people,
and they are really good for the target of toxic people. #7 – ENFP Sometimes the real world is just too disappointing,
and they prefer staying in their imaginary world instead. Unfortunately, they can get lost in it, making
them unable to perceive the real world. #8 – ENFJ They are smart people who can blend in with
others. They do that to avoid punishment while getting
acceptance at the same time. They will mirror people around them to make
it happen, but it makes them lose their true self. #9 – ISTP
When they are in defense, they will express their anger through passive aggression. They start disobeying rules slowly, and they
withdraw themselves from the relationship, making them look incompetent. #10 – ISFP Social comparison is their defense mechanism,
allowing them to feel better by comparing themselves with someone who is more unfortunate. Though it is a good practice, it can be demotivating
sometimes. #11 – ESFP ESFP is somehow more destructive when they
are in defense. They drink more and they probably use drugs
to relieve their pain. They are reckless and defiant. Since they have good deal of friends, they
usually hang out together to create havoc. #12 – ESTP Compartmentalizing is what they will do. They separate their live into some divisions,
making them look professional and truthful in each compartment. They only show what they want to show in different
setting, and they really do it well. #13 – ISTJ
Using both unconscious and conscious attempts to forget bad thoughts, feeling, and impulses. They basically bury down all of those feelings,
but they can resurface when something related shows up. #14 – ISFJ They will feel guilty as their defense mechanism,
and they try to fix the problem immediately. Unfortunately, they sometimes do it with exaggeration. This makes ISFJ in a devastated position in
which recovery can take ages. #15 – ESFJ This one is like narcissistic behavior. They project undesirable characteristics to
other people who do not suffer them. #16 – ESTJ They like to oversimplify the issue, and they
will go any way they choose without looking back after they have made decision. However, they won’t reflect on what they
have done, disabling them to get appropriate improvement if similar issue comes up. Well, that’s all the defense mechanism each
MBTI personality is likely to use. Really cool information isn’t it? Please share your thoughts and experiences
in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and
watch all our other amazing videos! Thanks for watching!

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