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Dashpivot Case Study: CARAS Remediation Project Management Consultancy

August 18, 2019

My name is Niall Byrne, I’m director with CARAS. CARAS are a client-side project management company, we deal with
contaminated land remediation, civil infrastructure and building. CARAS have
been around for eight years and since then we’ve steadily grown and
we’re up to sixteen employees at the moment. My name’s Zack, I’m a project
manager at CARAS, I’ve been in the civil engineering project management
consulting industry for about ten years now. We work across multiple projects we
can have anywhere from 15 to 20 projects going at one time time, time management is a massive challenge for us trying to make sure our people are efficient and when
you’re working across multiple projects if you get sidetracked or lose momentum
on one task they can delay multiple projects. We have a whole lot of
information both quality, safety, environmental and cost tracking
information, and program as well and it’s difficult to manage all these aspects
effectively, ensure that the projects are delivered well and on time and within budget. We’ve tried the traditional methods like Word and Excel, we’ve tried other platforms, we’ve even tried to develop our own [system], they just didn’t solve our problem. We try to be a paperless office as much as possible so
it was a natural fit when a software like Dashpivot came along and offered us to move
away from paper-based forms. Dashpivot really enables us to capture all that
safety, environmental, quality and cost information on the fly and enables us to
produce reports very easily, really cutting down on our administration time
and enables us to store information like photos in an area that enables everyone
that needs to access that information to access it easily and quickly.
Dashpivot has allowed us to store the photos in a structured way, it’s allowed us to geotag them so we know when and where they were taken, and at the
task of importing photos into report is it made a more seamless and efficient to
be able to accurately say when and where a photo was taken and by whom. Having a system or a platform that enables us to bring everything together easily and for
the whole team to be able to interact with provides a real benefit and Dashpivot
really filled that aspect for us well. We’ve had really
positive reactions from all the staff. We’ve been using Dashpivot for
around a year, over that time I’ve found a lot of improvements in the day-to-day,
myself I’m finding that I’m spending a lot less time on administration but
still capturing as much information and being able to review as much information
or more than I previously had been. The user interface allows anyone to really
just jump on and and and start making forms and start having a go. It’s very
easy to use, very easy to customise and very easy to report. Dashpivot, it’s not
just a for safety or not just for quality or environment, it can be used
for anything, the flexibility of that alone is proven very beneficial for us. It’s been really evolving and improving, it’s really making our job easier, it’s
only getting better. I would recommend Dashpivot to other project
managers and consultants because it’s allowed us to be just a more efficient

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